11 September 2020

Analysis of the Sabah State Elections 2020

It appears that there are no serious contenders for Warisan in the Sabah Elections 2020. The dissolution of the Sabah Assembly took the oppositions completely by surprise and none could mount any effective political onslaught on Warisan machinery.

Warisan has the “government advantage” which none of the opposition could muster. The opposition may depend on the central government for help but this is of no use because most of the central government’s rhetorics simply backfire, the Federal Government are too insensitive to the sentiments in Sabah.

The Prime Minister stated that Sabah has many resources and require the Federal Government to develop them, this angers Sabahans. It means as if Sabahans are not capable of developing their resources. To a Sabahan, this is another way of the Central Government coming to Sabah to start another round of pillaging and plundering Sabah resources for Malaya which they have done since 1976.

The Prime Minister also stated that Sabah should be aligned to the Central Government to ensure its place in national development is secured and that Sabah gets its development dues. Sabahans look at this statement as a blatant lie and an insult, Sabah has most of the time aligned with the Federal Government since 1963 nowhere are Sabah as develop as Malaya.

In all the 57 years, Sabah only has 10,000 km of paved roads, Sarawak has 19,000 km of paved roads, while Malaya has 131,000 of paved roads. The number and the service areas for nurses in Sabah are that they have to service 18.83 sq km, Sarawak 41.12 sq km of areas with hills, muddy roads and crocodile-infested rivers, while in Malaya the nurses give services to less than 10 sq km of easily accessible terrains and yet they are paid the same.
UMNO a Malayan political party and well known of having crooked and criminal leaders insisted on taking the bulk of the seats in Sabah 31 seats and PN taking 29 seats making the Malayan party taking 60 seats while all the Sabah based parties in this coalition are simply marginalised. It appears PBRS, PBS and STAR are simply not relevant in Sabah politics. This means these Sabah political parties have no say or not relevant in Putrajaya, so what is the point of voting for them? - f/bk

To a Sabahan, this is what the Prime Minister means by aligning to the Federal Government. A Sabahan will reply to the Prime Minister, “this is Our Land, these are our resources, we will determine how to develop them for our people not for Malaya.”  No longer any Sabahan will look at the Federal Government as their champion for progress and prosperity rather someone who take advantage over Sabahans and make them poor. 

The many criminal cases involving high profile UMNO leaders is more than enough to show Sabahans, those that were in power in Putrajaya are crooks whose sole purpose use the government coffer to fill up their pockets rather than to build the nation for the rakyat.

These leaders have done it in Malaya, it is worse in Sabah. Sabahans are discriminated, marginalized and disenfranchised, given sub-standard services, development and utilities. This is not our forebearers wanted Malaysia for, the Tunku, the Tun Razak, the Tun Ismail and the Tan Siew Sin even lied from their graves.

Does Sabah need the Federal Government or even aligned to it to get development? Kelantan manages themselves well for more 40 years, Selangor and Penang are showing the way today.

The Malaysia Constitution says Sabah is not obliged to follow the Malaysia national plan (Please refer to Article 95E (3)). No need to ask where the money is coming from because in terms of development the Federal Government is obliged to provide Sabah through Schedule 10 Part IV and Part V The Federal Government is not in the position to negotiate or rethink about Schedule 10.
This part of the Constitution has been negotiated in the Malaysia Agreement 1963, their decisions agreed and put into the Malaysia Agreement 1963. There is no option but to pay. Even Tan Siew Sin on the 19 August 1963 stated clearly in the Malayan Parliament Hansard that Malaya is not subsidizing North Borneo in terms of development, rather Malaya will get 60% while Sabah gets 40% of their own money for development. It is the present Federal Leaders that renege on their forebearers owned agreed terms.

Among the events that are taking place in Sabah, one rise above the rest. Musa Aman continuing “legal” onslaught on the Warisan Government. This is his personal affairs, his vendetta against Datuk Sri Shafie Apdal which he tries to make it as if it’s a democratic right of the people. Instead of accepting what Musa Aman is right, the people see it as meddling into Sabah administration.

Once the Sabah government dissolve the Assembly, it throws all Sabah oppositions including those aligned to the Federal Government in disarray. None of them expected Datuk Shafie Apdal would dissolve thee Sabah Assembly. These created so many issues within the opposition camp. Issues from a clear cut leadership on the ground, articulated political strategies against Warisan, allocation of candidates and the issue of political money. In short, the oppositions in Sabah were caught flatfooted. The opposition cannot put up a cohesive onslaught against Warisan.

UMNO a Malayan political party and well known of having crooked and criminal leaders insisted on taking the bulk of the seats in Sabah 31 seats and PN taking 29 seats making the Malayan party taking 60 seats while all the Sabah based parties in this coalition are simply marginalised. It appears PBRS, PBS and STAR are simply not relevant in Sabah politics. This means these Sabah political parties have no say or not relevant in Putrajaya, so what is the point of voting for them?

Parti Cinta Sabah may have candidates in all the 73 seats but their moral cause is absent. They are only interested in wrestling the government from the people. This means that they are willing to sell Sabah to the highest bidder once they take over the Government. They do not have any track record of any services to the rakyat to speak about.

As ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs the President of PCS cannot even resolve the simple Philippines Claim – instead he is blaming the Chief Minister of Sabah for not doing anything. A person who claims a leader but blames others for his failings is not a good leader, to begin with. Therefore, why waste your vote on them.

YAB Datuk Shafie Apdal has a simple formula and for once in Sabah history, he weaponised “Government Advantage”, an advantage that none of the Opposition has. Once again, the opposition is taken unsuspecting of this move because they have no idea what it can do. YAB Shafie Apdal simply gives the people what is rightfully belongs to them but denied by the previous government – he simply gives them the land that they deserve and the land is a State Matter, not a Federal concern.

Datuk Sri Shafie went on a tour around Sabah giving Land Titles, breaking up the Communal Title, and restoring land lease that was reduced to 99 years when the Borneo court made a judgement that they should maintain the 999 years. Datuk Shafie Apdal may in his closing tour during the campaign announce that most of the land title that expired its lease, he may renew them with minimum premium.

YAB Datuk Shafie Apdal would easily secure both the votes from the rural areas as well as the Urban areas for Warisan. This would be reflected in a sweeping win for Warisan with more than sufficient seats to block any attempt to buy winning candidates. This will give Sabah a strong mandate and united government to be able to faceoff with the Federal Government when the time comes. - Zainnal Ajamain
UMNO is contesting 31 seats.Warisan is contesting 46 seats. To win a simple majority (37 seats) and form the state government by themselves Warisan needs an 80% success rate. In 2018 Warisan won 21 seats.  PN (Bersatu) is contesting 29 seats. Even if Bersatu wins all 29 seats they cannot form the state government. 

Is there any 'election agreement' between Warisan (Shafie Apdal) and Bersatu (Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin) ? It goes this way folks. The more UMNO loses in Sabah on 26th September 2020 the more it strengthens Tan Sri Muhyiddin's position in Malaysian politics. If UMNO loses big in Sabah it will be the end of UMNO not just in Sabah but it will weaken UMNO greatly on the Semenanjung.
Then come PRU15 / General Election time (in 2023 - there is not going to be any earlier general elections) Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin will have that much of an easier time "negotiating" seat allocations not just with UMNO but with every other coalition "partner".  So a weaker UMNO means a stronger Muhyiddin Yassin.

Shafie Apdal  is gaining strength.  It looks like Shafie will win big in Sabah on 26th September. From what I hear Shafie and Muhyiddin may decide that instead of going against each other why not work together?

There are reasons for this. The biggest reason is because UMNO is weak and there does not appear to be an UMNO doing a thorough housecleaning and putting their house in order. Pas is a non starter. So UMNO and Pas will be more of a liability than an asset.

On the other hand Bersatu and Warisan (oops I forgot to mention - being largely Muslim and pribumi led) are the two parties that are gaining in strength. They may just team up. Sarawak should have no problems supporting Shafie Apdal. At the end of it all Shafie Apdal may become the Deputy Prime Minister. - Syed Akbar Ali 

UMNO kencing atas kepala PAS...

Mula sekali Pas telah tersilap langkah apabila bergabung dengan UMNO. Buat masa ini (dan untuk foreseeable future jugak) Umno adalah parti yang kedua lemah sekali dalam politik negara kita. Parti yang lemah sekali adalah Pas.  

Jangan lupa bahawa apabila mereka kalah PRU14 (Mei 2018) - setelah 63 tahun memerintah negara (sejak first Federal elections pada 1955) - Umno / BN berada pada tahap yang paling lemah  dalam riwayat politik mereka.
Puas canang 10 kerusi. Walaun siap ejek Amanah 1 kerusi aje?
Last-last... BN tak bagi apa2...

Walaupun UMNO/BN begitu lemah parti Pas pula hanya dapat menang 18 kerusi Parlimen dalam PRU14.  Maksudnya Pas jauh lagi lemah daripada UMNO. 

Jadi apabila Pas bergabung dengan Umno sekarang ianya adalah "marriage between two losers".  Gabungan antara dua parti politik yang keduanya dunggu dan dinosaur gua kelawar.  
Lukisan kartun di atas  yang menunjukkan Pas menjadi kuli pacak bendera bagi BN dan Bersatu di PRN Sabah memberi gambaran yang sangat tepat akan  kedudukan politik Pas. Pas sudah ditongsampahkan.  

Pas tidak pernah mempunyai sebarang pemimpin yang intelligent atau handal. Inilah kelemahan Pas yang sangat kronik dari dulu sehingga ke hari ini, walaupun parti itu menarik minat wala'un yang berPhD dan sebegitu.  Kekuatan Pas berada kepada angkatan tentera penyokong yang simple dan kurang daya fikiran - terima kasihlah kepada sistem pendidikan negara kita. -  Syed Akbar Ali 


Saya akan buktikan saya tidak bersalah...
2 pertuduhan baru yang 
bermotifkan politik SPRM...

Dua pertuduhan baru ini sekali lagi berkaitan dengan projek terowong dan 3 lebuh raya (projek terowong) yang dianugerahkan oleh kerajaan negeri Pulau Pinang pada tahun 2013 kepada Konsortium Zenith Beijing Urban Construction Group (CZBUCG). CZBUCG dianugerahkan kontrak tersebut melalui tender terbuka oleh Jawatankuasa Perolehan Negeri, yang diketuai oleh Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang dan dianggotai oleh pegawai kanan kerajaan. Walaupun saya bukan anggota Jawatankuasa Perolehan Negeri, saya tetap dituduh berdasarkan kecenderungan terkini bahawa “Semua salah Lim Guan Eng”.

Walaupun telah disoal siasat 5 kali oleh SPRM mengenai perkara ini, tiada soalan yang diajukan kepada saya mengenai ganjaran atau wang suapan yang sepatutnya ada di dalam akaun bank saya atau dalam bentuk wang tunai. Oleh kerana pihak berkuasa tidak dapat menjumpai wang suapan dalam pemilikan saya, adakah ini menjadi punca isteri saya Betty Chew, didakwa kerana menerima RM372,000 / -.

Perkara ini tidak masuk akal kerana isteri saya adalah seorang peguam yang berkelayakan dan RM372,000 adalah bayaran kepada khidmat rundingan guamannya, yang diterima dalam jangka masa 2 tahun, bukan bayaran sekali gus. Pihak berkuasa mungkin terlalu terdesak sehingga berusaha mengaitkan bayaran khidmat rundingan guaman yang diterima oleh isteri saya sebagai wang suapan yang diterima oleh saya. - roketkini

DPP,Wan Shaharuddin Wan Ladin in maroon stripped tie...

A DPP should seek to protect the innocent and convict the guilty, and respect the legal rights of all, including the accused. However the DPP,Wan Shaharuddin Wan Ladin in Guan Eng's case today was "99% success of conviction" He had just degraded the court to a KANGAROO Court or Rigged Horse Race where the winner is already predetermined.

When a trial is already predetermined with 99% certainty, the value of our judiciary system just crashed thru the floor. Din is a goner.. with so many "flaws" in the last few months 1 can't help feeling that Din's PN ship is sinking fast. All their plots are failing to hit their marks. The desperate fire-fighting is all too evident from Sabah to Perlis,the DPP is just another useful idiot willing to do their evil bidding...- Amin Fasaili

Image may contain: one or more people, text that says 'BN BAGI TELUR AYAM AriffKadir Research SABAH KAT PAS'
Kesian...begini akhirnya nasib PAS...

Di sebalik bekerjasama dengan kerajaan Perikatan Nasional atau PN di peringkat Pusat dan dalam masa yang sama bermuafakat pula dengan UMNO dalam Muafakat Nasional atau MN, PAS benar-benar ditimpa malang lantaran tidak dijemput oleh PN atau BN dalam majlis pengumuman calon kedua-dua gabungan tersebut. “Kita tak dijemput,” kata Pesuruhjaya PAS Sabah, Mohd Aminuddin Aling.

Dalam waktu yang sama pula, setakat ini boleh dikata tidak ada kerusi diperuntukkan kepada Pas untuk ditandingi di mana baik UMNO mahuoun Bersatu, mereka sudah pun mengumumkan jumlah kerusi serta calon yang akan bertanding pada 26 September nanti.
Image may contain: text that says '"Pas tak bertanding di Sabah..??" "..Ini semua agenda DAP menghalang gerakan islam.." ா'
UMNO akan bertanding 31 kerusi, manakala Bersatu 19 kerusi dan selebihnya akan ditandingi oleh parti-parti bukan Melayu. Sebelum ini, Setiausaha Agung Pas, Takiyuddin Hassan meluahkan hasrat Pas mahu bertanding 10 kerusi tradisi yang biasa ditandingi parti itu.

Tetapi, dengan perebutan kerusi antara UMNO dengan Bersatu, Pas nampaknya benar-benar tersisih, tidak dipeduli serta tidak dianggap penting dalam politik Sabah. Kesiannn…begini akhirnya nasib Pas!! Baik BN atau PN, kedua-duanya langsung tidak memperdulikan mereka. Sudahlah tidak diperuntukkan kerusi, dijemput ke majlis pengumuman calon pun tidak juga.
Image may contain: text that says 'CO Paling ketara bodonya adalah pengikut kasta rendah dlm agama ajaran PAS....jadi pakyit tukang julang bendera UmnoBN. hat kasta atas dpt jd senator dewan negara. balik mai dok muhong dlm masjid di kg, hampa kena huloq sampol pulak kat depa.'
Bulan Layu Di Bawah Bayu...

Bagaimanapun, menurut Aminuddin, PAS akan menunggu pengumuman rasmi daripada Muhyiddin Yassin sendiri dalam acara yang menurutnya akan berlangsung esok pagi. Menurutnya, beliau sendiri sebenarnya amat menunggu pengumuman Muhyiddin esok dan wakil pimpinan PAS Pusat juga dijangka akan hadir sama.

Pun begitu, katanya PAS akan berlapang dada dan menerima apa saja keputusan yang dimuktamadkan terhadap mereka dengan hati terbuka. “Itulah (pengumuman esok) yang sahihnya, itulah berita yang tepatnya. “Kalau dia (Muhyiddin) kata PAS tak bertanding, tak bertandinglah. “Kalau dia kata bertanding sekian-sekian kerusi… 10 kerusi misalnya, maka PAS (akan) bertanding 10 kerusi,” jelas Aminuddin lagi. 

Kalau 10 kerusi yang diminta, UMNO mesti beri 5 dan Bersatu juga mesti beri 5 dan kalau dua kerusi saja misalnya, UMNO dan Bersatu mesti sedia memberi masing-masing satu kerusi kepada Pas. Jika tidak, tiada gunanya Pas bermuafakat dengan UMNO dalam MN dan bekerjasma dengan Bersatu serta menyokong Muhyiddin dalam PN.
Orang berbudi kita berbahasa,
Orang dapat kerusi kita dapat bendera...

Malah, baik UMNO atau Bersatu, kedua-duanya juga harus diperingatkan bahawa tanpa sokongan Pas, bukan saja UMNO sukar berkuasa semula, malah Muhyiddin tidak mungkin dapat duduk di kerusi Perdana Menteri.

Kiranya UMNO dan Bersatu tidak sedia bertolak ansur, lebih baiklah Pas keluar saja daripada MN dan PN kerana terbukti kedua-dua parti itu tidak menyokong kerja-kerja dakwah Pas. Lebih baiklah Pas bergerak bersendirian seperti sebelum ini kerana walaupun tidak menang jika bertanding, namun kerja dakwah dan tuntutan Tuhan tetap dapat dilaksanakan.

Memang cukup memalukan, berada dalam MN dan PN, tetapi ruang untuk Pas berdakwah semakin terhimpit jadinya. Dengan tidak diberikan kerusi dan kerja Pas hanya memasang poster dan memacak bendera orang lain saja, apa dakwah yang Pas dapat lakukan di Sabah? - Shahbuddin Husin

Bung Moktar threw Musa Aman 
into the trash...

When Musa Aman said that it would be embarrassing for UMNO if someone like Bung Mokhtar, who is facing trial in Court for corruption, was appointed head of UMNO Sabah to face the coming State elections, it appeared to many that Musa Aman was also aiming his sarcasm at UMNO president Zahid Hamidi who is himself in Court on multiple corruption charges. 

Not only was Musa's statement an insult to Bung Mokhtar but it was also an insult to Zahid Hamidi. Both these clowns are facing corruption charges in Court. 

Surprise, surprise. So now not only does Bung Mokhtar remain UMNO Sabah's boss but Musa Aman has been summarily dropped from UMNO's line up for the coming State Elections on 26th September 2020.

This means the end of Musa Aman's political career in Sabah State.  

Kalau tak mahu kena sabotaj senang saja bah. Belanja makan ayam saja bah. Mahu belanja lebih sikit. Ayam goreng, ayam rebus, ayam bakar, ayam salai, ayam kari. Semua jenis ayam. Lagi banyak ayam lagi bagus. Apa takut sabotaj? Bisa diatur. Ayamkan saja.

This is indeed the end of Musa Aman's political career in Sabah.

This is a new situation for UMNO Sabah. There is little interference from UMNO hq in KL. This is also a bad precedent. Who knows maybe soon UMNO Johor, UMNO Selangor, UMNO Pahang etc will also seek "autonomy" from UMNO KL. 

Under Zahid Hamidi the UMNO party has no real leadership. Few people really regard Zahid Hamidi as president material. Zahid Hamidi is the first UMNO president who is not a prime minister. He is the first UMNO president to be tried for corruption while holding the office of party president. (The 1MDB super moron resigned the presidency before being charged in Court.) 

UMNO Sabah will lose in  the Sabah State elections. They may lose big. When that happens it will totally embarrass Zahid Hamidi and Bung Moktar as well. UMNO is dead in Sabah. - Syed Akbar Ali

Note: Musa Aman might be dropped but he can still be appointed as assemblyman if PN comes to power...- TS   


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