05 October 2013

Menteri Zahid Hamidi kasi warning sama wartawan Malaysiakini...

Zahid Hamidi mengamuk

Zahid Hamidi marah wartawan Malaysiakini dan menuduhnya suka memutarbelitkan statement Zahid bagi memburukkan imej KDN.

Imej seorang Menteri tercalar kerana melarang wartawan bertanyakan soalan. Sudah la tak menjawab soalan, mengamok membuta tuli pula tu.

Utusan selalu kantoi fitnah dan terbukti, kalau M'kini fitnah ada bukti ke? Setakat cakap2 semua orang pun boleh, tapi buktinya apa?

Zahid Hamidi memaparkan sikap gangsterisme dan dirakam oleh lensa kamera. 

Takan ini menteri yang kita harapkan?

Sepatutnya Zahid Hamidi malu. Bila orang tanya, jawab je.

Wartawan2 M'kini wartawan pro rakyat, sudah tentulah soalan2 mereka sesuatu yang rakyat nak tahu. 

Takan nak tanya soalan2 bodoh kot macam wartawan2 dari media pengampu BN?

Fikir2lah ek.-f/bk Ameno World Reloaded

Baca punca Menteri Ringo ini naik angin di sini.

Sebijak- bijak Menteri pun, janganlah lupa untuk belajar apa itu adat sopan budi bicara...

Berhenti ganggu wartawan kami, kata Malaysiakini

Stop harassing our journalists, says Malaysiakini...

Malaysiakini has called on Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi to halt his attempts to intimidate journalists from the independent news portal.

Journalists have a fundamental duty to ask questions of public interest, to which ministers have the responsibility to answer, said co-founders Premesh Chandran and Steven Gan in a joint statement today.

ahmad zahid warn malaysiakini 041013The duo described Zahid's (right) behaviour at a press conference yesterday as "conduct unbecoming of a minister".

The minister had launched into a tirade against Malaysiakini for allegedly "spinning" his words and confronted journalist Lawrence Yong after the press conference. [See video above]

"If the home minister believes that Malaysiakini has misreported his statements, he can always contact us for a correction," said chief executive officer Premesh and editor-in-chief Gan.

"If he feels we are unfair to him, we are always ready to meet him or any other minister to discuss our reportage. To date, we have not received any complaints from him or his office."

Hold elected officials accountable

The co-founders of the portal reminded the minister it is the job of journalists to hold those elected into positions of power accountable.

"In light of a perception of rising crime and lawlessness, the conduct of the police is of grave concern. The home minister should take cognisance of these public concerns and respond accordingly," they added.

This is not the first time that Zahid had accused Malaysiakini of "spinning" news. 

He warned he was monitoring "every word, every sentence, every paragraph and every news item in Malaysiakini" during his maiden press conference as home minister last month.  

zahid hamidi warning malaysiakini lawrence yong 2Meanwhile, Malaysiakini chief editor Fathi Aris Omar commended journalist Yong (left in photo) for keeping calm and standing his ground in the face of Zahid's onslaught.

Yong had attempted to ask Zahid about the RM1.3 million worth of weapons and other equipment lost by the police force, as revealed by the Auditor-General's Report 2012 released on Tuesday.

The auditor-general reported that handcuffs topped the list of missing items at 156, followed by 44 weapons and 29 police vehicles.

Fathi called on Umno to treat all media organisations with respect and fairness.

"Umno is the only political party in the country which bans Malaysiakini from covering its functions, especially its supreme council meetings," he said.-malaysiakini

Missing guns - Zahid Hamidi at bay...

Slay the messenger that bears the bad news. If you can't exactly throttle him, then hector and hassle him to the extent that he has goose pimples every time he sits down to write something about you.

That was Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi's tack towards Malaysiakini at least when he held a press conference yesterday at which the media wanted comments from him about the auditor-general's latest report on the loss of RM1.3 million worth of equipment by the police force.

The report revealed that 156 handcuffs, 44 weapons and 29 vehicles were missing when the auditors compiled an inventory of items that the force was supposed to have.
zahid hamidi warning malaysiakini lawrence yong 1Judging from what Zahid had to say about the causes behind the loss of the items, it's hard to see how the news portal that had apparently got the minister all worked up for its supposed penchant for "spin" could have opted to do anything more than merely report what he proposed to say in extenuation.

What Zahid said in the course of a press conference notable for the minister's pugnacity rather than clarity was telling enough for even greenhorns among the pen-and-recorder crowd to know that they should leave bad enough alone.

"I know the loss was not due to a breach of trust, deviant acts or elements of bribery," began Zahid in explanation of the missing items.

"It is because of carelessness and mistakes made in the line of duty," he elaborated.

Note the use of the singular pronoun (‘I') in the opening line of his attempted exoneration of the errant in the police force.

That Zahid can vouch that the items have gone missing on account of carelessness and not any other - more sinister - motive is apparently sufficient grounds for the public to accept that that ought to be the end of the matter.

After all, Zahid felt sure that more and more people trust the force because the men and women in blue, according to the minister, have shown high integrity.

Therefore the newfangled public trust in the force would prompt them to accept Zahid's explanation that there was nothing more devious that human carelessness behind the loss of handcuffs, weapons and vehicles.

Never mind recent reports on the seizure by police of weapons from stockpiles maintained by runners and what that said about the availability of weapons among the demimonde of the underworld.


Detached from reality
At yesterday's press conference, Zahid decided to float in a realm detached from the reality of the surge in gangland-style executions and slayings of recent weeks.

Zahid's line of reasoning was disheveled by the apparent emotion he carried into the press conference where he was intent on rounding in on Malaysiakini as the sultans of "spin" at the expense of the "good image" of the Home Ministry.

ahmad zahid warn malaysiakini 041013Sure, the auditor-general's revelations of culpable negligence in the force over the loss of important items for their work bodes ill for the election prospects of a candidate vying to retain his top slot in the vice-presidential stakes of the dominant party in the country.

Of further embarrassment to Zahid must have been the fact that he had only just led the fight for the return of preventive detention as a measure to stem the recent surge in crime in the country.

Zahid was the government's lead campaigner for the amendments to the Prevention of Crime Act 1959 that earlier this week were passed by Parliament in the teeth of stout opposition from the opposition and NGOs decrying the return of preventive detention in the laws of this country.

Opponents of the measure argued that given focused concentration and will by the force, there are laws enough to combat crime without resort to preventive detention.

Hence the news that members of the force have been negligent in their stewardship of important implements of their work must be an acute embarrassment to clamorers for more preventive power for the force.

Thus Zahid's resort to the hoary, old tactic of trying to throttle the bearer of the bad news rather than deal with the exposure of weaknesses in the force only served to undermine his earlier arguments on the necessity for preventive measures for the police.

The auditor-general's report suggests that the police need scrutiny by themselves and other appraisal bodies rather more than crime-fighting powers that are arbitrary and unmonitored.-
Terence Netto,Malaysiakini

Finally Sponge Bob found the missing gun at bikini bottom...

 Tahniah kepada negeri2 dibawah tadbir gomen Pakatan Rakyat...



Pemuda Malaysia said...

at least zahid hamidi jawab soalan..bkn mcm anwar ibrahim yg x jwb soalan langsung..bodoh punya wartawan malaysiakini..salah anwar ibrahim ko tutup dua belah mata sekali dengan telinga n lubang bontot ko..tapi zahid hamidi yg x salah tu pun ko nk buat kecoh..bebal...

Anonymous said...

tapi yang aku malu sekali,boss zahid hamidi bila dipanggil utk debat,kecut teloq!!!!

Anonymous said...

Pemuda Malaysia, bezanya antara Anwar dan Menteri Gangster ni adalah...

Anwar hanya marah pukul 2:25 tetapi menghulur tangan bersalam pukul 2:56.Menteri Gangster lagak macam Malaysia dia punya dan tak sesiapa boleh bersuara...ptuiiiih!!!!!