14 June 2021

JKOM betoikah baghal?...

Kalu Menteri syiok sendiri,
ibu bapa kenalah berhati-hati...

Benda boleh ejas2 bro...
Orang mula persoalkan 
keputusan cemerlang SPM 2020...

Kalau lah our SPM students boleh menunjukkan prestasi terbaik (DALAM LIMA TAHUN) walaupun sekolah tutup selama 110 hari maksudnya tak payahlah sekolah kita mengajar budak-budak selama satu tahun yang penuh.

Potong saja 110 hari daripada tahun persekolahan. That is THREE MONTHS. Tak payah lah sekolah dibuka daripada Januari hingga November. Kita reduce tempoh sekolah dari bulan Januari sampai hujung Julai sajalah. 

And then tak payah lah kita upah guru sekolah pun. Biar budak-budak belajar online saja-lah.  Kita buat rakaman video untuk semua jenis mata pelajaran dan masuk YouTube sajalah. Budak-budak boleh tonton secara Online.

Buang duit, buang api, buang air, buang gaji saja kita nak upah guru sekolah, kita nak bayar UPSI lah, teacher training institute lah. Buang duit saja.  Sekolah pun tak payah dah. Tambah lagi UPSR sudah tak ada. PMR pun tak ada dah.

Why not kita roboh saja MCKK dan MRSM dulu dan ganti dengan projek kondo, kita buat shopping complex dan begitu? Apalah gunanya sekolah asrama ke, tak asrama ke?

Sekolah tutup 110 hari pun, keputusan SPM kita terbaik dalam LIMA TAHUN.  Why not  kita mengajar through YouTube saja ? -  Syed Akbar Ali 

Punyalah riuh hari tu kononnya Malaysia dapat tambahan kuota 10 ribu Jemaah Haji ketika kunjungan Muhaidin ke Mekah,pakat sujud syukur puji Muhaidin semua Makcik Pakcik Felda. Kata depa zaman PH jangan dok harap.Datang pulak Menteri paling teruk Azmin Ali ke Mekah, siap tolong cuci lantai Masjidil Haram,tak pernah dibuat seorang Menteri Malaysia, punyalah kuat berlakon. 

Dah masuk tahun ni saja dah 2 tahun Malaysia tak hantaq Jemaah pergi tunai haji. Maknanya sejak gomen tebuk atap PN perintah, PN belum pernah lagi menghantar Jemaah Haji kita ke Mekah.

Tapi tulah Allah nak tunjuk,jangan kata tambahan 10 ribu kuota Jemaah Haji,seorang pun tak dapat pergi dari 32 ribu Jemaah Haji yang menunggu. Nasiblah ada Kerajaan Tebuk Atap ni, tolong cuci lantai Masjidil Haram pun tak dapat nak hantar walau seratus orang Jemaah pergi Haji.. Ke showroom ok pulak??? -  ipohmali

End the emergency;
reconvene Parliament...

The government is now completely dysfunctional. Cabinet can’t seem to agree on anything. Ministers are openly feuding with each other, banging tables, and complaining they are being left out of important meetings. Each minister has become a warlord of sorts, doing whatever he or she wants to. Red tape and bureaucratic incompetence are not helping, too. The result is a jumbled, bungling and moronic mixture of policies that is making an already bad situation worse.

Indecision, confusion and flip-flops have become the order of the day. In the early stages of the current MCO, there were so many conflicting instructions on the issue of approvals for work-related travel, for example, that the IGP very wisely decided to temporarily ignore them until the politicians sorted it out. I’m sure the police are quite frustrated with having to enforce instructions that are confusing and constantly changing.

The so-called Malay unity government – a long-cherished dream of Ketuanan Melayu ideologues – has turned out to be nothing but an unmitigated disaster. Malay unity is as ephemeral as the morning dew. Never have we seen Malay political parties in such disarray. UMNO president Dato’ Seri Zahid Hamidi is so weak and unpopular that he cannot even order his colleagues to leave the cabinet. PPBM is just as divided and insanely antagonistic towards UMNO. Some wonder whether PPBM president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin is losing his grip on his party. Even PAS is facing internal challenges, as can be seen from the evolving situation in Terengganu.

At the centre of all this dysfunction and chaos sits a prime minister who has clearly lost both the plot and his legitimacy. The PM’s most important job is to set the direction, manage his cabinet, and ensure proper coordination and discipline among his ministers. Someone who has been in cabinet for as long as Muhyiddin has ought to know how it works. And yet, he seems either unable or unwilling to exercise leadership. Perhaps he prefers to reign but not rule. Whatever it is, the leadership vacuum is proving to be very destructive; the government is literally imploding before our eyes. Never in my 36 years of government service have I seen such stunning dysfunction, disarray and disorder.

In the meantime, the rakyat are suffering real hardship and pain. While PN members grab lucrative sinecures for themselves, people are going hungry and getting desperate. Billions have been spent on all sorts of programmes, but it doesn’t seem to have reached those who really need it. Unsurprisingly, people have lost all confidence in the government. Social media is now full of angry comments. Even the royals are facing rare criticism.

A former political insider sent me this message a few days ago: “Fifteen months of a terribly corrupt and hopelessly incompetent all-Malay government has produced a Malay awakening that is unprecedented in modern history – probably the closest analogy was their united anger against the British Malayan Union plan of 1946.” Certainly, Malay angst has grown exponentially. Ketuanan Melayu politicians can no longer shift the blame to the DAP and must now face the full wrath of the people.

An emergency meeting of the rulers has now been scheduled for June 16th. In anticipation of that meeting, the King is having a round of consultations with party leaders. The role that the rulers can play is limited, given that Malaysia is a constitutional monarchy. The King’s call to reconvene Parliament, for example, was ignored. Nevertheless, the rulers remain influential and their views matter.
Hati2 dengan singa tua,bila ajak masuk gua...

A few options are now on the table. Some are calling for a national unity government to be installed. It sounds good but turning it into a reality will not be easy, given the deep distrust between the major political parties. There is no consensus on who should lead such a government. The names that are being bandied about thus far, including Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah and Hishammuddin Hussein, all lack support even in their own parties.

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is pushing for another national operations council (NOC) – with him at the helm, of course. He claims it is the only way to get rid of Muhyiddin. An NOC-type government would be a terrible option; it would further weaken our already fragile democracy. Besides, Mahathir had his chance following GE14 and he betrayed the trust of the voters. His insistence on re-establishing Malay hegemony and sidelining Anwar destroyed a perfectly good, stable and promising government and directly contributed to the mess we are now in. It would be absolute folly to reward him with dictatorial powers under a NOC-type construct.

Instead, we should give our democracy a chance to work. End the emergency. Reconvene Parliament immediately, not just to discuss pandemic-related issues but more importantly to break the political impasse. Our problem is a political one. Parliament is the right place to resolve it. Let Parliament determine who has the majority to lead the country via a vote of confidence. Let whoever has the numbers lead and be accountable to Parliament. It might be the last chance to save the nation from looming disaster. - Dennis Ignatius  

The monarchies are more powerful and 
smarter than Muhyiddin regime thinks...

Last October, when King Sultan Abdullah rejected the ruling Perikatan Nasional government’s request to declare a State of Emergency, the monarch had also warned MPs against destabilizing the government. At lightning speed, PAS Islamist party president Abdul Hadi Awang lectured the Opposition to obey the royal advice and stop politicking.

This February, when King Sultan Abdullah decreed that Parliament can reconvene even during the Emergency period, the monarch had also reminded the government that Malaysia practises the democratic system based on the principle of the supremacy of the Constitution. This time, however, PAS supremo Hadi disappeared and no longer talked about obeying the royal decree.
The so-called Malay-centric Perikatan Nasional government is not only illegitimate, but is also being led by munafiq (hypocrite) leaders, especially the snake oil salesman Hadi Awang. When it suits them, they will lecture until foaming at the mouth that people must obey the King. When it’s against them, they will keep quiet and treat the King like dirt.

Not only PAS leaders are a bunch of hypocrites, but also traitors to the Malay Rulers. After former Agong (King) Sultan Muhammad V of Kelantan appointed Tommy Thomas as Attorney-General, the Islamist party had threatened to hold rally should its demand that Thomas be removed was not entertained. Is that not an act of treason and treachery to the Malay Rulers?

When King Sultan Abdullah of Pahang unexpectedly granted meetings this week with political party leaders, including the Oppositions, the despicable Hadi was jumping madly. The fake holy man went ballistic even from his hospital bed. He conveniently quotes the Prophet, Quran, Islam and whatnot, and demanded action against the plotters, even when there are none.

Not only had PAS leaders – who have a particular great taste for Mercedes Benz, young women and cash – insulted former King Sultan Muhammad V, but has also belittled the intelligence of current King Sultan Abdullah. Fearing of losing power, silly Hadi Awang thought the monarch could easily be influenced by Opposition Anwar Ibrahim and Lim Guan Eng.

Takiyuddin Hassan - de-facto Law Minister...

Today (June 12), PAS secretary-general Takiyuddin Hassan claims that whether the current state of emergency will be extended or otherwise will be depended on the Cabinet’s advice to the Agong. His statement suggests that the King must be as obedient as a puppet. Essentially, if Prime Minister Muhyiddin tells Sultan Abdullah to extend the emergency, the monarch must quickly sign the paper.

In the same breath, pro-Muhyiddin bloggers, propagandists and cyber troopers quickly reminded the 9 Royal Households, who are about to hold their emergency meeting next Wednesday (June 16), that Agong is a constitutional monarch. They also said that the Agong is not empowered to proclaim an emergency for the Federation of Malaysia unless it is on the advice of the Prime Minister.

Like a constitutional expert, they claimed that according to Article 40(1) and (1A) of the Federal Constitution, the Agong is required to and must act on the advice of the Prime Minister. To act against the advice of the Prime Minister is a violation of the Federal Constitution and the rule of law, they said. Of course, they changed the definition of the Constitution to suit their purpose, as usual.

There are basically three issues with the panicked Muhyiddin supporters. First of all, Article 40(1) states – “The Agong shall act in accordance with the advice of the Cabinet or of a Minister acting under the general authority of the Cabinet, except as otherwise provided by this Constitution; but shall be entitled, at his request, to any information concerning the government of the Federation, which is available to the Cabinet.”

Obviously, there isn’t such thing as Agong “must act” on the advice of the Prime Minister. The Constitution regarding Article 40 is vague. While the monarch is to act in accordance with advice as provided for under Article 40, but at the same time it says the King need not act in accordance with advice if the Federal Constitution states otherwise.

The second issue is pertaining to Article 150(1), which states – “If the Agong is satisfied that a grave emergency exists whereby the security, or the economic life, or public order in the Federation or any part thereof is threatened, he may issue a Proclamation of Emergency making therein a declaration to that effect.”
YDPAgong - Sultan Abdullah of Pahang...

Again, based on the definition of Article 150(1), the King has discretion to not act on the Cabinet’s advice. The words “satisfied” and “may” suggest that the monarch need not act in accordance with the advice of PM Muhyiddin if the King has a different thought. In other words, it is not automatic that every time a prime minister desires a Proclamation, the Agong must agree to it.

Here’s a simple question to half-past-six de-facto Law Minister Takiyuddin Hassan and supporters of Muhyiddin, who like to twist and spin the Federal Constitution. Last October, the same King Sultan Abdullah humiliated PM Muhyiddin when his request for a Proclamation of Emergency was flatly rejected. Did not the monarch use Article 150(1) and Article 40(1) to do so?

While the King cannot simply proclaim an emergency unless it is on the advice of the Prime Minister, the monarch can certainly reject or approve it. Sultan Abdullah’s rejection of Mahiaddin’s request in October 2020 for a state of emergency proves that the monarch can tell the prime minister to go fly kite if he requests for another emergency extension after the current one expires on August 1.

If indeed the Agong had violated the Federal Constitution and the rule of law after he disobeyed and rejected Muhyiddin’s request last October, why didn’t the government sue the King until the kingdom comes? Exactly what can the self-proclaimed stupid prime minister do if his request for an extension is rejected after next week’s special emergency meeting between the King and his brother rulers?

The third issue – Takiyuddin’s claim that the extension of emergency rule depends on the Cabinet’s advice is dumb at best. Actually, nowhere in the Federal Constitution that says an existing State of Emergency can be extended. The current Proclamation of Emergency, which began on 11 January, 2021, will automatically cease at midnight 1 August 2021, full stop.

Between now and 1 August, the emergency rule can be ended earlier than the expiry date, but can never be extended like some loyalty membership cards. The process of getting a new Proclamation of Emergency must therefore start all over again, meaning Muhyiddin has to apply as if it is a new application. At the same time, Agong can either approve or reject his application.

Special Independent Emergency Committee 2021 (SIEC)

Heck, the Agong does not even have to entertain any silly proposals or recommendations from the Cabinet. It is the Special Independent Emergency Committee 2021 (SIEC) that will advise the monarch when it would be feasible to lift the Emergency ahead of its scheduled end on August 1. Still, the committee does not have the power to tell the King to extend the emergency.

Muhyiddin has no one to blame but himself for ignoring the Agong’s decree to reconvene the Parliament in the first place. Because the clueless and incompetent government has created a bigger mess than before the emergency rule, the Sultans may have no choice but to either end the Emergency earlier or let it expires in order to force the reopening of the Parliament to restore public and investor confidence.

There’s a compelling reason why Sultan Abdullah had agreed to meet with all the political party leaders, including the Oppositions. If it was already decided to prolong or extend the emergency by way of another declaration of emergency, he did not have to conduct the meetings, let alone a special emergency meeting with his brother rulers next week.
Muhyiddin Yassin - Illegitimate Prime Minister

Do you think the King didn’t know the leaders of the three biggest parties – UMNO, PKR and DAP – will disclose what transpired in the Palace to the journalists after the high-profile meetings? What will happen to the monarchies’ reputation if it extends the highly damaging emergency rule, even after majority of the political parties had urged the royal house not to do so?

The nine monarchies are smarter than what Muhyiddin regime thinks. Besides growing public displeasure over the regime and the royalties, the Sultans know very well that the Royal Households are here to stay. But based on the political landscape, government had changed in 22 months, and in the case of the current backdoor Perikatan Nasional government, it could be even sooner. - FT


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