07 February 2013

Psy minta RM1.5 juta...

Menurut seorang ahli Parlimen pembangkang yang rapat dengan industri perniagaan Korea Selatan, artis sensasi negara itu, Psy telah menawarkan 'bayaran tetap' AS$500,000 (atau RM1.5 juta) untuk membuat persembahan lagu hitnya 'Oppa Gangnam Style' di majlis hari terbuka Tahun Baru Cina BN di Pulau Pinang.

dap congress 161212 jeff ooiWalaupun Psy sebelum ini telah mengumumkan dia tidak akan lagi mempersembahkan lagi itu, tetapi ia adalah salah satu syarat BN dalam perjanjian membabitkan bayaran RM1.5 juta itu, dakwa Ahli Parlimen Jelutong, Jeff Ooi dari DAP.

Ooi (kiri) memberitahu akhbar Sin Chew Daily bahawa sumber2nya mendedahkan kepadanya bahawa di bawah perjanjian tersebut, Psy akan mempersembahkan paling banyak tiga lagu, termasuk lagu 'Oppa Gangnam Style'.

Akhbar  berbahasa Cina itu melaporkan bahawa Ooi rapat dengan syarikat telekomunikasi Korea Selatan untuk syarikat, Hospital pembedahan plastik dan industri perniagaan yang lain.

Syarikat Korea yang bertanggungjawab menguruskan persembahan Psy ialah YG Entertainment yang berpejabat di Seoul, yang diasaskan oleh Yang Hyun-suk, kata Ooi.-malaysiakini

Psy asking for RM1.5 million, claims MP...

According to an opposition MP close to the South Korean business industry, South Korean pop sensation Psy has offered a 'fixed price' of US$500,000 (or RM1.5 million) to perform his hit song 'Oppa Gangnam Style' at Penang BN's Chinese New Year open house.

Although Psy had previously announced that he would not perform the song again, it is one of BN's requirements for the RM1.5 million deal, claimed Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi from DAP.

dap congress 161212 jeff ooiOoi (left) told Sin Chew Daily that his sources revealed to him that under the deal, Psy would perform three songs at the most but 'Oppa Gangnam Style' is definitely on the list.

The Chinese daily reported that Ooi is close to South Korean telecommunication companies, plastic surgery hospitals and other business industries.

The Korean company responsible for Psy's performance is Seoul-based YG Entertainment founded by Yang Hyun-suk, said Ooi.

He confirmed the earlier statements by BN leaders that the performance is sponsored by the private sector, but said the claim by Penang BN Youth chief Oh Tong Keong that Psy was invited to join Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak as his guest was laughable.

"The cronies will foot the bill, but what benefits the cronies will gain is interesting. Since it is going to be sponsored by businessmen, (BN should) come clean on who they are," he was quoted as saying.

Ooi also pointed out that BN has overlooked the meaning of the song 'Oppa Gangnam Style' which is a satirical jab at the prodigal lifestyle of upper class South Koreans.-malaysiakini

UMNO leader 'shows the money' - piles of it - at event...

A Kelantan UMNO branch chief's act of arranging piles of cash during a ceramah programme has taken one step further the well-known cash-for-votes campaign practised by Barisan Nasional.

“This money is proof to residents that I, as the Tanah Merah UMNO chief, have the financial means to help the locals in the estates,” said Ikmal Hisham Abdul Aziz.

“I brought that much of money to the event to convince the locals that the Tanah Merah UMNO under me will not make empty promises."

Two days ago, Devandran Vadiveloo, 34, a resident from Ladang Kerilla, said she saw the UMNO leader placing cash amounting to RM1.2 million in front of the audience during a programme in her neighbourhood.

“I was shocked because the UMNO leader had RM1.2 million in cash. From where he obtained the money?” asked Devandran.

“On behalf of the Indian community at Ladang Kerilla, I hope the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) will investigate,” she added.

In response, Gual Ipoh state assemblyman Wan Yusoff Wan Mustafa described Ikmal’s act as unprecedented even by UMNO's standards.

“When I was told about it, I did not quite believe it, until I was shown the picture," he added.

“I hope the relevant authorities will investigate the issue because it also involves the dignity of the locals here,” he said.

Over 50 residents in Gual Ipoh have lodged report with the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission over the incident.-harakahdaily



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