26 January 2018

PAS matang dan sejahtera dengan GST dan 1MDB...

1. Semenjak Tok Guru Nik Abdul Aziz meninggal dunia, kewujudan PAS sudah berubah. Malahan, semua mengetahui bahawa perubahan PAS itu amat ketara. PAS yang dulu, bukan lagi PAS yang sekarang.

2. Dahulu, tiada slogan matang dan sejahtera, PAS tidak kelihatan mesra UMNO/BN. Namun berubah selepas kemangkatan Allahyarham Tok Guru Nik Abdul Aziz, slogan matang dan sejahtera mula dimainkan, dan PAS pula kelihatan semakin mesra UMNO/BN.

3. Atas alasan matang dan sejahtera, PAS menampilkan dirinya seakan-akan berseteru dengan warga bukan Melayu. Jika dahulu, keris dijulang oleh UMNO dalam majlis rasmi mereka, Tok Guru Nik Abdul Aziz selalunya mengeluarkan kenyataan menolak amalan perkauman. Namun, semenjak slogan Matang dan sejahtera lahir selepas kemangkatan Tok Guru Nik Abdul Aziz, keris dan sundang sudah dijulang oleh Presidennya sendiri dalam majlis rasmi.

4. Tidak ada siapa yang dapat nafikan, bahawa semenjak slogan matang dan sejahtera, ugutan kalah oleh PAS hampir tidak keluar lagi terhadap UMNO/BN. Yang ada pula, ugutan kalah terhadap sesiapa sahaja yang melawan BN, malahan menjadi agenda slogan matang dan sejahtera yang diperkenalkan oleh PAS.

5. Semenjak dua ini, kelihatan PAS jadikan Parlimen Permatang Pauh sebagai serangan PAS. Namun, atas alasan matang dan sejahtera, tidak hairan pada kala ini hampir tidak kedengaran langsung serangan terhadap Parlimen Pekan yang diketuai bapa GST, Najib Abdul Razak.

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6. Atas alasan matang dan sejahtera, PAS seakan-akan kabur bahawa sebarang tindakan mereka pada hari ini banyak memberi keuntungan kepada UMNO/BN. Ekoran itu, walaupun mereka tidak mengakuinya, tetapi dari sudut tindakan PAS kelihatan seakan-akan redha dengan tekanan kehidupan rakyat Malaysia yang terbeban dengan GST, seakan-akan redha imej negara rosak atas isu 1MDB, seakan-akan redha dengan peluang pekerjaan rakyat semakin merosot dan banyak lagi kebobrokan yang sedang menimpa negara.

7. Lebih menarik untuk diperhatikan, bahawa mereka seakan-akan tidak suka andai ada pihak yang berlawan dengan UMNO/BN, lawan GST, lawan 1MDB, lawan penyelewengan felda dan banyak lagi. Malahan, seakan-akan PAS anggap pihak ini seperti musuh.

8. PAS seakan-akan tidak bersetuju andai ada “orang-orang berdosa” membantu dalam usaha melawan GST dan 1MDB. Seakan-akan mereka tidak anggap imej negara yang dirosakkan oleh UMNO-BN ini seperti berdosa.

9. Sedarkah PAS, bahawa mereka bukanlah kalangan yang suci, walaupun tindakan menampilkan mereka seakan-akan suci. Malahan, andai mereka membaca wahyu, pasti mereka sedar bahawa Islam mengajar bahawa melawan kejahatan itu adalah baik, walaupun ia dari orang jahat; mendokong kejahatan adalah jahat walaupun ia datang dari Orang yang digelar baik.

10. Peliknya, mereka seperti tidak sedar apabila mereka mendakwa bahawa mereka adalah golongan yang melakukan pembaikan negara, sedangkan hakikat tindakan mereka memberi keuntungan kepada UMNO BN yang sedang merosakkan negara. Mungkin PAS perlu renung Firman Allah dalam surah Al-Baqarah, ayat 11 dan 12 – Dan apabila dikatakan kepada mereka: “Janganlah kamu membuat bencana dan kerosakan di muka bumi”, mereka menjawab: ” Sesungguhnya kami orang-orang yang hanya membuat kebaikan” * “Ketahuilah! Bahawa sesungguhnya mereka itulah orang-orang yang sebenar-benarnya membuat bencana dan kerosakan, tetapi mereka tidak menyedarinya” - Wan Ji Wan Hussin.

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MP wants update on MACC chief 
'enticed married woman' probe...

An opposition lawmaker has urged the police to provide an update on the investigation into an alleged scandal involving MACC chief commissioner Dzulkifli Ahmad.

Gobind Singh Deo, who is also DAP deputy chairperson, said the police have been silent on the matter for a long time.

"Things appear to have gone silent. I want to know why.

"If police can wrap up their investigations so quickly into 'big and complicated' cases such as the land in Jalan Semarak, why is there a delay in the probe into video clips?" the Puchong MP asked in a statement today.

The Jalan Semarak case refers to the alleged dubious transfer of Felda-owned land to a private entity.

Felda has recovered the land and police have submitted their investigation papers to the Attorney-General's Chambers (AGC).

The last update from inspector-general of police Mohamad Fuzi Harun on the case involving Dzulkifli (photo), was on Dec 6, 2017, where he said police would wrap up their probe within a week.

The police are investigating Dzulkifli under Section 498 of the Penal Code for allegedly enticing a married woman.

Police have submitted their investigation papers to the AGC twice, but the papers were were rejected and Fuzi said the police "have many follow-up steps to take before we re-submit the papers". - mk

Why is Najib afraid of a 93-year-old?

As Dr Mahathir Mohamad looks back on his successes and his achievements for the nation, his recollections are tinged with sadness. The former prime minister is not blind. He sees a nation which is torn apart. The Malays are focused on life after death. The politicians whom he once mentored are greedy and put self, above service to the nation.

Mahathir realizes that he has one last chance to make things right, for Malaysia. He needs to repair his tarnished reputation and he knows he cannot do it alone. The opposition parties, cannot do it by themselves, nor can we, act on our own; but together, we have a chance.

Mahathir's resurgence into our lives, and politics, is one of many ironies. If most of the people he locked away under the ISA are prepared to work with him for a better Malaysia, why not you? Many Malays live a hand-to-mouth existence, wondering how they will pay for their next meal.

The rural Malays identify with Mahathir. They will listen to him, and the language he uses to weave his magic over them is simple and straightforward. 1MDB has very little traction with the Malays, but the GST has hit them hard.

Mahathir knows that they have no knowledge of money trails, offshore banks or money laundering. These are all alien concepts to them. Where the Opposition has been unable to enter the Malay rural heartlands, Mahathir can. In Mahathir's time, you rarely heard people in the entertainment world talking about the cost of living. Today, singers and actresses have been vocal about the many hardships of Malaysians.

When the current crop of ministers and senior politicians criticise these celebrities, they make matters worse and drive home the message that Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak is out of touch with the ordinary Malaysians. When Mahathir and Anwar introduced changes to the local Malaysian Islamic scene, it was to counter the rising popularity of PAS at the time. PAS felt energized by the Islamic revolution that had taken over Iran.

Three-and-a-half decades later, Iran is seeing pockets of resistance against the rising conservatism, which has taken hold in Iran, while Malaysia appears to be trapped in a time warp. Malaysians swell with pride when they see the Petronas Twin Towers, but Mahathir is aware that the soul of the country is as cold as the steel and concrete in its foundations, and lacks moral fiber.

The national car project, Proton, mobilized the rural folk and gave them a form of independence, but Najib has sold it to the People's Republic of China. Under Mahathir, the national airline, MAS, connected Malaysia to six continents, but today, London is its only European destination.

Umno-Baru has always told its Malay support base that it is the only party which can protect the Malays and defend Islam, lest the DAP-led opposition, which will undermine the position of the Malays. What can Najib say or do with Mahathir at the helm of the opposition? Mahathir is neither Chinese, nor a DAP stooge. In fact, it is Najib who appears to have "sold" Malaysia to the mainland Chinese.

In recent days, Umno-Baru said that it was Abdul Razak Hussein, Najib's father, who rescued Mahathir from the political wilderness, after he was banished from the party, by Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra. They failed to mention that Razak helped create Felda, but that his son has destroyed Felda.

Mahathir was involved in the constitutional crisis of 1987, had his spat with the judiciary and subsequently created the new party, Umno-Baru. He knows the party's weaknesses and strengths. He is prepared to destroy Umno-Baru because he can see that it has become a monster. He is the person who is best qualified to do the job.

"Can a 92 year-old man be a prime minister?" so asked Jibby last month at the Sarawak United People's Party delegates at the close of their triennial conference. Jibby pointed out that age mattered even in Zimbabwe — referring to the recent ouster of president Robert Mugabe who is 93. Let's see whether Regan was too old to be President then...

Mahathir attracts record crowds in villages

When Mahathir visits the villages, he attracts record crowds. He does not need much publicity, whereas when Najib goes on these village walkabouts, he has been known to have a bunting of his father, Razak, and leaflets, reminding people of his father's greatness. How insecure is that?

We hear allegations that, in the past, Mahathir admonished, and threatened to sack, heads of departments who refused to kowtow to him. Today, Najib and his ministers openly threaten to sack teachers or civil servants who vote for, or support the opposition. Things must be desperate in today's Umno-Baru.

We are all a product of Mahathir's policies. What is done, is done. We cannot cry over spilled milk, but we can at least ensure that we take precautions, to prevent a recurrence. Today, we are on the cusp of a new beginning, but we have the moaners, complaining about Mahathir and the past, rather than focusing on the future.

What is there to lose, if we work together with Mahathir to rebuild Malaysia? He is not going to live forever. The opposition politicians are not so stupid that they will allow him to build a new Mahathir empire.

Lessons have been learned, but you need to have a modicum of trust. Would you prefer to live in the past and continue moaning, or spoil your votes, or boycott GE14? Or are you ready to take this leap forward and change? It is not about you, or me, or Mahathir. It is about rebuilding Malaysia! - Mariam Mokhtar,mk

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Maskot UMNO untuk PRU14...


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