28 November 2007

Twist and turn of the Lingam video clip issue,while Pat Lah ‘masih dok tidoq’……

Pat Lah is back from the land of Cleopatra where he celebrated his 68 birthday, and was glad with a survey that showed Malaysians were happy with the administration of the present gomen but warned the rakyat that he will use ISA when it is appropriate in order to crack down illegal rallies and demonstrations.

However,Pat Lah also cannot deny the fact that there are numerous problems and issues that his gomen is facing now that need serious attention. Malaysians are still waiting for Pat Lah to wake up and announce the panel members of the promised Royal Commission Inquiry to investigate the Lingam video clip issue.

With the new disclosure by his brother,VK Lingam is hopping mad. VK Lingam stressed that the ACA had thoroughly investigated all the documents in his house and law firm as well as questioning his staff and family members in 1998."It was a full search,he said. They even checked my legal files and bank accounts. They interviewed my wife, maid and bodyguard as well as other individuals named in the reports."To my knowledge, the ACA had cleared me," he said.

Sure enough,ACA did a thorough search,but what were they looking for? Were they looking for the right documents or just dropped in for a cup of coffee and played sudoku? Furthermore, ACA did not pursue any action in 1998 because Mahathir was around. Mahathir granted VK.Lingam with all the exemptions that he needed including immunity from prosecution. While,the holiday trip with then Chief Justice Eusoffe Chin and Vincent Tan with their spouses in New Zealand,was another proof of how VK.Lingam was capable to manipulate the judiciary and had certain judges in his pocket so as to create a selective prosecution environment.I wonder how many judgement were delivered in favour of him and how many fell victims to his greed of money and power .

As I had said before,with the right doctor he can cook up some medical reports, and,with the right judge on his payroll,he can get his brother declared insane anytime he wants. Nothing holds in the court if you are insane. That’s how VK.Lingam wants the public to perceive who really his brother was. “It is for the police to investigate if it's false... I don’t want to waste time on a psychiatric patient,” VK Lingam said vauntingly.

As for the findings of the toothless panel of inquiry,media reports indicated all three panelist supported the formation of a Royal Commission.But, according to some insiders only two panelist suggested the formation of Royal Commission,while Haider wanted the case to be close. Probably Haidar feared that the Royal Commission will expose more skeletons in the cupboard and he could likely be one of them.

The longer we wait for the Royal Commission of Inquiry to be set up more shits will be spilled out and as the plots thickens the video’s authentcity becomes more chiselled………



Unknown said...

Yes, Haidar was afraid that they might ask him, " On such and such a day, did you or did you not lock the door?"

ali allah ditta said...


No wonder he suggested to give seperate reports to the gomen...