Balasubramaniam's first statutory declaration contained vivid details of his alleged interactions with several personalities leading to Altantuya's final days.

Among other issues, he claimed that Najib was close to Altantuya.

Just one day after making the SD public, he withdrew it with a second SD, claiming that he had made the first under duress.

Following this episode, he fled the country and has since claimed that the first was true and it was the second SD that was made under duress.

'They can't afford to harm me'

Balasubramaniam is now back in the country alone to campaign for Pakatan Rakyat, leaving his wife and children abroad. 

Balasubramaniam said that he would be revealing more about the Altantuya murder in the coming days.

balasubramaniam klia 240213"On that day, I will let you know what happened, inch-by-inch," he said.

Asked if he was still concerned over his safety, Balasubramaniam said yes.

“But I tell you, if something happens to me tomorrow, where will you point the finger?

“There has already been one murder. Do you want a second murder?” he said, cryptically.

To another question, Balasubramaniam said he would not actively seek collaboration with Deepak Jaikishan, the well-connected carpet trader who was instrumental in the preparation of SD2.

“(But) if he (Deepak) comes forward and wants to work with me, I am okay with it. But I won’t go looking for him,” he said.-malaysiakini