28 January 2018

Betoilah PAS nak bentuk kerajaang perpaduang...

Makin dekat tarikh pilihanraya, wajah sebenar Pas kian terserlah dengan nyata.

Daripada mahu menubuhkan kerajaan sendiri bersama Gagasan Sejahtera, menjadi kuasa penentu atau "king maker", Pas kini dengan nyata memperlihatkan wajah dirinya yang sebenar.

Tanpa berselindung lagi mereka menyatakan pilihan selepas PRU 14 akan datang hanya ada dua - bekerjasama dengan BN atau kekal sebagai pembangkang.

Tetapi, beberapa hari sebelum ini, Presiden Pas, Hadi Awang sendiri menyatakan Pas tidak mahu lagi menjadi pembangkang yang lemah selepas pilihanraya akan datang.

Maknanya, menjadi sebahagian daripada kerajaan memang  pilihan Pas dan untuk tujuan itu, Najib, UMNO dan BN adalah idaman kalbu parti Islam tersebut.

Sebaliknya, kekal sebagai pembangkang bukan lagi pilihan bagi Pas. Lagi pula, Pas sejak kebelakangan ini semakin merasai nikmat berdekat-dekat dengan kerajaan atau parti pemerintah.

Jika berdekat dengan kerajaan saja pun macam-macam nikmat dan syurga dunia dapat mereka nikmati, tentunya dalam hati pimpinan Pas ketika ini menggelegak perasaan tidak sabar-sabar untuk menjadi sebahagian daripada kerajaan.

Barangkali wajar diucapkan tahniah kepada Pas kerana awal-awal lagi telah menunjukkan kecenderungan kepada BN yang didalamnya ada MCA serta Gerakan yang bukan saja menentang hukum hudud, malah paling lantang menolak pindaan Akta 355 yang bertujuan memperkasa kedudukan mahkamah syariah.

Akhirnya, Pas sendiri menyerlahkan sandiwara mereka berkaitan Akta 355 itu. Dengan pengakuan Pas mahu bekerjasama dengan BN ini juga memberi maksud mengundi Pas adalah sama seperti mengundi BN.

Meskipun ketika pilihanraya,  Pas dan BN berlainan parti, berbeza logo dan mungkin saling mengata antara satu sama lain, tetapi selepas pilihanraya berakhir, mereka akan saling bersama serta berdakapan untuk tujuan yang satu - mengekalkan lagi kerajaan kleptokrasi menghakis kekayaan dan memiskinkan negara ini. Syabas kepada kepada Pas!! - shahabudin husin

Bukit Aman Sinks Down 
To The Tong Sampah...

Two very brave Policemen (for some reason both are Indians) have been sent to interrogate Tun Siti Hasmah about her appearance at some public gathering. When I saw this picture, it reminded me that sadly we live among the quite uncivilised. 

This is a dangerous situation.  This is a community which has a number of people who have little or no good values - which I have written about earlier.

This is a recurrence. This type of behaviour keeps popping up, in this way or that way. It is a malaise that does not seem to go away. 

Years ago, the late Professor Syed Hussein Alatas wrote a column in the newspaper about  apathy in the country.  Apathy simply means "I dont give a shit about you or what happened to you. I just dont care'. That is what apathy means. 

The event that triggered the Professor's ire was the death of an Indian Muslim man who fell to his death at the famous Malaya Mansion in Jalan Masjid India (the exact same building where my wife and I ran our business for a long time).  The lift doors opened but there was no lift. The mamak man stepped into the lift and fell to the bottom of the lift shaft.  It was reported in the news but after a day, no one ever talked about the unnecessary death or about paying some compensation or about  checking lifts in our residential buildings.  Or until the next person falls to their death.

Story kat SINI dan SINI 

Then we had the religious persecution cases. The trend began to accelerate about 30 years ago.  Those of you who can now see and agree with what I am saying about religion and the ostard wal retards well please understand that my friends and I have been hounded and some of us have suffered arrest, prosecution and persecution for just highlighting the truth. Why does it take 30 years?  Its that damned apathy again. The "I dont care" attitude. The people did not care. 

Now it has gotten worse and it has come to sit on everyone's head. Does everyone care?  I dont think so. (But dont worry. Not everyone is apathetic. I am here. Still here. And we never tire.)

But here in the picture above, we are talking about a myriad of issues - beginning from simple human rights, freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, corrupt abuse of power, corruption of due process, corruption of morality, if there is such a thing in an apathetic (adjective form of apathy) society, just corruption of everything. 

What is the purpose of even investigating this matter? The Police investigate based on someone's Police report. But the Police also dismiss tens of thousands of Police reports. The Police know better than anyone else when a police report is frivolous or is of no real benefit to investigate.

That Khairuddin fellow has made so many Police Reports. Have the Police investigated all his reports?  No they have not.  But the Police do things by the book. Meaning they have some procedure to determine if a Police report is worth investigating or not.

Among the questions, “how old are you?”
Story kat SINI dan SINI 

If a 91 year old woman, the wife of a former Prime Minister, a medical doctor by training and a symbol of all that is good in a Malay woman stood in the back of a vehicle and said a few words to encourage people to stand up for that which is good (amar makruf)  that is most definitely NOT something that warrants any type of  investigation by the Police.  Dont the Police have anything better to do? 

Police take orders. So who gave the Police the orders to investigate Tun Siti Hasmah?
I think this interrogation of a 91 year old woman (yes it was an interrogation -  Cambridge English Dictionary : interrogate meaning, definition, what is interrogate: to ask someone a lot of questions for a long time in order to get information) and that photograph just cost the Kleptocratic Thieves a few more tens of thousands of votes.

I believe there are saboteurs in their outfit who wish to do them in from the inside.  

Which is mighty? The sword or the keypad? - ostb

The belt of Pahang VIPs 
- will a domino effect burn BN?

In the coming 14th general election (GE14), a VIP belt of marginal seats which lies in the western part of Pahang will decide the fate of several top guns from both sides of the divide - seats that are widely expected to be the most hotly contested battlefields in the peninsula.

This “Pahang VIP (very important persons) belt” covers five parliamentary seats - Cameron Highlands, Raub, Temerloh, Bentong and Bera - an area that includes the Titiwangsa mountain range and spans over 300km. These seats could switch hands with only five percent swing in votes. Indeed, a few of them were won with just hundreds of votes in the last general election in 2013. From Cameron Highlands to Bera, this VIP belt sees big names from both political divides, be they defenders or challengers. 

They include MCA president Liow Tiong Lai, party vice-president Chew Mei Fun, Pahang DAP chief Leong Ngah Ngah, PAS information chief Nasrudin Hassan Tantawi and Umno supreme council member Ismail Sabri Yaakob. Liow and Ismail hold posts in the cabinet as transport minister and rural and regional development minister respectively.

Geographically, these areas are about one to three hours of driving distance from the nation's capital, with the East Coast Highway connecting Kuala Lumpur to the state’s capital, Kuantan. Many voters from these regions of Pahang are working in cities in the Klang Valley.

Should the opposition gain momentum in GE14, it could create a domino effect against the BN in this VIP belt in Pahang, a state that has been solidly behind the ruling coalition since the first general election and the birthplace of two prime ministers – Abdul Razak Hussein and his son, Najib.

Pahang, the largest state in the peninsula, has a vast expanse of forest and mountains. When the Communist Party of Malaya (CPM) went underground, Pahang was one of its major bases. CPM established the 10th Malay Regiment in Temerloh as a wing of the predominantly-Chinese Malayan National Liberation Army (MNLA), and this in a way planted the seeds of dissent. 

Still, it will not be an easy task for the opposition to create the domino effect. Pahang has 14 parliamentary seats. In GE13, Umno won eight, while MCA and MIC garnered only one each. As for the opposition, PKR bagged two seats, while DAP and PAS have one each.

Vote majorities in GE13 below 500

BN secured both Cameron Highlands and Bentong in 2013 with not more than 500 votes, making them the most marginal seats in Pahang. For Cameron Highlands, thanks to a five-cornered fight, former MIC president G Palanivel edged out DAP candidate M Manogaran with a sliver of 462 votes.

It is widely expected that this parliamentary constituency will see a multi-cornered fight in GE14 as well, with the ruling coalition and several opposition parties having voiced their intention to contest the seat.

The MIC is likely to field its Youth wing chief Sivarraajh Chandran to defend the seat as Palanivel has been dropped as he no longer holds any post in the party. Another BN member party, the People’s Progressive Party (MyPPP) led by M Kayveas is also eyeing the seat.

As for the opposition, DAP is expected to field Manogaran again, while Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) has stated that its Orang Asli affairs bureau coordinator and local branch chief B Suresh Kumar would contest there.

Cameron Highlands has 12 percent of Indian voters and 20 percent Orang Asli, with the remaining made up equally of Malays and Chinese. In the event of a multi-cornered fight, it will be a big question mark as to who will emerge the victor.

Who will be Raub's 'Musang King'?

South of Cameron Highlands is Raub, once an MCA stronghold. On the eve of GE13, former MCA women’s wing chief Ng Yen Yen, a three-term Raub parliamentarian, was dropped and the seat was defended by senior Pahang state executive councillor Hoh Khai Mun.

Eventually, with the opposition riding on a “Chinese tsunami”, Mohd Ariff Sabri Abdul Aziz of DAP, nicknamed Sakmongkol AK47, captured Raub with a 2,814-vote majority. This was also the first time that the BN lost this seat to the opposition.

However, Ariff (photo) is not likely to re-contest in Raub after suffering a stroke last year. Since then, Pahang DAP chief Leong Ngah Ngah has been active in Raub.

Leong is Tanah Rata assemblyperson, a seat under Cameron Highlands. He is expected to defend Raub for DAP and is likely to battle against MCA’s Chew Mei Fun, a former deputy women, family and community development minister.

In 2010, Chew made the pledge to resign from her posts in the party and government if Chua Soi Lek became MCA president. She therefore did not contest in GE13. Chew returned to politics after Liow took over from Chua. She has been working in Raub in recent years and vowed to recapture the seat for MCA.

Bentong: A 'do or die' battle for MCA
Image result for 2013 bentong constituency -  leow tion lai

Next to Raub is Bentong, where the GE14 election battle could well be a "do or die" battle for MCA. 

MCA president Liow has been Bentong MP for almost 20 years - since 1999 - but at the last general election, the party boss held on to the seat with a razor-thin majority of 379 votes against environmental group Himpunan Hijau president Wong Tack. Wong Tack, following his narrow defeat in the intense battle, is expected to return for a rematch, contesting under the DAP, of which he is a member.

Bentong has 45 percent Malay voters, 44 percent Chinese and nine percent Indians. The key for Liow to remain Bentong parliamentarian for his fifth consecutive term will not only depend on a shift in preference among Chinese voters but also whether Pahang Menteri Besar Adnan Yaakob will contest in the upcoming election.

Of the four state seats under Bentong, BN only won Pelangi in GE13, which was held by Adnan. It has been speculated that Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak intends to remove him, and Adnan himself has not ruled out the possibility of quitting politics ahead of GE14. Should Adnan step down, Liow may lose some crucial Malay votes as he no longer has a menteri besar candidate to campaign for him.

Can PAS defend Temerloh?

Compared to west Pahang, Temerloh and Bera are both located in the middle of the peninsula, and have a different political landscape. Temerloh, the first parliamentary seat PAS won in the state in over a decade, has 64 percent Malay voters, 24 percent Chinese and nine percent Indian voters.

In GE13, Nasrudin Hassan Tantawi of PAS wrested the seat from then deputy higher education minister Saifuddin Abdullah by a thin margin of just 1,070 votes or a 1.8 percent majority.

Now that PAS has broken ties with PKR and DAP, it is unlikely to be able to retain the sizeable number of non-Malay voters who backed Nasrudin in the last election.

Since then, Nasrudin (photo) has been widely speculated to be planning to jettison Temerloh for a safer seat in Kelantan or Terengganu. Nevertheless, Nasrudin said it would be up to the party to decide whether he stays or leaves the seat.

Malaysiakini understands that the frontrunner replacement will likely be Temerloh PAS division chief Yusof Darus, whereas the likely challenger from Pakatan Harapan could be Syed Hamid Syed Mohamed of Amanah, whose party has been given the role to field a candidate there. But now that Temerloh will be a three-cornered fight, BN is favoured to win in this round.

Felda, the kingmaker of Bera
Image result for bera pahang

For the Bera constituency, Umno’s Ismail has never tasted defeat since this seat was created in 1999, and he retained it with a 2,143-vote majority in the last GE. All seems well for Ismail, but a closer check indicates the contrary.

In the last GE, he garnered just 50.6 percent of the total votes cast, slightly ahead of his PKR opponent Zakaria Abdul Hamid, who obtained 45.5 percent of the votes in a three-cornered fight. The kingmakers in this constituency are the Felda settlers. Bera has 14 Felda settlements, the home of about 45 percent of the voters. In the last GE, Ismail won almost 70 percent of the Felda votes.

However, an analysis by Malaysiakini indicated that if 10 percent of the Felda voters and five percent of the non-Felda voters switch sides, BN will lose 10 parliamentary seats, and Bera is one of these. It also explains Harapan's dogged efforts in penetrating the Felda settlements, with Bersatu chairperson Dr Mahathir Mohamad visiting Bera and held a ceramah that pulled a 6,000-strong crowd.

Another challenge for Ismail may well come from his own party. There are three state seats under Bera - Teriang (held by DAP), Guai (Umno) and Kemayan (Umno). It is known that Ismail has been at loggerheads with the two Umno assemblypersons, and this may affect him in the coming election. 

Being a top leader in Umno, Ismail (photo) is widely seen as one of the potential vice-presidents of the party. However, as Felda has been embroiled in scandals after scandals in recent years, and the fact that Harapan has prioritised campaigning in Felda settlements, it will deliver a heavy blow for Umno should Ismail meet his Waterloo in the next GE.

On the other hand, the coming election will see an increase of 1,234 army voters in Bera, which has been criticised by the opposition as a move to secure Ismail the seat.

Will BN's vote bank go on fire?
Image result for BN's vote bank

Being Najib's home state and the ruling coalition's long-time vote bank, BN’s morale would take a beating should several ministers fall in the state in GE14. The loss of these top guns may further cripple the position of their respective parties in BN, even kicking off power struggles within their own parties.

Moreover, it would definitely be an embarrassment for Najib if there is a fire in his own backyard, for this would give those within Umno who wish to challenge him the opportunity to pile pressure on him. However, the PAS factor may help BN in this blue state.

In the last GE, PAS contested six parliamentary seats and 21 state seats in Pahang - the largest number of seats contested by an opposition party in the state. Although PAS eventually won one parliamentary seat and three state seats, it does have well-organised grassroots, with party number two Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man leading the fight in this state.

As three-cornered fights will be unavoidable in the coming polls, the fate of BN and Harapan in Pahang may well be decided by PAS. - mk

5 Parlimen 'VIP' di Pahang - apakah kesan domino akan melanda BN? 

MARA must be protected from the corrupt
Story kat SINI dan SINI    

This is exactly the same 1MDB model.

Step 1 (ONE) :  First they get some crook to be chairman etc of the gomen fund which has the money.

Step 2 (TWO) : The crooky chairman, CEO will get the fund to agree to buy some property overseas at some inflated price - say Market Price PLUS an extra AUS$18m.  The official seller will be some shady British Virgin Islands or Cayman Islands company with weird names like Brazen Sky, Earth Moving Under Feet etc.

Step 3 (THREE) : Prior to Step 2, the same crooks would have set up those offshore companies to buy the property from a genuine Mat Salleh etc seller at Market Price.  Possibly in a country that has loose property transparency laws like Australia.

Step 4 (FOUR) : Then simultaneously, the British Virgin Island, Cayman Island etc  offshore company will RESELL  the property at INFLATED PRICES to the gomen fund.  In this way the gomen fund does not legally come into contact with the genuine Mat Salleh seller. The gomen fund deals only with the offshore company - both of which are run by the same crooks.  

Simultaneously because the payment is made just once - by the gomen fund. 

Once the inflated money payment flies out the window to the offshore company, the offshore company will split the payment in two. One portion goes to pay the genuine Mat Salleh seller. The remaining portion goes to the crooks in their numbered accounts in the British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands etc. 

Our kampong boys have just learnt about offshore companies, tax havens, proxy companies, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Isle of Man and other such shady places, offshore trusts, trust certificates and other legal instruments  which can be eminently used for shady dealings. These are the tools of drug runners, gun runners, money launderers, hot money flows, online gamblers, international prostitution rackets and such.  

In this country, this stealing is happening now in epidemic proportions. In pandemic proportions. You can take these boys out of the kampong but they cant seem to take the pencuri ayam out of these boys. It was not this bad before. 

What these kampong boys do not understand is that once the gomen is kicked out, then the whole lot of them will go to jail. Why? Because the whole thing is carefully documented lah bodoh bangangs. There is a clean and easy way to retrace document trail. The bread crumbs trail here is bigger than Hansel and Gretel. The kampong boys can Google 'Hansel and Gretel'.

Most damaging of all there is an easy electronic trail of the fund flows.  For example, every electronic movement of the US Dollar via SWIFT keys is tracked by the Americans. Its their currency. Every email sent via American service providers is routed through computers in Los Angeles. They can read and time match each and every email at will.

The kampong boys just dont understand all this. All that is needed is for this kleptocratic gomen to be kicked out. Once the kleptocratic gomen falls, all of you are going to jail.

If you really DONT WANT YOUR MONEY to be traced, you have to use the mamak money network. They are the best in the world. The Americans call it the hawala system. Can deliver cash in US Dollars, Sterling, Euro, Yen etc. Anywhere in the world. Can even deliver in gold bars.  No documents. 

I am not involved in any such network ok. Jangan salah faham. I only blog. But I am still a mamak. Yennadey. - ostb

GE13 there were 11 parliamentary seats which could have gone another way 
if the spoilt votes went to the other party. Let's see who are the beneficiaries.


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