28 April 2014

Obama tegur Najib,PM Korea berhenti dan Najib bila...

"Masyarakat yg menghormati kedaulatan undang², menghormati kebebasan bersuara, yg menghormati pihak pembangkang untuk membangkang, walaupun mereka menyakitkan hati anda.." - Barack Obama

Najib dan Obama mengadakan sidang media bersama selepas perbincangan dua hala di Putrajaya pagi ini.

Mengulas mengenai hak asasi di Malaysia, Obama berkata: “Malaysia masih perlu berusaha dalam isu hak asasi, seperti juga AS. Saya komited dalam memastikan isu dibangkitkan dalam cara membina”.

Tambahnya, beliau berkongsi pandangan Najib bahawa masyarakat yang menghormati hak sivil akan menjadi lebih berjaya dalam abad ke-21.

Obama diminta menjelaskan mengapa beliau tidak mengulas mengenai sabitan kes Liwat II ke atas Anwar.

“Kenyataan bahawa saya tidak bertemu Anwar tidak menunjukkan kurang peduli,” katanya menurut laporan BBC.

Walau Obama tidak akan membuat pertemuan dengan Anwar, penasihat keselamatan AS Susan Rice dijangka akan bertemu Anwar tidak lama lagi. - f/bk

Najib buat malu di depan Presiden Obama dan diketawakan oleh semua...

Korean PM’s resignation over ferry tragedy a lesson in accountability,but Najib... 

There is no substitute for competency, accountability and transparency. Add integrity and which country’s leaders fit the bill?

Answer: South Korea.

South Korean Prime Minister Chung Hong-won took responsibility and resigned on April 27 over the government’s response to the April 16 Sewol ferry accident where the confirmed death toll stands at 187.

The Sewol ferry sank on a routine trip south from the port of Incheon to the traditional holiday island of Jeju.

“Keeping my post too great a burden on the administration,” a sombre Chung said in a brief announcement.

Chung was booed and someone threw a water bottle at him when he visited grieving parents the day after the disaster. Contrast this with the photo shoot publicity when Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and his wife visited families of the MH370 passengers and crew.

More than 300 people, most of them students and teachers from one high school on a field trip, have died or are missing and presumed dead. When the incident happened, the children were told to stay put in their cabins, where they waited for further orders.

A school assistant head who organised the trip and managed to save several students until he fainted, and was rescued, committed suicide two days after the tragedy.

Given the culture of taking responsibility for failures, is it any wonder that South Korea has overtaken Japan as the No 1 manufacturer of electronic devices and home appliances?

Even in car manufacturing, shipbuilding and construction, South Korea is of world standard.

Of course, the school assistant head’s action in committing suicide can be considered extreme and should not be encouraged. But Chung’s resignation showed that in the interest of his people and country, he is making way for a more competent leader.

What about Malaysia? Contrast Chung’s resignation over the ferry tragedy to that of MH370.

The search for the MAS Boeing 777, which went missing with 239 people aboard on March 8, has entered Day 51 with its disappearance still very much a mystery.

And Najib, Defence Minister-cum-Acting Transport Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein, the air force, immigration, Department of Civil Aviation and MAS heads and Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar have made contradicting and erroneous statements on the tragedy.

Has anyone taken responsibility for MH370?

Instead, Malaysian officials have continued to behave like heroes on TV, refusing to answer even simple questions like why MH370’s cargo manifest is “Top Secret”.

All they have been doing is only keeping the whole world updated on the Search and Rescue/Recovery (SAR) operations.

Crucial questions that demand answers are always brushed off with either “investigations are still in progress”, “we do not want to jeopardise police investigations” or “for security reasons …”.

Malaysia used to be the darling of Asian countries, wealthier than many others for being blessed with natural resources and even oil, but where is the country today?

Malaysia is now decades behind South Korea in terms of technology and in managing the country’s economy. Why is this happening?

That’s because for five decades South Korea has been striving and continues to strive to replace its leaders with more responsible and competent ones, adapting to change.

In contrast, Malaysia has been stuck with an incompetent government for decades, and an administration that refuses to adapt to change or try to change for the better.- the antdaily

How much more shame does Najib want...


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