09 October 2013

Ketua Audit Negara - Duit rakyat dipakai untuk taja K-Pop...

Ketua Audit Negara, Tan Sri Ambrin Buang (gambar) menafikan dakwaan Menteri Dalam Negeri, Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi bahawa polis sudah memberi penjelasan kepada pihaknya sebab 44 pistol dan peralatan lain milik polis hilang.Ambrin turut tidak bersetuju dengan kenyataan bekas Menteri Belia dan Sukan Datuk, Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek bahawa tiga kumpulan K-pop yang membuat persembahan semasa Hari Belia Sedunia dibayar oleh penaja.

Di tengah-tengah kontroversi perbelanjaan RM1.6 juta oleh Kementerian Belia dan Sukan untuk konsert K-Pop tahun lepas, Ketua Audit Negara Tan Sri Ambrin Buang tampil menjelaskan perbelanjaan itu sememangnya ditanggung oleh kerajaan.

Tegasnya sewaktu kerja-kerja audit dibuat, Jabatan Audit Negara mendapati sejumlah wang dibelanjakan bagi membiayai beberapa aktiviti berkaitan sambutan Hari Belia Negara 2012 yang dianggap tidak berhemat, termasuklah konsert K-Pop tersebut.

"Perbelanjaan ini dibuat menerusi peruntukan kerajaan yang disalurkan menerusi Majlis Belia Malaysia (MBM) dan ia tidak pernah dipertikaikan mana-mana pegawai kementerian atau MBM sewaktu perbincangan dengan mereka ketika audit dijalankan.

"Kerana itulah isu ini dibangkitkan dalam laporan audit," katanya dalam satu maklum balas emel kepada media.

Kenyataan ini bercanggah dengan kenyataan bekas menteri belia dan sukan, Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek.

Shabery sebelum ini mendakwa bayaran dibuat menggunakan duit penaja yang dimasukkan ke dalam akaun Majlis Sukan Negara, dan bukannya menggunakan duit pembayar cukai.-malaysiakini

10 driving schools want BL1M declared unlawful

K-Pop spending from gov't allocation, insists Ambrin...

In the ongoing saga over the supposed expenditure of RM1.6 million by the Youth and Sports Ministry for a K-Pop concert last year, Auditor-General Ambrin Buang maintains that the expenditure was made using government allocation.

NONEHe stated that during auditing, it discovered that a sum of money was paid for several activities concerning the National Youth Day 2012 celebration, which was considered “imprudent”, including the K-Pop concert.

"This expenditure has been made using the government allocation which was channelled through the Malaysian Youth Council and was not disputed by neither the Ministry’s officials nor the Malaysian Youth Council during our discussions with them in the course of our auditing.

"That is why the issue was raised in the audit report," he said in an email response to media.

NONEThis contradicted the claim made by then youth and sports minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek (left) that the payments were paid for with money that sponsors had banked into the National Sports Council's account, and not taxpayers' money.

Ahmad Shabery was discounting the statement by his successor Khairy Jamaluddin, who in turn had "admitted" that the ministry had been forced to pick up the tab to bring in the three South Korean pop groups after sponsors withdrew. - malaysiakini

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Wild Wild West ala Msia...

When Hishammuddin Hussein is our home minister we think his stupid, well Zahid Hamidi just bring stupidity to a whole new level.. Shoot first talk later aka guilty till proven innocent

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Cops urged to probe Zahid's admission of BN's mob links...

Ayer Keroh state assemblyperson Khoo Poay Tiong has lodged a police report on BN's alleged underworld links, based on the content of Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi's controversial speech in Malacca last Saturday.

zahid hamidi malacca melaka 061011At one point during his speech, Zahid told the journalists present that he wished to speak off the record about how BN coalition parties - namely MIC, PPP, IPF, MCA and Gerakan - had attempted to interfere with the arrests of gangsters.

Since Zahid had made this request, Malaysiakini, which obtained a recording of his speech, honoured his request by excluding only this portion of the speech from our series of reports on the event that were published yesterday.

But now that Khoo's police report included a rough transcript of the contentious portion of the speech. Malaysiakini is reproducing Khoo's transcript below, since the police report is now a public document.

Dulu gangster kena tangkap, akan dapat surat daripada pemimpin parti komponen Barisan Nasional atau wakil rakyat meminta untuk melepaskan gangster-gangster tersebut. Antara Parti komponen yang terlibat iaitu MIC, PPP, IPF, MCA, Gerakan.

(Last time when gangsters get arrested, there will be letters from BN component party leaders or representatives asking to free the gangsters. Among the component parties involved were MIC, PPP, IPF, MCA and Gerakan).

Khoo said Zahid's speech could be used as evidence to prove that political figures have been interfering with police work, which clearly goes against the law.

NONE"We also want the police to investigate what relationship there is between the gangsters and all these BN leaders," Khoo (left) told Malaysiakini when contacted after lodging his report at the Ayer Keroh police station this morning.

Zahid's controversial speech took place at the Malacca International Trade Centre, during an event billed as Majlis taklimat keselamatan bersama pemimpin masyarakat (Security briefing ceremony with community leaders), which was decorated with the federal and state government emblems on stage.

During his speech, Zahid described outlawed organisation Tiga Line as "friends" and advocated a "shoot first" policy when it came to crime fighting.

He also insinuated that the Chinese and Indians were responsible for many types of criminal activities.

Throughout his speech, Zahid was in a jovial mood and he frequently cracked jokes.

However, towards the tail end of his speech, he suddenly lashed out at the journalists present, chasing them out of the room and threatened to close down any newspaper that reported what he had said in his speech.-malaysiakini

Zahid should quit and join Tiga Line

Lawak apa kalau samseng disifatkannya sebagai rakan-rakannya dan menyarankan agar pihak tersebut “menjalankan apa yang patut”...


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