14 January 2018

Hadi - Kalu PAS menang 40 kerusi,"PAS MP for sale"...

Presiden PAS Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang menjangkakan tiada satu pun parti yang akan dapat kerusi yang cukup dalam pilihan raya umum (PRU) ke-14 untuk membentuk kerajaan.

Dalam masa sama, menurut Abdul Hadi, sekiranya PAS boleh dapat 40 kerusi, parti itu akan menjadi tempat kebergantungan parti lain yang ingin menubuhkan kerajaan.

“Jika PAS boleh mendapat 40 kerusi parlimen, parti lain yang tidak boleh nak tubuh (kerajaan) akan bergantung kepada 40 kerusi ini.

“Walau pun parti lain ada 100 kerusi, 80 kerusi, kerana nak tubuh kerajaan kena ada minima 112 kerusi.

“Jika PAS ada 40 kerusi, bermakna kita akan menjadi tempat kebergantungan siapa yang nak tubuh kerajaan. Dengan 40 kerusi ini kita (PAS) ada pengaruh dan boleh minta macam-macam,” katanya seperti dilapor Harakah Daily. 

PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang predicted no single party would get enough seats to form the next government, and said the Islamist party was in a good position to make demands if it had enough seats.

“If PAS can get 40 parliamentary seats, other parties wouldn't be able to form (the) government without depending on our 40 seats.

“This means we would be the ones who would be needed for anyone who wants to form (the) government.

“With 40 seats, we, therefore, have influence and can make all sorts of demands

 In the last election, the Islamist party won 22 parliamentary seats when it was part of the now defunct Pakatan Rakyat.

It has since left the pact and is now actively promoting its own pact, Gagasan Sejathera, and going it alone at the coming polls.

The pact is looking at fielding candidates in 132 seats. - mk

Masa bersama PR pun hanya dpt 21 kerusi, ini kan lagi bertanding solo nak 40 kerusi. Ini bukanlah berangan, tapi membongak!!!Mcm mana parti lebai boleh memperbodoh2kan ahli?Sejak almarhum TGNA takde, makin menjadi2 perangai umno dlm parti.- Husny Harun

Ustat-ustat pandai berpolitik, itu baru duk hayal belum menang lagi, sejarah telah membuktikan PAS belum pernah memenangi melepasi 30 kerusi sebelum ini dengan bantu cina dan india ini kan pula hanya melayu saja baye-baye la.- Sukri Daud

Ianya bukan sifir matematik. Yang tu pun belum tentu kekal. Realiti politiknya dimana nak korek undi bukan Islam? Apa Pas ingat UMNO akan berpeluk tubuh? Silap haribulan Kelantanpun larut. Bila UMNO puji itu alamat tak baik. - Ibn Abd Halim 

PAS harus sedar suasana politik pru13 tak sama dgn pru14...semasa pru13..PAS kena kaji dari 21 kerusi yg dimenanginya bukan solid undi melayu..tapi campuran dari undi cina dan india....apabila PAS tidak lagi dlm PR..sudah tentu beberapa kerusi yg dimenangi dlm kwsn campuran sudah tentu sukar utk PAS kekalkan kerusi2 tersebut...apa lagi jika berlaku 3 penjuru. Jadi peluang utk PAS dpt lebih dari 21 kerusi dlm pru14 nanti sangat sukar..melainkan PAS bergabung sama ada dgn PH atau dgn BN..tu je jalannya.- Rusli Omar

Pas hanya pandai berkecuali di Parlimen. Tak pernah pedulikan beban rakyat. Lebai mimpi aje lah menang 40 buah kerusi. - Grace Tang

Parti/gabungan yang menang kerusi terbanyak, misalnya 100 kerusi, walaupun tak cukup 112 kerusi, parti/gabungan tersebut masih boleh bentuk kerajaan "minoriti" selaku parti/gabungan terbesar dlm Parlimen tanpa perlukan penyertaan/sokongan rasmi daripada PAS.

HARAPAN memang tak akan terima syarat-syarat PAS. Najib pula akan berdepan penarikan diri Sabah/Sarawak jika terima PAS melebihi daripada tahap sekarang, yang mana boleh menyebabkan kerajaan "minoriti" Najib selepas PRU 14 bertahan sekejap sahaja.

PAS pasti nak undang2 syariah dilaksanakan segera jika Najib mahukan kerjasama PAS melebihi tahap "gundik simpanan". Sabah/Sarawak sangat2 pantang bahagian ini. PAS ni bila bukak mulut, selalu lupa yang Malaysia ni turut meliputi Sabah/Sarawak.

Jika Sabah/Sarawak tarik diri, baki jumlah kerusi BN akan diatasi oleh HARAPAN. Najib tak akan benarkan ini berlaku. Lebih baik dia bentuk kerajaan "minoriti" 100 kerusi dan biarkan keadaan PAS seperti sekarang yang sekadar melukut di tepi gantang pada kaki Najib. Kesimpulannya, PAS dah lama mati. Hj Hadi sekarang ni selalu mengigau macam mayat hidup. - Abd Hadi Mohamad 

Malay tsunami: Will it happen?...

It has been asked before, but since Pakatan Harapan has got their PM candidate issue sorted out (despite rumblings within the coalition and outside), it's time to ask it again. The term, Malay tsunami, was first coined by DAP strategist Lim Chin Tong back in 2015. Suggesting or rather predicting a change in the Malay voting "pattern" in Umno-held seats come GE14, a tidal wave of support for the opposition. Umno was quick to dismiss it.

Naturally. Some analysts also felt it would not happen, citing "subsidy mentality" and "politics of patronage" in rural areas as reasons. This despite conceding inroads made by the opposition into rural areas, home to majority of Malay voters, as well as impact of former PM Tun Mahathir who is now leading the opposition onslaught. And they had held on to that belief as late as last September. But, do they feel the same now, with situation overtaking events and taking into account the notion even a week is a long time in politics?

First, a quick look at the definition of tsunami, the actual or real tsunami and not the political one as being discussed. To put it briefly, tsunamis are giant waves caused by earthquakes or volcanic eruptions under the sea, meaning there must be an earthquake first, or an earthquake needs to take place before a tsunami is triggered. The same applies to the so-called political tsunami or in this case, a Malay tsunami. There must be a volcanic eruption of sorts for it to happen. 

Pro-opposition folks would say or see the Felda scandal as one of the volcanic eruptions to trigger a Malay tsunami that will sweep Umno and the BN away in GE14. Felda settlers are predominantly Malay. As we know, most of them have all along voted for Umno, but this time they are said to be ready to turn their backs on Umno feeling betrayed by Felda which has become, in the words of Chef Wan, "failed dah".

But it's not only Felda. Pro-opposition folks also point to Felcra, which according to an old journalist friend of mine Terence Fernandez in his column in Malay Mail Online, "has been queried over a series of questionable investments", including spending RM687 million to bail out its headquarters construction project.

Fernandez also pointed to Mara which "overpaid some RM60 million to an offshore company for property in Australia", a transaction facilitated by Mara officials. All the above agencies have a moral duty towards the Malays. Needless to say they were set up to help the Malays, particularly those in rural areas. And now they are said to be angry with the powers that be (read Umno).

Then there's the unhappiness over rice prices. As we know, majority of padi growers are Malays. On top of that, we have the high cost of living, retrenchment etc. In a nutshell, economic woes. And Malays, rural or urban, are the ones most affected. The community is also said to be angry with alleged corruption which they see as the cause of the scandals faced by the nation. Be it 1MDB,Felda and what have you. All that say opposition supporters will trigger off a Malay tsunami.

No, say Umno. All the issues which are incurring the wrath of the Malays are "being looked into". They say actions will be or have been taken, citing the investigations into the Jalan Semarak Felda fiasco as example. And then there is BR1M for the poor and special payments to civil servants and pensioners to ease their economic burden. And we know who make up the most number of civil servants and pensioners.

So, are all that enough to prevent a Malay tsunami? Not really. If one is to talk to many a member of the Malay community. Still, Umno has another card up their sleeves, the race and religion's which they have been using time and again. But, will it work again? Maybe not in the urban areas, but whether it will happen in the rural areas is hard to tell.

However, many an Umno operative would silently agree that Mahathir is "allowing himself to become a puppet of DAP" is something hard to sell to the Malays, rural or urban. Obviously, Umno is banking on PAS to help them win Malay support. Najib might be keen on an Umno-PAS cooperation; so might Hadi Awang, but not everyone in their parties!

Take Kelantan for instance. It is a different story. Kelantan Umno is seeing itself in the best position to wrest the state which they lost to PAS since 1990. So, a cooperation with PAS in Kelantan at this junction is not enticing. Incidentally, political observers say there are factions in PAS not in favor of a cooperation with Umno despite Hadi's willingness.

Come to think about it. Perhaps it is Umno itself that needs a Malay tsunami in its favor? Hence the cooperation with PAS, considering that Umno is said to have resigned to the fact non-Malay voters are not with them.

Back to the big question: Will a Malay tsunami happen? As the term was first thought by a strategist from DAP, it is only fair to ask whether the Malay tsunami will happen in favor of the opposition. But with all the intrigues in the current political scenario, it is best for the opposition to talk about getting a major swing instead of the word tsunami.- Mohsin Abdullah,mysinchew 

Dr Mr's Candidacy Strengthens Ringgit, 
KLSE Moves Up...

Its been about a week since the announcement that Tun Dr Mahathir shall be  the Pakatan Harapan's candidate for Prime Minister.  Other than that initial hick up from Selangor PKR, the choice of Dr Mahathir has now begun to sunk in. The markets are reacting already.

Actually the market has already been speculating for a few weeks now that Dr Mahathir shall indeed be the PM candidate for the PH.

The Ringgit has been strengthening and the confirmation of Tun Dr Mahathir has only added more strength to the Ringgit. The Stock Market is also reacting positively to the news. 

The Western media and Wall Street (New York Times) have also picked up on the news.

The markets are reacting positively.  I believe as we move closer to the Polls, the KLSE will move up even higher and the Ringgit will also strengthen.  The market expects the BN to lose the elections.

Something else is crystallising.  Hundreds of thousands if not millions of Malays who want to see Najib gone were uncertain about voting for a coalition without a leader they could trust. Anwar Ibrahim is out of the question and neither is Hadi Awang.  

The selection of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed puts to rest all these fears.  More than the required 2% (TWO PERCENT) swing in the Malay votes in favour of the PH is now a very realistic scenario.  I believe more than 2% of the Malay vote will swing away from UMNO/BN.

There are more surprises in store.  Happy Chinese New Year. Gong Xi Fa Cai. - ostb

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