16 October 2017

Sungguhpun depa tak pi,depa dah tau sapa depa nak pilih...

Bersatu kita teguh,bercerai Najib menang.

Berapa sebenarnya yang hadir dalam Himpunan Sayangi Malaysia, Hapuskan Kleptokrasi malam tadi?

5 ribu? 10 ribu? 25 ribu? 50 ribu?

Atau matlamat 100 ribu dicapai dengan jayanya?

Ramai yang nampaknya memperlekeh jumlah kehadiran dalam perhimpunan malam tadi. Ada yang mengatakan ia sebuah perhimpunan yang gagal dan ada juga yang membandingkannya dengan jumlah kehadiran di Himpunan Fastaqim di Terengganu, baru-baru ini.

Memang diakui jumlah kehadiran tidak begitu mencapai matlamat yang disasarkan. Ada beberapa sebab yang menyumbang ke arah itu, antaranya kerana semalam bermulanya cuti sekolah sempena Deepavali di mana ramai yang balik kampung atau pergi bercuti,  ada perlawanan bolasepak EPL antara Manchester United menentang Liverpool serta beberapa sebab yang lain lagi. 

Tetapi, sebab paling utama mengapa kehadiran tidak begitu memberangsangkan ialah kerana rata-rata rakyat sudah ada pilihan untuk tidak mengundi BN dalam pilihanraya umum datang ini.

Tidak seperti banyak perhimpunan sebelum ini, berlangsungnya Himpunan Sayangi Malaysia, Hapuskan Kleptokrasi kali ini adalah di tengah-tengah rakyat sudah cukup faham dan masak mengenai skandal 1MDB, cukai GST yang membebankan, buruknya kepimpinan Najib Razak dengan pelbagai isu, pembaziran dan kemewahan Rosmah, skandal Felda dan macam-macam lagi yang menyusah dan menyakitkan hati mereka.

Oleh kerana rakyat sudah betul-betul faham dan masak dengan apa berlaku serta telah menetapkan pilihan untuk "membuang"  Najib, UMNO dan BN dalam pilihanraya yang bakal diadakan hanya beberapa bulan saja lagi, maka untuk apa mereka perlu bersusah-payah untuk menunjuk-nunjuk pendirian secara terbuka?

Ramai rakan-rakan dan mereka yang ditemui dalam seminggu dua sebelum berlangsungnya perhimpunan ini mengatakan, bukan mereka tidak mahu hadir, tetapi ketetapan pilihan tidak mungkin berubah lagi.

Tidak hadir berhimpun pun, kata mereka, undi tetap kepada Pakatan Harapan. Baca seterusnya...

People are fed-up with opposition? Can the UMNO government get even half the number of people to attend its rally minus all the 'perks' e.g concerts, freebies, free buses, food and letters to 'invite' public servants to attend etc? - Kangkung

Most right thinking people have already made up their mind to give BN/UMNO/PAS the "Boot" (a big kick up their rear) and the attendance to this rally is not a major indicator of the real support for Pakatan.- Yellowhero

About 6 million people were following the live stream and 6 million as reported by Facebook is no small number. Idiots dont know how to evalauate the real impact. In these days of modern technology one can be present and particpate with live streaming.- Anonymous

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If not for the sultan would  he be punished for insulting 
other religions and promoting his extremist thinking?
More than a joker...

He criticized the Johor Sultan for banning the Muslims-only launderette. He argued after talking a great deal of nonsense that he was not not afraid to criticize the Sultan because he was speaking the truth and that he could face his god.

But after he came under police investigation, this joker called Zamihan offered an instant apology to the Sultan, and his shortlived "truth" was no more mentioned by him.

His dramatic change of attitude couldn't have made a better subject for public entertainment. But this is not the only thing that is comical, for if we see him as merely a joker, we may have overlooked the big problem behind this weirdo.

This time he sought the pardon of the Sultan, and instead claimed that he would sue three media organizations and a former cabinet minister, all because he only mentioned "Sultan" but not any particular sultan. He also argued that those criticizing him were anti-Islam and disrespectful for the feelings of Muslims.

He tendered an apology to the Johor Sultan and sought his forgiveness most probably because he realized he had offended His Majesty, which is not a small matter in itself.

The Sultan commands very high respect in the Malay society and is the leader of Islam in the state, not someone a small fry like Zamihan Mat Zin should offend.

But, he did not touch on the Chinese who he called unclean dog-huggers, pork-eaters and beer-drinkers. Non-Muslims are nothing in the eyes of these religious fanatics, and slamming these "unclean" earthlings is something justifiable that deserves no apologies of any sort.

An apology that shuns an inner reflection is in its essence hypocritical and despicable.

He did tender an apology to the Sultan, but it was not made for his remarks and stand. He still feels that he spoke on behalf of his sanctified religion and those censuring him are therefore unclean, anti-Islamic and disrespectful.

People who proclaim themselves as representation of their religions, who see themselves as nothing but the truth, and who demonize other communities with their own "sanctity" are outright terrifying.

If Zamihan's trashy remarks were just a slip of his tongue, perhaps we can still hold back some of our criticisms against him. But if we were to check through his past records, we should be able to conclude that his extremist behavior has not been occasional but customary.

Last Christmas, he claimed that Muslims must not wish Christians a Merry Christmas on the grounds that Christians are infidels. He could hardly tolerate moderate Muslims, often accusing them of "deviating from religious teachings" and "un-Islamic".

To the more liberal clerics, such as Perlis mufti Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin and federal territories mufti Zulkifli Mohamad, he has openly called them Wahabis. He publicly insults other ethnicities and says he does not mind being labeled a racist. He believes he can do as his wishes under the shield of religion.

This time, he has hit a snag for criticizing the Sultan. If he made no mention of the Sultan, would he get into trouble for insulting other religions and promoting his extremist thinking?

How can we allow this joker to remain in our religious bureaucracy, misguide the believers and erode our society?

Zamihan may not be the only one of his kind. This is a grave problem we Malaysians need to seriously look into and overcome.

Prosecuting Zamihan shows that the authorities indeed treats this issue seriously, not just because he has criticized the Sultan but also because he has offended other religions, spread the seed of hatred, create social division and intimidate the peace and harmony of our multicultural society.- mysinchew

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