13 May 2017

Parti taja lawan 3 penjuru tulah pengkhianat sebenarnya...

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Untuk IBU yang disayangi...

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Pilihanraya Umum ke-14 adalah yang terpenting dalam sejarah negara.Tumpuan ialah kepada menjatuhkan rejim Najib. Seluruh rakyat sedar bahawa rejim pimpinannya telah merosakkan negara. Kerosakan ini berlaku dalam semua bidang.


Dalam politik negara Najib telah hancurkan demokrasi sehingga Malaysia dikenali sebagai kleptokrasi; iaitu Kerajaan dipimpin oleh penjenayah yang melesapkan kewangan negara; Kerajaan yang tidak berpandu kepada undang-undang; Kerajaan yang menekan rakyat secara zalim; yang membelakangkan keadilan; yang tidak hormati perpisahan antara legislative (pembentuk undang-undang) dengan executive (pelaksana dasar dan undang-undang) dan judiciary (kehakiman). Ketiga-tiga ini dikuasai oleh Najib sebagai ketua Kerajaan dari pihak pembuat undang-undang.Dasar berkecuali sudah dihapuskan oleh Najib, diganti dengan ikatan ketenteraan dengan negara China.


Ekonomi Malaysia rosak teruk kerana rasuah, peningkatan perbelanjaan pentadbiran dan penambahan kakitangan Kerajaan yang tinggi; belanjawan yang tidak bijak yang menumpu kepada mendapat sokongan popular kepada Perdana Menteri khususnya, pinjaman terlalu besar dan dasar yang menekan swasta. Hari ini beban hutang tidak dapat dibayar oleh Kerajaan.


Kos sara hidup rakyat meningkat kerana cukai G.S.T. dan kejatuhan nilai Ringgit yang teruk. Pengangguran meningkat termasuk dikalangan lulusan universiti. Baca seterusnya...

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Peringatan kepada pemimpin PH yang bersungguh2 
mahu jalinkan kerjasama dgn PAS...

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Just how old are you, UMNO?

Usually people tend to claim to be younger than their actual age. But not the people in Umno. No not individually but as a group.They have been at it for years. This year, they are saying their party is 71 years old. Hence, today being Umno Day, the party is celebrating its 71st birthday.

Going by history that Umno was formed on 11 May 1946 by the late Datuk Onn Jaafar, the Umno folks are right. But wait, wasn't that Umno of '46, pardon the expression, "dead and buried " back in 1988?

A quick throwback.

Older readers would surely remember. But I'll write it anyway, for the younger readers who might not be familiar with the story. And even for those who knew, well, take a trip down memory lane all the same.

On 24 April 1987, Umno held its annual general assembly and triennial party election after a vicious and bitter campaign.Fighting for power was Team A led by then president Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his deputy Ghafar Baba, against Team B headed by Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah aided by Musa Hitam as number two.

Mahathir and Ghafar won.Two of the three vice presidents elected were from Team A, and the supreme council made up of 16 Team A members compared to nine from Team B.

Then allegations of irregularities, said to be hurled by Team B supporters, surfaced. On 25 June 1987, an appeal was made by 12 Umno delegates (one pulled out subsequently) to have the Umno assembly and the 24 April election declared null.

In short, the issue was brought to the court. After a series of interlocutory hearings over the discovery of documents that took more than seven months, the matter finally came before Justice Harun Hashim in the Kuala Lumpur High Court on 4 February 1988.

The judge ruled that under existing law he had no option but to find the party, Umno, to be an unlawful society due to the existence of several unregistered branches which contravened the Societies Act of 1966.

Hence, the question of the assembly itself being illegal (sought by the 11 Umno delegates) became academic.So, based on the High Court decision, Umno the party "died", again pardon the expression, on 4 February 1988. And it was not revived. Never resurrected.

Instead, Dr Mahathir put into motion the machinery to form a new party, a surrogate party, so to speak, and in due course registered it formally calling it Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Melayu Bersatu (Baru) or United Malays National Organisation (New), meaning the new Umno registered by Mahathir back then, which is the current Umno led by Datuk Seri Najib Razak, was born in 1988.

Which makes the party a youngish 29 years old instead of the 71 years presently trumpeted all over the country.

Umno must have its own reasons for wanting to be known older than its present age, perhaps to show credibility, longevity and sustainability?

Or perhaps because of this -- the suffix "Baru" was eventually dropped and Umno (Baru) became both the de facto and de jure successor of Umno (with the old Umno's assets handed to them).
Maybe that's why Umno now calls itself simply Umno and not Umno Baru anymore.

The fact remains although the Umno of Datuk Onn is long gone. What we now have is a replacement. Not a or a resurrected version nor a reincarnation of the Umno formed in 1946.- Mohsin Abdullah,sinchewdaily

Story kat SINI dan SINI

Here is something interesting folks. Talk is those three islands in Terengganu were not offered FREE to Zakir Naik. 

People say that Zakir Naik offered to buy those three islands FOR CASH.  Mamak ini ada banyak duit. 

Anyway, not too long ago Malaysia requested Interpol to issue a Red Notice against Claire Rewcastle Brown - the 'white woman' who publishes the Sarawak Report. Interpol threw the Malaysian request into the dustbin - most likely because it was too stupid a request.

The point is Malaysia has been one of the 190 member states of the Interpol (International Criminal Police Organization) for a long time. 

So now, if Interpol grants India's request for a Red Notice against Zakir Naik, and if Zakir Naik is still in Malaysia, then Malaysia will be obliged to accede to Interpol's Red Notice request.

IGP Khalid Bakar will have to arrest Zakir Naik and send him back to India. There can be no excuses. 

The Kabilah DNA Bahalol cannot be that stupid as to risk Malaysia's standing with the Interpol just to protect the backside of some Indian fugitive fellow.  What does Malaysia get in return?  Or maybe they are really stupid. 

Btw... 24 Indian youths who joined ISIS seen at Zakir Naik’s office

The National Intelligence Agency of India is quite sharp. If they say that 24 ISIS terrorists frequently hung out at Zakir Naik's office in Mumbai they are most likely relying on surveillance - they must have photographs, video and possibly audio as well. 

If the Red Notice is issued then Zakir Naik will be arrested by any of the 190 nations that are members of the Interpol.

For your information, there are only SEVEN countries that are NOT members of the Interpol. They are :    North Korea, Kiribati,  Micronesia,  Palau,  Solomon Islands, Tuvalu and  Vanuatu. - ostb

Will DBKL send UMNO a bill?

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