01 April 2018

Jangan bodohkan rakyat & main sentimen perkauman...

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Jangan cakap ikut sedap mulut RAMD akan dibubarkan oleh DAP. Jika Pakatan Harapan memerintah.

Satu perkara yang saya paling tak suka.. membodohkan rakyat dan mainkan sentimen perkauman. Contohnya bila pula DAP akan melupuskan@membubarkan Regiment Askar Melayu Di Raja. Jika DAP menang 146 kerusi pun dia tidak akan melakukan bertambah pula hanya sekadar bawah 50 kerusi dalam Pakatan Harapan.

Pertama RAMD adalah satu pasukan tentera yang ditubuhkan melalui Perlembagaan dibawah Panglima Tertinggi Angkatan Tentera ia itu Yang Di Pertuan Agung dengan kawalan Majlis Angkatan Tentera yang di Pengerusikan oleh Menteri Pertahanan. Bagaimana pun setiap keputusan hendak diperkenankan oleh Yang Di Pertuan Agung selaku Panglima Tertinggi Angkatan Tentera mengikut kuasa Perlembagaan Persekutuan.

Kedua ialah RAMD pada asasnya ditubuhkan oleh Raja-Raja Melayu dalam Kerajaan Melayu Bersekutu di zaman penjajah. Setiap tindakan dan apa sahaja keputusannya hendaklah dibawa ke Mesyuarat Majlis Raja-Raja. Dan tidak mungkin Majlis Raja-Raja akan bersetuju RAMD dibubarkan. Melainkan DAP mencadangkan Raja-Raja Melayu dihapuskan dan negara Malaysia menjadi sebuah negara Republik, itu pun tidak mungkin akan berlaku. Kerana akan berlaku perang saudara dan perkauman.

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Kenyataan ini adalah satu kenyataan hasutan yang boleh menimbulkan huruhara dalam negara dan tidak wajar dijadikan ucapan dan percakapan dan sudah dikira sebagai 'Berita Tidak Benar'

Didalam perjanjian tidak bertulis sebelum Merdeka, Kerajaan Perikatan telah bersetuju bahawa bagi bukan Melayu ia itu Pemuda Cina dan India dan lain-lain kaum yang mahu menyertai angkatan tentera, kerajaan menubuhkan satu askar pelbagai kaum gabungan tentera kereta perisai ia itu Regimen Persekutuan dan Pasukan Askar Peninjau kepada nama baru yang dinamakan Kor Peninjau Persekutuan tetapi lebih dikenali dengan nama Askar Peninjau..

Tetapi hari ini Kor Peninjau sudah dilupuskan lebih awal dengan menukar namanya sebagai Kor Armour Di Raja.

Masa ketegangan Krisis Perlembagaan tahun 90an.. Ada cadangkan untuk menutup atau membubarkan Askar Timbalan Setia Johor. Akhirnya berdasarkan undang-undang dan Perlembagaan Persekutuan mendapati adalah tidak boleh dilakukan samada oleh Kerajaan Persekutuan atau Kerajaan Negeri membubarkan Askar Timbalan Setia Johor.. kerana setiap Perjanjian dan perbuatan yang telah berlaku sebelum hari Merdeka adalah tidak boleh dipinda.

Maka berhati-hatilah mengeluarkan percakapan dan 'gossip politik' yang tidak berasas dan menyakitkan hati orang lain, saperti mana kenyataan-kenyataan hari ini bahawa jika DAP berkuasa RAMD akan dibubarkan.. Satu percakapan tak masuk akal dan tidak mungkin boleh dilakukan masa terdekat, tidak tahulah pada tahun TN50. - Zaharin Mohd Yasin

DAP akan pertahankan Askar Melayu...
Story kat SINI dan SINI  

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Lock Stock and Barrel – OUT!

Many are frozen in shock, disgusted and traumatised by the redelineation bill and the anti fake news bill. An analysis of the amazing concoction is the construction of the process involving both where it is such an unbelievably illogical, irrational and clumsy move. Nevertheless a lay person’s feelings:

The Government coalition will lose even more votes!

The existence of both pieces of legalisation is a compensation mechanism for an elementary failure of a Government to convince the citizens that the 1MDB and other fiascos unravelling is anything but massive thievery, fraud and deception on an unforgettable and unprecedented level.

If the anti fake news bills and the redelineation bills were tabled on a serious effort to improve the governance of the country, the following is the minimum expectation. Critical information on either was not forthcoming or provided adequately in advance.There was no independent panel to probe the honesty and intention of the bills. Nor was there time provided for audit discussion, consultation, deliberations andobjections. You and I did not matter in the equation at all! How arrogant is that?  

Our Neighbouring countries Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and Myanmar are all tickled pink by the episodes and escapades. The serial clown has made a cartoon of Malaysia with his duplicity and diabolical plots of pants dropping nature-and he is getting caught all the time!

If the charge of systematic espionage and treasonous conduct against the Malaysian citizens is to be levelled against persons, it undoubtedly will be widespread dragnet of conspiratorial level with complicity by the following ‘who is who’ in the list of criminals as follows:
The Prime Minister
The cabinet
The parliamentary speaker
The electoral commission
The AG
The Judiciary

The citizens have principal ownership of every conceivable institution, Despite this knowledge the intimidation, the tear gas, baton charge, persecutions, prosecution and arrest of NGO’s and opposition members on all manner of trivialities which are unimaginably flippant and flimsy is the dare and gauntlet thrown. The citizens by far and large have supported whoever the government has criminalised.

The current government is viewed and known as the gravest principal threat to the country. They have violated all constitutional laws, unwritten moral laws and the norms of decency. The hooliganism supported by the Govt is well known. The hoodlum and thugs masquerading as ministers have consistently threatened citizens. Such threats expose character. But the icing on the cake is the zero level of intelligence all of these goons display. They are consistently in competition and persistently contesting to outsmart each other on bizarre acts of incomprehensible stupidity- how can such a rag tag bunch manage the country?

Our country has no negotiation strength in the international arena. We have nothing but International pariahs whose trust and credibility is zero, they have no business representing Malaysians. Their signatures are not worth a toilet paper. Imagine their reference skills may read... 
Professional Embezzlement specialist
Explosive experts 
Political Delinquents 

Indeterminate and indiscriminate sentencing should never have a place in democracy. In Malaysia the judicial approach to jail a person who steals food valued at one hundred ringgit and one whose embezzlement is one hundred million is a disorientation, dislocation and displacement of justice. The poor man is the criminal. The rich man is victim where he is accorded protection. 

I have yet to see one pro-government text or whatsapp message. Everything about them is predictable negativity. Not one person is talking about how good this Government really is! Why is that?

As citizens of this nation we are in a cage of insecurity as we are surrounded by the highest ranking thieves and especially at election time the predator and plunder are prowling around. This is also a warning to our fellow citizens, not to take any chances, do not and it is repeated do not:

· Wear Jewellery especially pink colour
· Wear expensive watches
· Have more than RM50/- on your person at any one time
· Do not carry your credit card
· Carry handbags especially Birkin handbags
· Do not carry expensive hand phones, use and old model Nokia
· Drive an expensive car, bike or bicycle.
· Possess expensive paintings
· Keep your statues of awards(Actors and Actress especially)
· Take your daughters, wife’s, girlfriends or grandmothers out, chastity belts are a requirement - there are paedophiles and perverts.
· Dress with style, dress moderately, consider security have flaps or zippers for your pockets.
· Leave valuables unattended.
· Always lock your homes and offices, do not hire PDRM as security, and hire a Nepalese security guard.

Beware! At election time, high ranking serial thieves, liars, looters, criminals, cohorts and their opportunistic accomplices will lay siege, surround you and stop at nothing, they have stolen everything, the treasury is empty. What you have in your pockets is where they have set their eyes.

Our needs are simple affordable
· Affordable Food, shelter, clothing, transportation
· Clean environment, education, health and unity
This is all we need. Is this too difficult or too much to expect?

The only other option to avoid wasting our time and being mired in this misery is to just take each of these counterfeit scum by the scruff of their neck and kick them out LOCK, STOCK and BARREL, OUT! OUT!! OUT!!! – end of problems! - Voltaire

Story kat SINI dan SINI  

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Beware of UMNO/BN politics before and after GE14

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