The state opposition leader of Selangor is due to get additional allowances under Selangor’s ongoing reforms to strengthen the state legislative assembly.

NONEIn a statement today, Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim (left) said the allowances amount to an additional RM8,620 a month, and will begin after a motion on this is tabled at the assembly next month.

“(The state executive council) made the decision after considering that the leader of the opposition is an important component in a democratic government who performs checks and balances on the ruling party,” he said.

The allowances, including for a driver, secretary and use of official car, are similar to that provided to the opposition leader in Parliament.

He added that this is also the first time the Selangor government is extending such privileges to an opposition leader.

He said that the decision is in line with Pakatan Rakyat's stand in supporting democracy and being fair to all parties in their quest to champion the people's welfare.

Khalid's announcement comes after the Pakatan Rakyat Penang government said it will allocate RM40,000 a year to each opposition assemblyperson for development projects in their constituencies, starting next year.- malaysiakini