03 April 2014

Kisah Mat Cook,Towkay, Azharuddin dan Diego Garcia...

Bekas banduan Kamunting...

Laporan arah wartawan keluar ditarik balik...

The Star Online menarik balik laporan berhubung arahan Ketua Pengarah Jabatan Penerbangan Awam (DCA) Datuk Azharuddin Abdul Rahman supaya wartawan meninggalkan sebuah majlis ketika beliau sedang berucap.

Laporan itu dikesan sudah tiada di laman berita itu sejak malam tadi.

Penarikan balik laporan itu disahkan oleh satu sumber kepada Malaysiakini hari ini.

"Laporan itu telah ditarik balik, sebarang pertanyaan boleh disoal terus kepada editor," katanya.

Malaysiakini sudah menghubungi The Star Online untuk penjelasan dan diminta menelefon kembali esok kerana editor bertanggungjawab tiada di pejabat buat masa ini.

Akhbar itu semalam melaporkan, peserta menyertai satu persidangan industri penerbangan tergamam seketika apabila Azharuddin menghentikan ucapan dan meminta wartawan meninggalkan dewan persidangan.

Azharuddin yang dilapor kelihatan tertekan enggan meneruskan ucapannya apabila mendapati petugas media hadir dalam persidangan itu.- mk 

DCA chief does it again, media livid...

"Are you hiding something?"

This was the question thrown at DCA director-general Azharuddin Abdul Rahman by a foreign journalist as he left without entertaining several queries from the media.

Seeing red, another foreign media representative had earlier exclaimed: "If you are not going to answer our questions, why bother calling a press conference?"

This is the second time in 24 hours that Azharuddin has left the media vexed.

Yesterday, he told journalists to leave an aviation conference midway during his speech.

This was first reported by the Star Online but the article was later removed from the website and did not appear in the print version either.

Today, reporters had hoped to quiz Azharuddin at a press conference held after leading a briefing with relatives of Chinese passengers aboard MH370.

He was asked about the details of the briefing and whether the families were told that the direction of the probe has changed.

Azharuddin dismissed the question as "technical" and refused to answer.

Despite the reporter’s protest, he ignored the question and answered five other queries before leaving in a hurry, with reporters shouting questions behind him.

Report taken down

Meanwhile, sources confirmed that the Star Online report was taken off the news website last night.

"The report was retracted, but further queries should be directed to the editor," one source told Malaysiakini.

It is unclear if the story was retracted due to a factual error or instructions from regulators.

However, the retracted report is consistent with newspaper The Sun's report on the same incident.

Malaysiakini contacted the Star Online but was told to call back tomorrow when the editor on duty last night is available to speak.

The Star Online had yesterday reported that participants at the aviation conference were stunned when Azharuddin s told the media to leave the room.

He later told Malaysiakini that he did so as he was told that the session is "closed-door".- mk

Is Flight MH370 in Diego Garcia...

While the mainstream media and people around the world continue their ‘wild goose chase’ for the missing Malaysia 370 flight, the videos below provide facts that our videographers says PROVE that the missing plane is at Diego Garcia, a top-secret US military base. 

The math for the flights mileage and time add up perfectly with the facts presented here to show that this ongoing search for a crashed plane in the ocean is only theater.

PROOF MH370 Is In Diego Garcia 

‘Hijacked flight 370 passenger sent photo from hidden iPhone tracing back to secret U.S. military base Diego Garcia’

Teori rampasan masih kuat MH370..tapi Najib cakap berakhir di lautan Hindi...


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