07 October 2013

Seorang OKU merangkak naik tangga pejabat JKM kerana Pengarahnya enggan turun...

OKU terpaksa merangkak ke pejabat pengarah JKM...

Seorang lelaki OKU yang mewakili satu NGO terpaksa bersusah payah menaiki tangga pejabat Jabatan Kebajikan Masyakat (JKM) di Kulim hari ini untuk menyerahkan memorandumnya kepada pengarah jabatan tersebut.

MP Padang Serai N Surendran berkata, seramai 50 anggota Persatuan OKU Setia Daerah Kulim pada awalnya berhimpun di luar jabatan tersebut sebagai bantahan berhubung bantuan kebajian pada kira-kira jam 1.30 petang.

Bagaimanapun, pengarah JKM Kulim Rohana Yusof enggan menerima memorandum tersebut dan tidak berganjak dari pejabat tersebut di tingkat satu, kompleks bangunan majlis perbandaran.

Katanya, selepas menunggu lebih satu jam di bawah pancaran matahari terik, salah seorang anggota persatuan tersebut. Gnana Pragasan, yang tidak boleh berjalan, bertindak menaiki tangga tersebut untuk menyerahkan sendiri memorandum tersebut kepada Rohana.

Gnana, 53, dengan memorandum di mulutnya, menggunakan tangannya untuk memanjat tangga dan mengetuk pintu pengarah tersebut sehinggalah pegawai itu keluar untuk menerima memorandumnya.

Surendran berkata kejadian itu menunjukkan bahawa jabatan berkenaan tidak sensitif kepada warga kurang upaya dan warga emas di negara ini.-malaysiakini



 Amalan 8S hanya unyuk buat buat Hiasan

Snubbed by welfare dept, disabled man crawls up stairs...

A disabled man resorted to crawling up a flight of stairs in a bid to submit a memorandum to the Kulim Welfare Department (JKM) after its director snubbed his association.

When contacted, Padang Serai MP N Surendran said some 50 members from the Persatuan OKU Setia Daerah Kulim had protested outside JKM to voice their grouses about welfare benefits around 1.30pm today.

kulim welfare department 061013 surendran disabledHowever, he said Kulim JKM director Rohana Yusof refused to receive the memorandum and instead chose to remain at the department's office on the first floor of the municipal council building complex.

After waiting for over an hour under the hot sun, Surendran said one of the association's committee members, 53-year-old Gnana Pragasan (left), who cannot walk, decided to personally go up to the first floor and hand the memorandum to Rohana.

"With the memorandum in his mouth, he used his hands to climb all the way up and banged the door until the director finally came out to receive the memorandum," he said.

Surendran said the incident today illustrated the welfare department's insensitivity towards the disabled and elderly in the country.

kulim welfare department 061013 surendran disabled"It is a sucker punch for the disabled community, it is a national shame... the (Woman, Family and Community Development) minister must answer," he said.

Surendran said among the grouses in the memorandum was the fact that the Kulim JKM office was on the first floor where disabled people found it difficult to access.

They were also upset that JKM officers have refused conduct site visits to disabled people who cannot personally visit the department's office for assessment, while others were unhappy that they were not receiving their welfare allowance.

Also present at the scene were Lunas state assemblyperson Azman Nasrudin and PKR legal bureau chief Latheefa Koya.-

Anwar debunks 'DAP promotes Christianity' charge...

Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has condemned those who claim DAP has tried to propagate Christianity in Penang, saying he had not witnessed any such attempt.

In a press conference after visiting a market in Seberang Jaya today, he said there was no truth in such allegations against the party and Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

"From all our meetings and from all the documents I have received or seen from the DAP, the party or its leaders have never raised such issues," he told reporters today.

"Indeed, if they tried, PAS and PKR would never allow it," he added.

Anwar said the good relations between the different racial and religious communities must be always protected, and he felt responsible for ensuring this.

NONE"Any group who try to stir up racial and religious sentiments must be rejected even if they come from the Muslim community," he added.

Anwar said this when relating his meeting with Pope Francis I  (left) in Rome recently after attending an international dialogue theme ‘Courage of Hope' which discussed using peace to uphold justice for all.

DAP had been accused by pro-Umno bloggers of trying to hatch a plan to form a Christian state when some of its representatives attended a closed door meeting with Christian pastors.

Several police reports were lodged against the DAP and the pastors but the case was eventually closed, with no action taken on anyone.

Anwar said pro-Malay groups like Perkasa have been accusing the Penang government of marginalising the Malays, warning that there would be racial clashes if the situation was allowed to continue.

"I want to ask, why don't they blame Umno since during their rule (since Merdeka), as cost of petrol, essential goods and government study loans have increased?

He then called on all communities to fight corruption so that such developments no longer happen in the country.

As for the Goods and Services Tax, which the government is planning to implement since 2011, Anwar said Pakatan would fight it all the way, in Parliament and on the streets.

"If there are people who want to support it and do not want to join our protest, it is up to them but we will fight it all the way," he vowed.

Religious freedom without persecutionOn his visit to meet the Pope, Anwar explained that he was invited by the Sant E Didio committee which organises international annual dialogues between Muslims and Christians together with members of other faiths.

Also present was the Grand Mufti of Eygpt Shawky Alam and former Bosnian Mufti Mustafa Ceric, he added.

He said the dialogue was conducted in a free and open environment where all condemned the violence against the Muslims in Egypt and Syria and everyone was firm in promoting religious freedom without persecution.

He said that the Christians raised the issue of churches being attacked in Syria.

"We appreciate the stand that Pope Francis has taken, while condemning the attack has also called on the Christian community to help their Muslim brethren in countries where they are being persecuted," he added.-malaysiakini

Anwar kata tak pernah lihat DAP promosi Kristian

PERKASA nak apa lagi? Mana ada Melayu hidup miskin? puak PERKASA buta ke apa? Tengok Nazir Razak, Mokhzani Mahathir, Azman Hashim, Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary, yg lain2 tu melambak dah jadi jutawan.


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