23 June 2021

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Bila Nuar Musa tayang dia makan maggi ramai netizen perli dia, kononnya nak tunjuk humble. Sebenar tanggapan itu silap. Nuar adalah seorang politikus berstrategi. Dua bukan nak tunjuk makan maggi, apalah sangat dengan maggi, tetapi yang dia nak pamerkan arloji dilengannya. Kalau itu pun hangpa tak faham lambat lagi nak mengerti sandiwara Nuar dalam politik.- mso

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Empayar Melaka jatuh pada 1511 sedangkan Vatican City dibina pada 1929 di Italy. Buat malu gomen PN,PM,menteri2,timbalan2 menteri,bos2 GLC dari geng lebai dan walaun2 saja... - dr.ts

Hadi Is Upset He Could Lose 
Power Before Christmas...

PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang has gone bonkers again. This is the second time he had gone ballistic in less than 2 weeks. The first time he had gone mad was when the news flashed last week about the special meetings between Malaysian King Sultan Abdullah and political party leaders, including the Oppositions. He was bedridden at the National Heart Institute (IJN) then.

But that didn’t stop him from losing his patience. He was so horrified and terrified over the news that he almost fell off the bed. Mr Hadi had every reason to be extremely concerned over the royal meetings. The fact that the Palace had arranged two meetings – one with political party leaders, follows with an emergency meeting involving 9 Malay Rulers was absolutely a bad sign.

Losing his bearings, the Islamist party supremo started quoting the Prophet, Quran, Islam and whatnot, and demanded action against the plotters. It was funny that the same man who had previously plotted with traitors to topple the legitimate and democratically elected Pakatan Harapan government is now whining, moaning and bitching about plotters trying to snatch power from him.

The second time the fake holy man had gone mad again was after the nine monarchs of nine hereditary ethnic Malay Royals concluded their special emergency conference this week (June 16). As predicted, it was bad news indeed to the Mahiaddin-led Perikatan Nasional government, of which Hadi’s political party PAS is one of the three major players.

The Agong (King) has decreed that the Parliament should reconvene as soon as possible. To add salt to injury, all the 9 Rulers agreed that the current State of Emergency will not be extended after its expiry on August 1. This means the premier can no longer abuse and hide behind the emergency to continue locking down the Parliament under the pretext of fighting Covid-19 pandemic.

Abdul Hadi Awang’s most trusted lieutenant, PAS secretary-general Takiyuddin Hassan, was the first lawmaker who foolishly joked and mocked the King’s decree. De-facto Law Minister Takiyuddin argued that the monarch’s “as soon as possible” could mean as late as September, in accordance with PM Mahiaddin’s hastily built scam called Covid-19 National Recovery Plan.

Perhaps that explains why Kelantan, the state under PAS government, has been so underdeveloped and poor that the majority of its people have no access to running water and have only intermittent power supply since independence in 1957. Even after the Islamist party becomes part of the federal government, it stunningly said last year that it would take 40 years to fix Kelantan’s water supply.

Agong - Decree To Reconvene Parliament 

Not only the Islamist party has no clue how to run a state, let alone manage a country, but will drag its feet in fixing a task as simple as reopening the Parliament. It’s definitely shameful that a PAS leader like Takiyuddin could not tell that the King did not want to humiliate Mahiaddin by providing him with a route to reclaim his dignity – face saving – with the decree to reconvene the Parliament soonest possible.

Takiyuddin’s stupidity was so breathtaking that the King had resorted to “repost his decree” on monarch Facebook and Instagram June 18, with a small footnote that says the poster was extracted from the same Palace’s statement two days earlier dated June 16. The message is crystal clear – “as soon as possible” means do it with utmost priority and urgency, not 3 months later.

Now, the desperate Hadi appears to have joined his minion Takiyuddin in rejecting the royal decree. The PAS president has warned the younger generation of voters not to be fooled again by allowing Pakatan Harapan to return to power. There were actually two messages in his latest babbling and bitching. First, it is afraid of young voters. Second, it indirectly rejects the Agong’s decree.

Silly Hadi falsely claimed that just days after taking over the federal government from the rejected Barisan Nasional coalition in May 2018, Pakatan Harapan showed its “extreme attitude” towards Islam and its leaders. Playing race and religion cards again, the racist and extremist PAS leader warned the youngsters not to regret on Earth and the afterlife as taught by Allah.

Exactly what grass has Abdul Hadi Awang been smoking? The nine Malay Rulers were forced to hold the emergency royal meeting only after months of frustration and anger expressed by young Malaysians, especially youth from the dominant ethnic Malay majority over economic hardship and uncertainty about their future – thanks to the current clueless and incompetent regime.

It was the Malay youngsters who started the “#KerajaanGagal” (failed government) hashtag, which ultimately went trending on Twitter. Had the so-called Malay-centric government been effective and competent from the beginning, there would not be any royal meeting to discuss and fix the problem of hungry and angry people, especially the Malays, would there?

Here’s a simple question for the self-described holy man Hadi Awang – why didn’t Allah protect the Malay-Muslim Perikatan Nasional government from the Agong’s latest decree? Was Hadi trying to say all the 9 Malay Rulers had conspired and plotted with “kafir (infidel)” Pakatan Harapan to topple the Mahiaddin regime, whose legitimacy is being questioned?

Sultan Muhammad V of Kelantan...

On the contrary, it was PAS leaders who demonstrated “extreme attitude” towards Islam and its leaders. After former Agong (King) Sultan Muhammad V of Kelantan appointed Tommy Thomas as Attorney-General, the Islamist party had threatened to hold mega rally should its demand that Thomas be removed was not entertained. Isn’t that a display of extremism and arrogance?

By rejecting the decision of the Agong, who is the Head of Islam, isn’t that an insult and disrespect to Islam and its leaders? Not only PAS leaders are a bunch of “munafiqs” (hypocrites), but they are also traitors to the Malay Rulers. Acting as if he is the messenger of Allah, Hadi’s repetitve rejection of the King’s decree is clearly an act of treason and treachery.

And who can forget the arrogance of power demonstrated by PAS when Perak Sultan Nazrin Shah summoned all three Perak PAS assemblymen for an audience related to the formation of Perak new state government in December 2020. All the PAS assemblymen said they did not show up before the Perak Malay Ruler due to a directive from the party’s central leadership – Hadi Awang.

If Hadi Awang and Takiyuddin Hassan are good Muslims like they claimed they are, they should have advised the prime minister to immediately reconvene the Parliament to prove his legitimacy. Perhaps Hadi should enlighten everyone what Islam says about a bunch of Muslim ministers who sits on their hands without doing any work, but withdraw perks of at least RM70,000 per month.

In the same breath, the genius Hadi has also lectured the young Malays that it is forbidden to be together with enemies of the religion. Comically, the same Hadi Awang was previously part of the opposition (now-defunct) Pakatan Rakyat coalition who had tried – and failed – to topple the Barisan Nasional government in the 2008 and 2013 General Elections.

Had the Pakatan Rakyat (predecessor of Pakatan Harapan) succeeded in unseating Barisan Nasional back then, would not PAS be part of a new government too? Would Hadi still spew racial and religious hatred like he does now if his Islamist party is part of the Pakatan ruling government? Would he still speak with forked tongue if Pakatan Harapan offers him the position of prime minister today?

Instead of staying loyal to its comrades in Pakatan Rakyat, the corrupt Mr Hadi betrayed the coalition after former PM Najib Razak bribed him with merely RM90 million, as exposed by whistleblower Sarawak Report. As a result of his greed, PAS missed the chance to form the government when Pakatan Harapan and former PM Mahathir successfully toppled Barisan Nasional in 2018.

PAS only managed to be part of the backdoor Perikatan Nasional government through scheming, plotting, betrayal and treachery. In fact, Hadi and his minions would not be able to enjoy the fruits – ministerships and chairmanships – if they did not work together with Christian leaders from Borneo Sabah and Sarawak. So, who are the enemies of the religion as described by Hadi?

Did Hadi realize that in the royal press statement, all the Sultans had expressed their displeasure over the current state of economy and finance, not to mention the hardship and unemployment faced by the people? Did Hadi also read the desire of the monarchs for a stable, strong and effective government, which the current backdoor regime does not possess?

It means Perikatan Nasional has failed royally. It means Mahiaddin has mismanaged the economy and screwed up the finance. It means Hadi has failed to help hungry and angry people. It means the recent sterling SPM examination results had been cooked up. It means the Malays Rulers are opened to a new government after all the U-turns and flip-flops displayed by the current regime.

The most incredible part about the royal statement is the part that says the unity of the people is getting from bad to worse. Even Perikatan Nasional hardcore supporters were flabbergasted with that statement. What happens to the “Malay Unity” or “Malay Muslim” government as frequently trumpeted and promoted by Hadi Awang and Mahiaddin Yasin?

It means the Agong and his brother rulers are sending a message that the dubious Malay-centric government is nothing but a hoax for failing to unite the Malay community, let alone the multiracial, multicultural and multi-religious society. It means the King recognises the problem with a government that promotes racist hatred, xenophobia and all forms of bigotry for political purpose.

The Malay Rulers also mentioned the inability of Muslims to perform prayers and other programs in the mosques, as well as other religions practised by non-Muslims, due to the forever ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. So, isn’t Hadi the real enemy of Islam by virtue of his support for a power-hungry regime that prefers to prolong the pandemic just to stay in power?

Heck, under the leadership of Mahiaddin, the Perikatan Nasional government has so far killed 4,349 people due to Covid-19 (June 19), the majority of whom are Malay-Muslims. Hadi Awang is obviously the partner-in-crime of Mahiaddin for his lust for power and position. And the evil Hadi is not only willing to reject the royal decree, but also to stir up racial and religious sentiments among the Malays. - FT


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