16 November 2017

Dr.M kasi warning Najib, gua pun boleh korek najis...

Dr.Mahathir Mohamad hari ini menolak artikel tentang gaya hidup cucu perempuannya, yang disiarkan di halaman depan dua buah akhbar Umno, mengatakan ia satu lagi percubaan untuk mengalihkan perhatian orang ramai dari isu-isu sebenar.

"Dalam politik, orang jahat akan menjadi strategi mereka," kata pengerusi Pakatan Harapan pada sidang akhbar di lobi Parlimen hari ini.

"Kamu pergi korek keburukan orang lain, saya boleh korek keburukan juga," kata Mahathir semasa sidang akhbar di pejabat Pakatan Harapan (HARAPAN) di parlimen hari ini.

"Idea keseluruhannya adalah cara untuk mengalihkan perhatian dari 1MDB (1Malaysia Development Berhad) dan RM2.6 bilion (derma yang didakwa diberikan kepada Perdana Menteri Najib Razak oleh keluarga diraja Saudi).

Ahad lalu, Utusan Malaysia dan Berita Harian menyiarkan berita muka depan mengenai gaya hidup cucu bekas perdana menteri itu, Meera Alyanna Mukhriz.

Utusan Malaysia menerbitkan gambar Meera di atas kapal layar yang didakwa dinamakan sempena namanya dan mendakwa gadis itu sering memakai pakaian berjenama dan menjalani gaya hidup mewah. 

Berita Harian, sebaliknya menerbitkan gambar-gambar Meera dan adik perempuannya Melia Serena di atas bot dengan kawan-kawannya. 

Akhbar-akhbar itu menyiar artikel itu berdasarkan artikel di Facebook yang berjudul "Sudahlah Mahathir". 

Akhbar pro-Umno berkata Meera, lebih dikenali sebagai Ally, mengembara ke seluruh dunia dalam sebuah kapal layar yang dinamakan sempena namanya. Utusan mendakwa kapal itu adalah hadiah dari bapanya.


Anggota Majlis Tertinggi Umno, Datuk Seri Nazri Abdul Aziz semalam berkata tidak ada salah mempamerkan kemewahan diri asalkan kekayaan itu datang dari sumber yang halal. 

Namun Nazri berkata, semua pihak juga mahu tahu sumber kekayaan keluarga bekas perdana menteri itu.

"Kita pun nak tahu dari mana datangnya kekayaan ini. Saya dah tanya Dr Mahathir banyak kali dah bagaimana anak-anak dia boleh kaya, bukan pandai meniaga pun.

"Jadi, kalau dah jadi orang kenamaan public figure maka orang berhak untuk tahulah dari mana datangnya kekayaan itu. 

"Jadi, jangan berpura-puralah kalau nak tunjuk perjuangkan orang yang susah atau apa," kata Nazri.


Sebagai respon kepada artikel tersebut, Mukhriz Mahathir, bapa Meera, berkata etika kewartawanan di negara ini telah tercemar dengan persoalan2 peribadi menjadi tajuk berita utama.

Mukhriz, bekas menteri besar Kedah, berkata laporan itu tidak sepatutnya diterbitkan kerana tiada kaitan antara gambar dan dana haram atau 1MDB yang dibalun oleh orang tertentu.

Marina Mahathir juga mengkritik artikel itu, mengatakan ia adalah tindakan putus asa dari pihak pemerintah untuk mengalihkan perhatian dari skandal 1MDB.

Dr Mahathir adalah pengkritik paling lantang terhadap pentadbiran Najib, menuduh Perdana Menteri mencuri berbilion ringgit daripada tabung negara.- themalaysianinsight/mk

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Limited options left for election date...

Not many people would still want to guess the election date now. This is because PM Najib does not seem to have a lot of choices left, and the only possible slot is between March to May next year.

We are into the monsoon season, and therefore GE14 will not be held this year.

If election were to be held end of this year, floods in BN states will most definitely affect voter turnout as well as the final outcome. And once the school reopens, parents will be very busy and we never had elections in January in the past.

Lunar New Year will fall on February 16, and Chap Goh Meh on March 2. If the ruling coalition has ever picked up a lesson from the 2008 mistake, it must dissolve the Parliament only after Chap Goh Meh.

I remember then-PM Abdullah Badawi suddenly sought an audience with the King on the seventh day of Chinese New Year in 2008 to dissolve the Parliament, even though he had denied merely a day earlier that he would not dissolve the Parliament soon. I had to cut short my CNY holidays and rushed back to office. To many Chinese Malaysians, having election during the festive season is a no-no.

May 16 will mark the start of the Ramadan fasting month. If the election is not held between early March and early May, Najib can still wait for his term to expire on June 24 for the Parliament to be automatically dissolved and for an election to be held within 60 days.

But, there are risks associated with this option because no one can tell what will happen then. Moreover, Anwar Ibrahim will be out of jail on June 9.

So, having missed the golden opportunities to call an election after the thumping victory in Sarawak state elections last May and the twin by-elections the following month, as well as the euphoria from the 60th Merdeka anniversary and vastly successful SEA Games this year, the election date guessing game is no more a fun thing to do.

But, having the election after the 2018 CNY still holds some advantages for the ruling coalition. Firstly, the effects of BR1M and special assistance fund for civil servants will come into being.

Secondly, the BN team appears to be more united than the opposition front, and it is generally believed that PH and PAS will not have their conflicts hammered out by early next year. Umno will have the upper hand if PPBM, Amanah and PAS were fighting for the same seats.

The overwhelming victory of Japan's ruling LDP party in October has stemmed from the disunity among opposition parties.

Thirdly, if the redelineation comes into effect before GE14, BN, in particular Umno, will benefit tremendously due to fewer mixed constituencies. It is therefore believed that the court process on Selangor government's challenge of EC's redelineation exercise will be expedited.

Meanwhile, by joining the opposition camp, Mahathir could help PH win some rural Malay votes, but on the flip side may also discourage some non-Malay voters, resulting in lower-than-expected voter turnout.

BN itself is still facing some problems, including fixing the national economy. Malaysians generally have been put under a lot of pressure after the introduction of GST and drastic cuts in subsidies especially with the floating fuel prices. Goods prices are fast rising, thanks also to the depreciating local currency. The feel-good atmosphere anticipated by the BN administration is practically non-existent.

Housing prices beyond the affordability of average Malaysians, retrenchments, fewer job opportunities and rising household debts have all left a mark on the quality of life of Malaysians.

People are more concerned about their own pockets than the 1MDB scandal, and such concerns can hardly be diluted by some assistance funds or budget candies. What we need are long-term plans.

It is very likely that the government will substantially subsidize fuel prices to keep them low in the run-up to GE14. The gradual recovery of international crude prices has replenished the national coffers with enough ammunition to sustain a whole month's fuel subsidies.

Another real challenge is the lame confidence urban voters have in the government. Few believe BN can deliver a better tomorrow despite the envisioned TN50.

GE14 has been described as the mother of all elections due to the very close fights and the unpredictabilities. - mysinchew

Welcome to Malaysia my Muslim brader!

This guy here has been deported from Australia BACK to his birthplace in Italy. In Australia he was the head of a motorcycle gang. The Aussies arrested him, put him in jail and finally deported him out of their country.  While in jail in Australia he embraced Islam and is now preaching Islam to others.

Well, as the news says he is now in Malaysia. He hopes to start a restaurant here and maybe settle down here as well.

Zakir Naik the terrorist mentor has already been given PR here in Malaysia.

Welcome to Malaysia my Muslim brader!

Before that Abu Bakar Bashir (below) the Indonesian terrorist leader (of the banned Jemaah Islamiyah)  was given PR and lived here for about 15 years.

Welcome to Malaysia my Muslim brader!

Nur Muhd Misuari the Moro leader (below), also involved in terror activities, was also given residency in Malaysia.

Welcome to Malaysia my Muslim brader!

Welcome to Malaysia my Muslim brader!

And I believe the Ikhwan Muslimin guys are still hiding out in Pantai Hillpark.

Welcome to Malaysia my Muslim brader! 

Here is a poem. Its called Tong Sampah Dunia.

"Give me your murderers, your villains,
Your knotted psychos yearning to breathe fire,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the violent, the insane to me,
I lift my lamp beside the garbage bin!"

Welcome to Malaysia my Muslim brader! - ostb

Story kat SINI dan SINI...


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