24 April 2018

Bila dia tetiba dibagi tau tak boleh ikut rombongan...

Story kat SINI dan SINI...

Siapa yang tidak kenal dengan Dr. Puad Zarkashi, terutama sejak beliau kalah pada pilihanraya 2013 dan kemudian dilantik sebagai Ketua Pengarah JASA.

Meskipun JASA adalah sebuah agensi kerajaan yang berperanan menerangkan hal-hal berkaitan dasar kerajaan kepada rakyat, tetapi Dr. Puad seolah-oleh menjadikan JASA alat propaganda untuk mempertahankan tubuh badan Najib Razak, Rosmah Mansor dan menyerang Tun Mahathir Mohamad semata-mata.
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Apa yang tidak dipuji, dilambung dan diampunya Najib dan Rosmah dan apa juga yang tidak dikeji serta dihinanya Tun Mahathir Mohamad.

Lantaran itu, Dr. Puad lantas dilabelkan oleh banyak pihak sebagai pengampu dan pembodek nombor satu kepada Najib dan Rosmah, satu kedudukan yang beliau sebenarnya berkongsi dengan Salleh Said Keruak.

Cuma, Salleh merupakan pengampu nombor satu yang berjawatan menteri, manakala Dr. Puad pula pengampu nombor satu yang hanya sekadar menjadi Ahli MT, selain sebagai Ketua Pengarah JASA yang barangkali hanya diberikan atas dasar kasihan berikutan beliau kalah pilihanraya 2013 dan hilang jawatan timbalan menteri pendidikan.

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Sejak semalam telah tersebar satu surat yang kononnya ditulis oleh Dr. Puad yang menyatakan beliau akan meletakkan jawatan sebagai Ketua Pengarah JASA serta akan bertanding sebagai calon Bebas dalam pilihanraya pada 9 Mei nanti.

Keputusan beliau itu digambarkan kerana tidak berpuas hati sebab tidak terpilih sebagai calon dalam pilihanraya kali ini.

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Sebaliknya UMNO dan BN dikhabarkan telah memilih Ketua Wanita Batu Pahat, Haliza Abdullah sebagai calon BN bagi kerusi Parlimen Batu Pahat di mana Dr. Puad adalah ketua bahagian itu.

Tidak dipastikan sama ada surat itu benar atau palsu, tetapi oleh kerana sekarang sudah sah nama Dr. Puad digugurkan sebagai calon dan digantikan dengan Haliza, nampaknya surat yang telah tersebar luas itu seolah-olah adalah benar.
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Berikut adalah surat tersebut:- baca seterusnya...

Bagaimana pemimpin2 PAS berjaya 'dibeli' oleh UMNO

Shahrizat the first wanita chief 
to not contest a seat?...

Umno's wanita "talk big chief" refuses to stand anywhere. It is like Najib and Khairy not standing too. 

In what is viewed by many UMNO members both within the Wanita and the rest of the party as 'not surprising' Sharizat is reported to be dropping out or dropped out of GE14.

One wanita member said  "this was expected as the the majority of even the wanita feel that what she did Rafizi is wrong, "she was the guilty party here we all know that but,  a Malay has to suffer for exposing her wrongdoing'" to which I retorted, "Sin (Dosa) or wrongdoing?" and she replied,  "wrongdoing doing, bukan dosa."  I did not argue knowing UMNO people and how she could turn it into a religious issue especially since I am not a Muslim, but then she went on to say, "Rafizi also should not have exposed a Malay leader that way, that is not so good." I was really confused, I left it at that.

Will Najib sacrifice Pekan for the love Sharizat?

I was happy though,  even UMNO members expected Sharizat not to stand, and is that why after an initial attempt to stand in Bandar Tun Razak she pulled out?      

Another UMNO member cited Ahmad Zahid Hamidi,  he said "Zahid had requested  Najib not to field Sharizat, the source tells us that Zahid told Najib, "you can bring her through the back door, but do not field her for the GE as she is bound to lose teruk, teruk and that will mean UMNO loses a seat and is made a laughing stock off." Zahid and Sharizat are no real "Kissin Cousins" either.

Zahid apparently doesn’t want Sharizat to stand 

Najib has not made any comment on Sharizat to date, he may use dropping her as an example that anyone can be dropped and they must accept it as gracefully as she does knowing she is reluctant to stand and in doing so  he may then point to Sharizat, but little do most UMNO members know that she is personally requesting to be dropped, as she really can't win even if she stands in Pekan or Bagan Dato, and does not intend to humiliate herself.

Sharizat's reputation has taken a beating  since the famous "cowgate" scandal and it is not going to leave her unblemished throughout her political career, it will also come out strongly should she decide to contest the Wanita head's post if ever UMNO heads really do go into a free and fair party elections.

Sharizat is the worst performing Wanita UMNO leader since the inception of the wing in the party, she was the first to be defeated and that too by a young and green entry in the political arena, the daughter of  Anwar Ibrahim - Nurul Izzah Anwar.

Clueless,Pointless, Senseless

Sharizat was a three time incumbent of Lebah Pantai Constituency and in the 2008 election had won the seat by a  15288 vote majority, but just 4 years later in 2008 facing Nurul she lost the seat she had been expecting to win easily, lost it  by  a 2895 vote margin, resulting in Sharizat openly and weeping over her loss, she never expected it in her wildest dreams, and that too by a lady who was hardly even 28 years old then.

Sharizat would have been dropped much earlier, but she has very strong ties with a close confidante of Najib Razak, in fact his closest and it is spoken of even in the wanita circles, to the extent that many ministers fear to confront her on issues they do not agree with her on.

Her mother has forbade her to criticise Mahathir Mohammad, and recently when she opened a salvo on him it is reported that she received telling off from her mother. The  mother  knows, it was Mahathir who gave her the opportunities  in UMNO, although he did not influence the outcomes of the elections in the Wanita when Rafidah lost to Sharizat, that was done by other UMNO ministers including Badawi, Najib and some other senior UMNO SC members  who saw Rafidah as a strong contender for the DPM's  position. She was by far the best performing Minister in the Mahathir cabinet and all cabinet members from the other parties had great respect for her.

After getting Rafidah out of office during Badawi's tenure, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) was never the same and took a huge bashing, Malaysia lost one of its best Ministers of International Trade, the other was Mahathir himself..

You only have to listen to the arguments of both Rafidah and Sharizat  to find out that the Wanita UMNO has never progressed since Rafidah's departure. The quality of talk is in itself so absolutely contrasting, one very eloquent with substance in her deliveries whilst the other talks like the woman who runs a mamak Teh Tarik shop.

So will a record of sorts be set in the 2018 General Elections?

Will the Head of the UMNO Wanita be dropped as a candidate from the Elections 2018? - itstoffeesturn

Cerita mengenai perjalanan trak INVOKE Rafizi Ramli melalui bandar, kampung, dan penempatan FELDA, yang mempromosikan rancangan Pakatan Harapan untuk membina sebuah negara baru. Parody berdasarkan lagu "Zindagi Ek Safar Hai Suhana" (terjemahan: Kehidupan adalah perjalanan yang indah), sebuah lagu dari filem Hindi Andaz, yang disusun oleh duo Shankar Jaikishan, ditulis oleh Hasrat Jaipuri dan dinyanyikan oleh Kishore Kumar.

The story about Rafizi Ramli's INVOKE truck tour through towns, villages, and FELDA settlements, promoting Pakatan Harapan's plans for building a new nation. Parody based on the song "Zindagi Ek Safar Hai Suhana" (translation: Life is a wonderful journey), a song from the Hindi film Andaz, composed by the duo of Shankar Jaikishan, written by Hasrat Jaipuri and sung by Kishore Kumar.

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P015 Sungai Petani - BN taboq dedak...dedak...dedak...

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ROS gantung PPBM,mahkamah gantung cik RoS

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Pasai apa baju hijau pergi ke BN? 
Sebab pemimpin sudah kena beli...


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