Admist mounting criticism, inspector-general of police Khalid Abu Bakar has invited PKR parliamentarian N Surendran to experience first hand a shootout with criminals.

Calling it a "skin feeling", the police chief made the offer in a Twitter posting last night.

Khalid also said the Padang Serai MP would be provided with adequate protection in the form of body armour should he decide to accept the invitation.

When contacted, the PKR vice-president told Malaysiakini that he was not certain if the IGP was serious.

NONEHowever, Surendran (right) said he had no qualms accepting the invitation.

"If he is serious, then I am prepared to accept it. I am willing to put myself in the line of fire with the policemen who subject themselves to similar risks.

"I am willing to do this in the interest of creating a better criminal justice system," he added.

Surendran, a lawyer turned politician, has been a vocal critic of the police with regard to the excessive use of force.

"If Khalid is serious, then I am prepared to accept the offer. I am willing to put myself in the line of fire with the policemen who are subject to similar risks,"

Indemnity agreement

Meanwhile, when quizzed on whether he was serious about the offer, Khalid told Malaysiakini:

"Yes... why not? If he (Surendran) wants to. He can see what my men have to face and the risks they take to keep this country safe."

NONEHowever, the offer is contingent on Surendran signing an indemnity agreement in case of any "mishap".

"I have directed that YB be inserted in the coming ops involving armed criminals," he tweeted later.

"YB, please contact the director (of) CID (Criminal Investigation Department), whenever you're ready for sizing your body armour and signing the indemnity documents."

The latest exchange stemmed from Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi's controversial "shoot first" remark when encountering with suspected hardcore criminals.

The minister had since denied that he called for extrajudicial killings while Khalid also dismissed the allegation that the police were trigger-happy.

Ten suspected robbers have been gunned down by the police over the past three days.-malaysiakini