The family of C Sugumar, the security guard allegedly killed on Jan 23, has requested the services of renowned Thai pathologist Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand to carry out an independent post-mortem at Serdang Hospital.

NONELawyer N Surendran (right) said in a statement that letters have been sent to Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai and the Health Ministry’s director-general to issue authorisation.

“The family is exercising the right to an independent second post-mortem examination to ascertain the true cause of Sugumar's death and has requested Pornthip to carry it out,” he said.

“(She) has indicated to us that she is prepared to carry out the second post-mortem examination.”

Pornthip had observed the second post-mortem on DAP political aide Teoh Beng Hock, who died inb 2009 after a “fall from height” from the Selangor headquarters of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission in Shah Alam.

Unlike in Teoh's case, Pornthip is reported to want to perform the second autopsy on the security guard herself, while others would be allowed to observe.

'Gov't pathologist can observe post-mortem'

Surendran said Pornthip (below) must be given access to facilities to carry out the second post-mortem at a government hospital and must be allowed to conduct it herself.

NONE“We have no objection to a government pathologist being allowed to observe the procedure. 

“We call upon Najib and the other relevant authorities to respond immediately to this request, as the family are unable to carry out the last rites until the second post-mortem is concluded,” he said.

It was reported that Sugumar was handcuffed by the police and had turmeric powder smeared on his face, before being assaulted by the public and police.

Three eye-witnesses to the event have given their statements to the Petaling Jaya district police headquarters claiming they saw a police officer placing his boot on Sugumar's neck, while the security guard was seen struggling to free himself.

Following the first post-mortem, the cause of Sugumar's death was listed as blockage in his heart’.

However, the eye-witnesses claimed that no first aid was given or resuscitation attempts made on the victim at the scene.

Najib was also said to have taken an interest in the case, with reports saying he had directed that the first post-mortem report be sent to cabinet.

MIC Youth: Pakatan politicising death

Meanwhile, MIC Youth chief T Mohan accused the opposition lawyers of intentionally playing up and dragging the issue on in order to gain political mileage in view of looming general election.

NONE“The Pakatan Rakyat’s actions in delaying the second post-mortem is suspicious as their motive is to reap the sympathy of and to confuse the Indian community,” Mohan (right) said.

If not for this, he added in a statement today, Sugumar’s family could have conducted the funeral rites by now.

“Seeing as how our country has laws and the rights of all citizens are preserved, it is hoped that an independent expert be elected to conduct the second post-mortem as soon as possible and full cooperation is given (by the opposition) to bring the witnesses during the inquest so that information can be obtained on the order of incidents (resulting in Sugumar’s death) and cause of death.”

Should any criminal element be established in the death, Mohan  added, those responsible must be brought to face justice.-malaysiakini