11 September 2013

Mahathir cuba kelepiaq pasai "Project I.C." ketika beri keterangan depan RCI Sabah ...

Mahathir - Pegawai k'jaan yang keluar IC...

Bekas perdana menteri Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad menyalahkan “pegawai kerajaan” yang memberikan kerakyatan dan mengeluarkan kad pengenalan kepada calon tidak layak.

Beliau yang memberi keterangan di suruhanjaya siasatan diraja berhubung pendatang asing Sabah berkata, amalan seperti itu bukan satu dasar kerajaan semasa beliau menjadi perdana menteri.

Katanya, dasar pada masa itu hanyalah untuk memberikan kerakyatan kepada individu yang tinggal di Sabah “untuk masa yang lama” yang layak untuk mendapatkannya mengikut undang-undang.

Beliau berkata, semuanya diperuntukkan oleh undang-undang, tetapi pelaksanaannya kadang-kadang tidak berkesan.

Malah pada hari ini, katanya, jika diputuskan bahawa mereka sudah terlalu lama berada di sini, maka ia terpulang kepada kerajaan untuk membuat keputusan bagi menarik balik kewarganegaraan atau IC mereka.

Dr Mahathir berkata, ia "bukan pendirian kerajaan" bagi penerbitan pantas IC kepada pendatang.

"Jika ia dilakukan, maka seseorang itu tidak melakukan perkara yang betul," katanya.

joseph pairin kitingan 010706
Ditanya mengenai penahanan dua bekas pengarah JPN di bawah Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri kerana didakwa mengeluarkan IC kepada pendatang, Dr Mahathir mendakwa beliau tidak sedar tentang salahlaku mereka.

Katanya, mereka tentunya telah melakukan sesuatu yang salah, dan kerana itu mereka ditahan.

Beliau juga mempertahankan langkah kerajaan persekutuan tidak
membenarkan Joseph Pairin Kitingan (kiri), Ketua Menteri Sabah dari 1985 hingga 1994, mempengerusikan Majlis Keselamatan Sabah walaupun ketua menteri secara automatik mengetuainya.

Menurut Dr Mahathir, keselamatan adalah perkara persekutuan dan jika terdapat anggota pembangkang yang tidak dipercayai, maka kerajaan persekutuan boleh memastikan dia tidak mempunyai terbabit dalam perkara-perkara persekutuan dan keselamatan'

PBS adalah parti pembangkang dan bukansebahagian daripada BN pada masa itu.-malaysiakini

Dr Mahathir dakwa tak pernah beri arahan kepada Megat Junid

Mahathir claims to be in the dark about 'Project IC'...

Dr Mahathir Mohamad has denied having any knowledge about the so-called 'Project IC' or 'Project Mahathir' in Sabah, under which  illegal immigrants were allegedly granted citizenship.

"I never heard about it until recently," the former prime minister told the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) on illegal immigrants in Sabah today.

Asked by conducting officer Manoj Kurup as to why the project was named as such, Mahathir pleaded ignorance.

"My name has been used for many things. They called me racist, ultra, I'm never bothered. It's part of political life," he said.

NONEDr Mahathir Mohamad has denied having any knowledge about the so-called 'Project IC' or 'Project Mahathir' in Sabah, under which citizenship was allegedly granted to illegal immigrants.

Mahathir, who was wearing a purple shirt with maroon tie and grey suit, testified for about 90 minutes in front of the commission in a fully packed room at the Kotan Kinabalu court complex today.

He was treated rather kindly by the RFCI conducting officers as Mahathir claimed to have little recollection about the instructions he had given, while also claiming to be unaware of any instructions on ‘Project IC’ handed out by former Deputy Home Minister Megat Junid Megat Ayub.

These are the highlights of Mahathir’s testimony today:

Manoj: Do you agree with the setting up of the RCI?
Dr M: I have no objection.

Manoj: Were you aware about the influx of immigrants between 1972 and 1984?

Dr M: I was aware, but it was a common thing even before Sabah joined the federation (Malaysia), because they don't recognise the borders of Sabah and Philippines. So people used to come and go as they pleased. It was nothing new back then.

Manoj: What was the government policy towards this influx?

Dr M: Those who (immigrants) who were qualified and have stayed here for long enough were accepted as citizens.

Manoj: When PBS won in 1985, did you decide that they have to be defeated at all costs?

Dr M: When it's the opposition, we need to defeat them at all costs, all the time.

Manoj: Did you direct that Southern Filipinos be given ICs?

Dr M: This was a process that was going on even before PBS became the government. As citizens, they get their ICs.

Manoj: My question is, did you issue a directive?

Dr M: Only what was according to the constitution. Those who qualified were given ICs. If they are qualified, they can get. You don't need instructions for that.

Manoj: Did you know about Project IC?

Dr M: I only heard about it recently.

Manoj: Some people call it Project Mahathir?

Dr M: Thank you very much (laughs)

Manoj: There has been testimony before that Megat Junid claimed the instruction came from you.

Dr M: My name has been used everywhere. I'm called a racist, an ultra, but I have never been bothered.

Manoj: (Issuance of ICs) Was it a ploy to bring Umno into Sabah?

Dr M: Midway through campaigning, (Joseph) Pairin (Kitingan) left BN. Like it or not, I had to being Umno here for management of the election.- malaysiakini

Dr M came, he saw, he denied everything except perhaps his own name!

'Gov't officers, not policy, to blame for illegal ICs'...

Former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad has put the blame squarely on “government officers” for according citizenship and issuing identity cards to ineligible candidates in Sabah.

Testifying today before the royal commission of inquiry (RCI) into illegal immigrants in Sabah, he said it was not government policy to do so while he was the premier.

sabah illegal immigrantHe said the policy then had been to award citizenship to those who had stayed in Sabah “for a long time” and who were legally eligible for it.

"Everything is provided for by the law, but implementation sometimes is not effective," he said.

"Even today, if we decide they have been here for too long, it is up to the government to decide to take away their citizenship or IC.”

Mahathir said it was "not the government position" to fast-track issuance of ICs to immigrants.

“If it (was) done, then somebody was not doing the right thing," he said.

joseph pairin kitingan 010706Asked about the detention of two former NRD directors under the Internal Security Act for allegedly issuing ICs to immigrants, Mahathir claimed he was not aware of even their wrongdoings.

"They must have done something wrong, that was why they were detained. We don't normally detain people for no reason," he said nonchalantly.

He also defended the federal government's move not to allow Joseph Pairin Kitingan (left), the Sabah chief minister from 1985 to 1994, to chair the Sabah Security Council even though the chief minister automatically heads the body.

"Security is a federal matter. If there is an opposition member who is not trusted, (the) federal government can ensure he does not have a say regarding federal matters and security matters," he said.

PBS was in the opposition and was not part of the BN coalition at the time.-malaysiakini

‘Project IC’? I haven’t heard of it – Mahathir tells RCI

Anticonmen - What sort of lame questioning is this? A yes or no line of questioning is not an inquiry. Facts and figures should have been taken from the National Registration Department and put to him to justify why the abnormal number of ICs approved during his tenure.

Bersih 4.0 - Malaysian Can we believe this old man that have selective memory lost? There is joke on him that explains everything. Read it for the fun. A man died and at gate of heaven he was amazed to see lots of clock in the heaven. So he ask the gate keeper "Why there are so many clocks?S". Gate keeper "It represents the lies you told in your life time, everytime if move it means you you are telling a lie". The man asked "who clock it is, it doesn't move". Gate keeper "It belongs to Mother Teresa, she never tells lies in her life" The man asked "where is Mahathir's clock?" The gate keeper "It is not here, his clock move so fast and the Satan use it as the ceiling fan in his office".

Bad Head - This is the biggest liar in the history of malaysia. Hope to see it recorded in Malaysian history. No sham at all !

JBond - Not TOO LONG AGO he was against the RCI?? Why is he saying he has no objection now. Already he contradicted himself on the SECOND QUESTION?? The rest are JUST HIS DEVIOUS ANTICS that he is FAMOUS for! SNEAKY & SLIMY OLD FOX!!
mob1900 - Ladies & Gentlemen, witness the infamous 'Selective Memory' Magic in action, performed by none other than the Grandmaster himself, BEHOLD!

Photo: Ada juga rakyat menyokong najib kerana naikkan harga minyak...?!!!


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