26 September 2013

Mahathir cakap UMNO padat dengan lembu2 bodoh,kecuali anaknya sekoq kot...

Dr M - Lepaskan kuasa, elak UMNO dipenuhi “orang bodoh”...

Dr Mahathir Mohamad (gambar) menasihati pemimpin Umno supaya tidak memegang kuasa terlalu lama bagi mengelakkan parti Melayu terbesar itu dipenuhi dengan lebih ramai “orang bodoh”.

Bekas Perdana Menteri paling lama berkhidmat itu berkata, seseorang pemimpin perlu mengetahui had masanya semasa berkuasa.

"Pemimpin perlu tahu hadnya, jangan terlalu lama memegang kuasa.

"Sebaliknya akan berlaku, kamu (parti) akan mempunyai lebih ramai orang bodoh dalam parti," kata Dr Mahathir dalam satu majlis di International Youth Centre (IYC) hari ini.

Beliau berkata, pemimpin Umno perlu bersikap terbuka untuk menerima mereka yang lebih bijak daripada mereka untuk menjadi pemimpin, bukannya mengamalkan sikap suka mencantas.

"Pemimpin yang teruk adalah apabila mereka menyekat pemimpin yang lebih pandai kerana takut tergugat," katanya - f/bk

Poooodaaaah...Lu sendri pun ada sekat sama itu Musa dan Anwar...sudah lupa kot? dan lu jadi mahafiraun lebih daripada 20 tahun,lu tak ingat..."kata dulang paku serpih"...

Let smart people rise in politics, says Mahathir...

Political party leaders should not overstay their welcome but instead encourage young people, who are smarter than them to rise up the ranks, Umno's longest-serving former president said today.

Without referring to any party, Dr Mahathir Mohamad said that, if leaders are afraid of their intelligent underlings, that party would become "a stupid party" over time and lose its standing.

"We must accept that it is a good thing that more intelligent people join the party and leadership quality will improve over time - or you will have more and more stupid people," Mahathir told some 600 youths at a talk at the International Youth Centre.

He explained the problem in detail.

"Those at the lowest ranks don't like anybody more intelligent than them. They think the best thing to do is to stop intelligent people from coming in...

"Only people more stupid than them can come into the party... so, over time, when the leaders die, the leadership becomes stupider."

Mahathir also dished out two pieces of timely advice, possibly aimed at next month's Umno elections, where six people are contesting for three posts of vice-president, five are battling for the Youth chief's post and three for the position of Wanita chief.

NONE"Accept people more intelligent than you ... lose gracefully and you will be remembered," he said.

Speaking to reporters later, Mahathir declined to mention his favourites, not even his own son Mukhriz (left), the Kedah menteri besar who is going for a vice-presidency.

"It's up to him, and the assessment of him by the others ... If I have to advise him, I can talk to him, not give advice in public," he said.

‘Healthy competition’

Mahathir was ambivalent about the  level of competition in Umno for posts this year.

NONE"I was expecting more people to contest. Obviously, they felt they are unable to win, so they decided not to contest," Mahathir said as a veiled poke at his former archrival Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah (right).

He said that competition in Umno is "healthy".

"If no contest, then it's very bad. Then people will (ask) ‘where is the transformation?’."

Asked if he is happy that the top two posts - Najib Abdul Razak as president and Muhyiddin as his deputy - were returned unopposed, he said he welcomes this.

"This means that there will be a loss of possibility of a split in the party. If no contest, the party remains solid, " Mahathir said, and again vaguely referred to Tengku Razaleigh saying that previous losers for the presidency had  gone on to form their own parties.

sanusi junid 050608Mahathir laughed heartily when asked if Akhramsyar Muammar Ubaidah Sanusi, the son of his loyalist Sanusi Junid (left), is his proxy in a fight against Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's son-in-law for the Umno Youth head.

"Everybody is my proxy," he said in jest.

Reporters pressed him for an assessment of incumbent Umno Youth head Khairy Jamaluddin.

"I don't know what he stands for ... If you want to choose you must look at his background and character," he said.

He added that no Umno members should vote for anyone based on his preference or otherwise.-malaysiakini

Senior Look - who's talking,he sacked 3 DPM,made sure that no intelligent ,capable individuals are around him.....now he decries the lack of smart people in UMNO BTW ....it's not the smart and the most capable that wins elections in UMNO....it's the most popular and the one who spends the most....his son can be the most popular with his monies 

SS Dhaliwal - what mahathir means is that UMNO leaders should vote for Mukhriz. Such hypocrisy from this wily old fox who in his time crushed dissent from friend and foe alike with ruthless tenacity. He used the ISA against any opposition leader who stood in his way, corrupted the judiciary, polarised the nation through racial bigotry, raped the education system and made corruption a norm in govt that still exists till today. 

TehTarik - Old man talking bullshit. During his 22 year reign, he promoted yes men, while sidelining smart people . He thought that by placing a visionless and lacklustre leader like Badawi, he could rule by proxy. Unfortunately, for this kleptocratic Keralite, an Oxfart graduate appeared on the scene. The latter outsmarted the old man. Hence, the animosity between the Old Man and Oxfart. This hypocrite is like a double forked black mamba, constantly spewing lies and half truths. 

Baiyuensheng - This clown has been hogging umno for 22 years and run the country like his fiefdom... and the way he speaks now ....really Shameless. I think what he is suggesting is the rest of the ketuanan umno malays are stupid (I agreed) and only his son is smart!!! 

NewMalaysia - Precisely, UMNO is now full of idiots because someone wish to overstay his tenure as PM and started the trend to get idiots into the party so that he can become the longest serving PM without anyone challenging him, care to guess who is that person Tun?

Bodoh macam menteri sekoq ni...


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