03 October 2017

SPRM dapat 5 juta Apandi tak dapat kertas siasatan lagi...

Perdana Menteri Najib Razak yang juga pengerusi Barisan Nasional (BN) mengumumkan peruntukan segera RM5 juta kepada Yayasan Prihatin SPRM yang berperanan menjaga kebajikan warga SPRM.

Peruntukan segera RM5 juta ini dibuat selang beberapa hari selepas Najib mengumumkan beliau menyerahkan senarai sebahagian calon BN untuk pilihan raya umum ke-14 (PRU14) untuk disaring oleh SPRM.

Peruntukan segera RM5 juta ini juga dibuat pada ketika Jabatan Peguam Negara belum lagi menerima kertas siasatan SPRM berkenaan RM42 juta wang SRC International Bhd yang didakwa dimasukkan ke dalam akaun peribadi Najib.

Not Najib smart but SPRM bodoh.

Malah pembongkaran ketua pembangkang minggu lalu terhadap jumlah kompaun RM115.8 juta yang dikenakan Bank Negara Malaysia terhadap entiti berkait skandal mega 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) turut melibatkan Najib.

Ini kerana pada ketika kesalahan tersebut berlaku, Najib merupakan perdana menteri yang perlu memberi kebenaran bertulis kepada sebarang komitmen kewangan (termasuk pelaburan) berdasarkan Artikel 117 Memorandum dan Artikel Pertubuhan 1MDB pada yang terpakai pada ketika itu.

Mengambil kira -perkara ini, dan mengambil kira SPRM akan membuat saringan tidak wajib terhadap calon BN di mana Najib adalah pengerusi BN dan juga salah seorang calon, peruntukan segera RM5 juta kepada Yayasan Prihatin SPRM ini bakal mengundang pelbagai spekulasi tidak sihat di kalangan orang ramai.

Malah sukar mengelak kemungkinan peruntukan segera ini dilihat sebagai hadiah atau derma yang mungkin bermotif politik. 

Oleh itu, untuk mengelak spekulasi atau persepsi tidak sihat, SPRM wajar mengambil pendirian moral yang jelas dan memulangkan “derma” RM5 juta ini kepada pihak kerajaan.

Dengan memulangkan wang ini, SPRM akan menjadi contoh terbaik kepada rakyat Malaysia bahawa bukan saja rasuah perlu ditolak, malah sebarang hadiah atau derma yang mungkin dilihat sebagai rasuah juga perlu ditolak.

Pada masa sama, saya berharap ahli Parlimen pembangkang malah juga kerajaan akan mengambil maklum isu peruntukan serta kebajikan SPRM ini, dan membahaskannya pada sidang akan datang.

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Parlimen sebagai badan perundangan merupakan forum terbaik mengumumkan peruntukan untuk SPRM dan Yayasan Prihatin SPRM, berbanding pengumuman dibuat oleh perdana menteri yang merupakan ketua eksekutif.

Ini untuk mengelak persepsi SPRM tidak bebas daripada pihak eksekutif.

Selain itu, Parlimen perlu mengeluarkan SPRM dari Jabatan Perdana Menteri dengan menjadikannya badan bebas yang melapor terus kepada Parlimen.- themalaysianinsight

Mat Taib denies plot to bring 
8 S'gor reps to UMNO...

Former Selangor menteri besar Muhammad Muhammad Taib claimed that he never planned to bring along eight state assemblypersons with him to join Umno.

"I don't know who took it upon themselves to claim that. I don't know where this spin master got the information from.

"All I know is that I wanted to rejoin (Umno) and I wasn't bringing anyone with me," he told a press conference in Shah Alam this morning.

Muhammad, who is better known as Mat Taib, was responding to the Malaysian Insight, which quoted unnamed sources on the alleged exodus.

This came after Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's announcement on the former menteri besar's return to Umno.

The announcement courted flak as critics claimed the hype surrounding it gave the impression that Najib had intended to make a major declaration.

Conspiracy theories then emerged of how the announcement was supposed to include the political position of several Selangor assemblypersons but that this somehow failed to materialise.

Muhammad said all he wanted to do by returning to Umno was to reach out to the Malays and it was up to the community whether to accept him or otherwise.

"I only want to speak (for the Malays) and I don't have plans to bring anyone with me.

"(The plan was) not from me. But I don't know about others," added the former menteri besar, who previously quit Umno to join PAS and later moved to PKR. - mk

Mr frog, why should Malaysia number1 crook needed to take the trouble to announce the return of a deadwood? ...if you did not have something mischief up your sleeves. Sadly, just as well, no one trust you anymore....even potential frogs. You are no bloody use to anyone....at best you are a racist baruah capable only kissing hippo rear. The foot print of UMNO-BN kleptocracy

Mat Taib, ya lah tu ! We believe you like we believe you do not understand English. Najib must be thinking very highly of you that he had to summon all UMNO leaders be present when he announced your return to the party.Anonymous 2436471476414726

The PLAN had FAILED,so he has to DENY all the allegations!!! Malaysians are not that Stupid as what the devils think!! bob the builder

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Phew! Trump Is Not Coming...

US President, Donald J. Trump, is making a maiden trip to Asia beginning tomorrow but will give Malaysia a miss. He is visiting Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines.

During the Nov 3 to 14-trip Trump is scheduled to attend the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum in Vietnam and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) conclave in the Philippines.

I don’t see it as an insult or a snub that Trump and his beautiful First Lady Melania (that’s her official state title) is skipping Kuala Lumpur. He had just met our generous Prime Minister, Mohd Najib Abdul Razak, in the White House last month. But he could still be meeting Najib at the two summits.

With his maiden pow-wow with the Malaysian leader not being well received by the US media and public, Trump could not risk another one-to-one meeting. A former senior US Administration official, Paul Wolfowitz, writing in the Newsweek magazine, had called the Prime Minister “Malaysian Crook Najib” and Trump meeting him as “reeks of the swamp”.

It has to be the mother of all insults and if Najib’s fanatical followers like Jamal Md Yunos, Mohd Puad Zarkashi, Abdul Rahman Dahlan, Salleh Said Keruak, Annuar Musa and Ahmad Maslan understand the depth of the disrespect, they would either have put a price on his head or sue him for every penny he has.

It could have also escaped my attention but I’m yet to hear the genius Ahmad Maslan (CGPA 3.85) writing a damning letter to the editor of Newsweek or the outrageous Jamal carrying a coffin to the US Embassy with the slogan “Death to the Jews”.

Not even Najib’s learned bloggers and Facebook warriors - some of whom are rumoured to be paid millions of ringgit – have posted anything that could be considered an unequivocal defence of their boss.

Maybe they understand what “Malaysian crook” means but are not totally familiar with the phrase “reeks of the swamp”. The Newsweek headline reads: “Trump’s Meeting With Malaysian Crook Najib Reeks of the Swamp”.

I think what the writer had intended to say is, the meeting smells like swamps – in another word unpleasant and offensive. Personally I thank Trump for not paying a visit to Malaysia Truly Asia because I fear that if he does, Najib may offer yet another stimulus package to prop up the US economy.

Or Trump could have done some reading and a little bit of arithmetic to realise that Najib actually offered nothing new during the White House meeting. Also he could have just realised that the Malaysian economy is worth only about US$309.8 billion compared to the US GDP of US$19,417 billion.

In making the offer to help strengthen the US economy, Najib might not have known that 20 out of 50 US states have GDP higher than Malaysia. Actually it pays to be knowledgeable when you are the leader of a country. - A Kadir Jasin


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