30 November 2007

This Nazri fellow never learns.....

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Nazri Abdul Aziz today said he stands by the two million Indian Malaysians who did not participate in the Nov 25 rally organized by the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf).- Malaysiakini

How does he know that the two million Indian Malaysians are really behind him? Let me suggest that Nazri test his popularity by contesting in a Parliament or State seat where there are a large percentage of Malaysian Indian voters and see whether the Malaysian Indian population really supports him.

Nazri: "There are ways to discuss these issues. Street demonstration is not the way," he said, adding that grouses and complaints must be forwarded in a peaceful manner.” We don't want to show that the government will pay attention (to the public's grouses) only after there are demonstrations and riots,” he explained.

Grouses and complaints were forwarded to the gomen not once, not twice or thrice but on numerous occasions but the gomen acted like a piece of dead wood or 'tongkoi kayu', refused to listen or look at their grievances. So what alternative do they have? Worst still, when they demand to talk to the big gomen bosses, instead the big bosses, send an arrogant stupid 'budak pejabat' like you who is also deaf and dumb...mau bincang apa lagi..ah?

Nazri : "In Thailand and Vietnam, there's no elected government. Even if there is, the elections are disputed," he said, adding that the Malaysian government, on the other hand, was given the mandate by the people to rule the country.

Yes they had elections in Thailand and Vietnam, but the difference is that the campaigning period isn’t 8 to 9 days like ours. They allow open campaigning, while ours are restricted to within the compound of a house or hall. They don’t make use of the government machinery to go campaigning, while our gomen ministers use their official cars, government vehicles to move up and down the campaign trail. Their mass media are fair in reporting, compared to ours that only voices government propaganda. Like ours,their elected government are often marred by strings of grafts and corruptions. What kind of mandate is he talking about,when you buy votes openly; using 'hantus' to vote for them; messing up the electoral rolls so that genuine voters are denied of their voting rights and gerrymandering electoral boundaries to their advantage.

Instead of condeming the rallies,the gomen should have been more concerned about their grudges. The gomen could have avoided the use of their power play to curtail the mass rallies,thru direct negotiations with the various parties involved. The police could have allowed a certain number of participants to handover their memorandum peacefully without any hitch and things will be over in a few hours. But,this never happen because Pat Lah thought that he has being 'cabar' and this gave the police,FRU the licence to act ‘macam orang amok’,setting up roadblocks here and there,causing havoc and traffic pandemonium. Had they acted with caution all these hullaballoo and traffic chaos could be avoided.

They got brains but on their bottom,and, the usage of weapons is the only way they know how to silence the rakyat's peaceful resentment.......



The Malaysian. said...

Sdr Ali Allah Ditta, hujah yang bernas. Setuju.

ali allah ditta said...

thank you....


ZUL said...

HELLO NAZRI, your statement shows that u r unprofessional.INGAT u r running a country not chicken farm,so think 10 kali sebelum do any statement.u saja ada mulut kah orang lain pun ada mulut.MALUKAN NEGARA SAJA P MAMPOI LAA

Anonymous said...

Nazri knows that the majority of Indian supports the govt based on the results of the last electionlah. Tak payah kecoh-kecoh Melayu ke, Cina ke, India ke serupa aja, when it comes to election time pangkah BN jugak. In 1999 when majority of Malays supports the opposition, where're the Chinese & Indians? I know where they are, those in MCA/MIC supports the govt and those in the oppositions buat bising-bising. You want to know a secret....? Actually aaah they work in tandemlah, kira makan kelilinglah. Barulah untung besar.

Anonymous said...

No one can change this budak nazeri, sebab wire dia memang dah putus. the only way BN can do is asking Pak Lah to sent him to become the chief among the inmates of Tanjong Rambutan Hospital or Tampoi Hospital.

Anonymous said...

hiii malaysiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! peace!
erm nazri ni tin kosong tak payahlah nak bincang pasal org yg tak berguna ni! klau betul dia tue bagus sgt jgn brani ckp backoff dekat negara india je tp jd lembik bila amerika buat statement. patut k kita layan org lembik mcm nazri! biarkan je dia melalak sbb terbukti dia tue tin kosong karat! harap lepas ni dia hanya layak sound budak2 skolah je opps entah2 budak skolah pon tak layan dia! lol

Anonymous said...

Agree with suggestion that Nazri should contest the lection where majority or sizeable number are Indians. Step up this challenge to him and see whether he has the balls.

BravoTango said...

Ikan pelacak dalam belangga,
Ada yang terpacak dan ada yang ternganga.

Masa kecik2 di Sungai Pinang selalu juga pakai pantun ni tapi kami pakai perkataan khusus untuk yang terpacak dan yang ternganga. Di sini tak bolehlah pakai perkataan-perkataan tu nanti dema kata tak senonoh.

Dua-dua perkataan ni memang padan kalau kita pakai kat budak Nazri ni. Nama yang terpacak tu kita boleh pakai buat kepala dia dan isi kandungan kepala tu. Nama yang ternganga kita boleh pakai kat mulut dia sebab selalu berkemut-kemut untuk sedap dan syok sendiri.

Kalau di zaman kami dulu mulut yang macam ni dah lama kena cabai. Kita bagi dia cabai melaka. Lebih bagus lagi kita bagi dia makan buah kote mamak.

Anonymous said...

Please be real! Where in Malaysia ada sizable Indian population. When you asked Nazri to contest in an "Indian" area, it proved my earlier comment that all of us are racists. The minorities are GIVEN the power by the Malays. Where in the world does the majority willing to do that.

Anonymous said...

No need to ask this fellow to stand for election in an Indian majority constituency.

Just ask him to stand in a constituency with more than 100,000 voters.

And see what comes out of it.

You see this fellow is part of a Super Penyangak team that had rigged the electoral system as follows:

- the better informed and more discerning voters in city areas are loaded into consituencies with 100,000 or more voters

- the others in remote areas have 5,000 to 10,000 voters

Those penyangaks like Nazri then stand for election in an area from the latter group and think he represents a lot of people.

It is therefore no surprise to have fools appearing in Al-Jazeera as information minister.

Crooks with loaded dice...


Anonymous said...

It is shocking how the plethora of reports in Malaysia mainstream newspapers are so far from the truth that Malaysians these days only read it to have a good laugh over how creative the editors and group editors of these newspapers are.

As of late, the newspaper reports are not funny. Their lies and propagandas are becoming downright dangerous.

In this new millennium, it is sickening to find journalists abetting and aiding the spread of these lies.

Sadly, you will never hear the truth spoken by true Malaysians in the newspapers.

In addition to wearing yellow on Saturdays, I call on all Malaysians to boycott the mainstream media by not buying New Straits Times, the Star, Utusan or any local newspaper to send a message that we will not be buying into their lies!

Anonymous said...

This is just another example of how sick our present government under BN is.

It makes us all wonder how low can they go before the whole country collapses……….

Anonymous said...

How different is the Bersih rally from Hindraf protest? You tell me. In the former, it was mostly malays, the latter predominantly Indians.

Imagine the paradox, one society who has all the privileges and the other without any. This is not an issue of race or religion, but relates to the rights of Malaysians. Opinions and views can differ but the cause is the same; of entitlements and rights as a Malaysian.

Many things swing by our lives but two major rallies within a short span, what does it personify?

These rallies show that Malaysians care and the public will generally support it as we cannot continue to be oppressed by the few and their orchestrated manipulation. Stop reading the mainstream press. The younger generation is much wiser in their perception, fortunately or unfortunately, towards the frustration that prevails in the system.

In the macro sense, most Malaysians are tolerant, law abiding and seek a peaceful society for all.

What we seek is a better place for us to live harmoniously without any division manipulated for the benefit of the few.

Hey, it is not a perfect world but there is always somebody fighting for animal rights, democratic, economic, environmental, political, religious or socialist issues. You can't solve the world problems but you can make your society a better place if you could listen rather than turning to defiance for the benefit of the few.

Anonymous said...

If you guys are expecting Umno morons to apologise - you can forget about it. Numbskulls only react and ask pope to apologise over remarks and they are willing to kill over it.

And here we have one dumb oaf whose mouth moves faster than his brain. I wonder if this is what they learn from Umno because we have seen so many moronic Umno members who speak so fast that their own brains can't digest.

Top 5 Umno no brain members.

1. Badawi
2. Hisham
3. Khairy
4. Najib
5. Nazri

Anonymous said...

Any way you look at it, the rally by Bersih to send a memorandum to the King for a clean and fair election was a stunning success.

Although the local press has down played the significance of the demonstrations, the sea of yellow among the brave protestors drenched in rain facing the police force, is the beginning of the common peoples awakening, partaking their democratic rights in wanting a better deal from the present regime.

Although the police force and the prime minister had warned the public not to participate in the so-called illegal rally, it has fallen on deaf ears for those who are fed up with government abuses and excesses of power.

To think that nearly 40000 people took part in the demonstrations speaks volumes about the ordinary peoples brave attempt to make their voices heard about the ills of the present regime to our constitution monarch.

While the police force had used water cannon and tear gas to disperse the crowds and even though scores of people were arrested, no loss of lives was reported, thank God for that.

I suppose in the globalised world that we live in, autocrat leaders dare not excessively beat up those who oppose them, as it will be highlighted in the foreign media. While the local demonstrations is mild compared to Burma and Pakistan, still one wonders why the police had to use force to disperse the crowd.

As usual, we can expect the leaders in this country to denounce the demonstrations and call these brave souls "traitors" to the nation for taking their grievances to the streets. But if all avenues for a proper dialogue between civil group and the government are closed and the government is arrogant and does not want to listen to the people's voice of despair, expect more streets demonstration.

Let us hope that the King can reform the election rules in this country which favour the ruling parties. May our next general elections be untainted by money politics, one-sided medias, phantom voters and government machineries working in favour of the incumbent.

Watchdogs from other nations should be invited to observe the next general elections to ensure that the present regime cannot steal the elections as in 2004 where a lot of opposition leaders lost their seats due to phantom voters.

After all, Umno just had their last assembly where the delegates are confident that the voters will support them in the next polls. Fight like a man. Do not hide behind the government's skirt where all the dirty tricks are used to deny the opposition opportunities to win seats.

The present regime is in denial about all the ills that affect this nation. They, especially the dinosaur politicians who have been in power for more than two decades, still think that our people are uneducated and can be hoodwinked in any general elections.

Well, let them dream! May the Bersih rally mark an important milestone for the peoples desires to have a better Malaysia for our children and grandchildren to inherit.

God bless you all for your bravery in facing the police forces awesome power to intimidate people from exercising their political rights.

Anonymous said...

The only option the audiences have is to "doubt" the credibility of our mainstream media, and this trend is a big shame to the local media - I feel sad for their situation.

Anonymous said...

NEP as implemented has always involved using government funds for the intended beneficiaries.

When it was the intention of the government to create the richest malay to head the list of richest individuals, now announced by the prime minister, the government adopts the policy to give public funds directly or indirectly to private individuals so that he/she can become the richest individual malay in the country.

Mahathir declared that NEP would have met its objective when the government was able to create a millionaire among the malays. It was the first time he extended the objective of NEP to make malay millionaires, and facilitated the use of public funds to enrich his cronies. Badawi now extends the creation of malay millionaires to become malay billionaires, and also to lead in the list of the richest individuals in the country.

It is clear to the whole world that NEP created unfair hardships to the non-malays no matter how Umno wanted to justify it. Unlike article 153 which was supposed to be reviewed after 15 years from 1957, NEP was to be implemented for 20 years from 1970. There was no provision for extension, and the only clearly stated quantitative target was that malays were to achieve 30% of corporate ownership after 20 years.

Badawi pretended that he wanted to be a prime minister for all Malaysians, and called for malays to forgo crutches. At the same time, he conveniently resurrected NEP and extended it to 2020, and his deputy suggested the continuation until 2057, for the present.

Prime minister and his deputy promised a year ago to reveal the methodology adopted by EPU, to challenge the results of ASLI finding that the 30% target had been achieved. His recent announcement makes ASLI finding irrelevant since NEP will continue forever, whatever the actual results show.

Ordinary malays appear to accept to pay a higher price for their motor vehicles when AP system which was exploited to enrich the well connected malays, they appear happy that NEP is continued even though NEP has caused a decline to their standard of living and level of earning.

They accept that as a cost for enabling malays to lead the list of the richest individuals in the country.

Anonymous said...

Each time I read such comments, it always makes me feel how lucky I am to out of Malaysia.

Emigration is not for everybody but those who have done so, ultimately feel highly rewarded in terms of the future for themselves and their kids.

Imagine them growing in an environment devoid of racial, ethnic and religious discrimination.

More importantly, they are now exposed to a wider community that embraces multiculturism, meritocracy, fair go and personal freedom.

Guess which group will be better equipped to face the future challenges in this world?

Anonymous said...

This vicious, coward and corrupted Malaysia government is so afraid of ordinary people, especially the working class, expressing their discontent through peaceful protests - a democratic right.

The main ruling party, Umno elites, capitalist leaders who falsely profess themselves to be devoted Muslims have indeed hijacked the religion.

Almost my whole life, I defended such ideological racial-religious supremacies out of a false sense of patriotism and loyalty. This is why we need to learn, educate ourselves and think critically throughout our lives in order to be a true human being.

Furthermore, to fight against the real enemy - the greedy and corrupted criminals from the ruling elites and capitalist classes, be it from Umno, MIC, MCA and so on - although the Umno leaders are the most and main deceitful culprits.

Opposition parties globally also need to be heading towards this, especially against the extremely vicious and corrupted Third World ruling elites, governments and capitalist classes.

Anonymous said...

The Chinese and Indians are contradicting themselves. They talk about fundamental issues - so-called discrimination in education and business, participation in civil service, marginalisation etc. But in the end voted BN in droves. Semuanya hipokrit. I stick by me comment earlier, mahu makan keliling. Kalau dah tak suka sangat, pangkahlah roket ke, bulan ke or whatever. Mark my word, we see the next GE. See how the Indians vote. Especialy in Sungai Siput. Let's bet RM1.00 that MIC will get majority of the Indian votes. Any takers?

Anonymous said...

Those Umno pea-brained morons are products of Mahathir. Difference is that Mahathir did all the talking and walking and kept his morons in cages.

Now, Badawi is not the talker nor walker, if fact, he is the sleeper. So much that these pea-brained morons have been let loose to display their stupidity of the highest degree.

Malaysia is now famous internationally for having morons running the country, one such moronic act was being performed live on Al Jazeera. Please don't mention anymore name, we may have underage kids reading.

Anonymous said...

Our education standard will remain low because we keep on changing the tool. People in other countries are already using the tool to pursue knowledge single-mindedly.

"The blind leading the blind" is apparently a status of what our education system is.

Actually they do not know what to do the messy education system in the country. It is heading nowhere. They are trying all methods to right the wrongs but to no avail. Just watch, in a few years time we will see a bunch of rural kids who do not know science or mathematics.

Minister should resign. His poor judgment reflects a low standard of mentality as an educational leader. This is our problem. We cannot blame minister, because he was put up there for a reason by the politicians, and not because he is the best. We are no longer worried about our international standing, even if it drops to the bottom.

I even suspect that there is no seriousness about promoting English. Talk only, to cool the mind of simple and obedient loyal citizens of Malaysia. Minister is put up there as a tool only. His behavior and attitude is still far from being a capable minister and it same goes to the rest in the public wasting money parliament.

They are confused and at a loss. The educational policy seems to go along with the political sentiment and does not have a backbone. Who knows? Some years down the road, they probably want to change back to Bahasa Melayu again. The future generation remains the poor victim.

This awful mess in the education of Malaysia was started by selfish and maybe misguided political masters, who desired to offer their own descendents an unfair advantage over others.

Lowering the passing marks in universities and colleges arbitrarily to suit a certain category of students makes one wonder whether the teachers/lecturers are really qualified.

All of a sudden they woke up and realised that they have committed a grave if not fatal error. Malaysia has retrogressed by more than one decade - while wanting to remedy the dire straits - they are still after personal gains at the expense of Malaysia dwellers, so we have this awful mess. Only God is able to help Malaysia now.

I just can't help feeling that these days we are not having the right kind of people as our public university dons - many of them are there simply to "cari and curi makan", while making a mess of our children education!

If the government is serious enough, it is not necessary to talk so much.

Those who want to give their children a good education should try and send their children to Singapore. May be a little expensive but at the end of secondary school, they will be qualified to get into a college at least.

Best to start from primary 1 or 2. Thousands of Malaysians already doing so and some Woodlands schools have hundreds of our young citizens.

I have seen with my own eyes, a lot of parents including malays in Johor Baru sending their children to Singapore for education. They don't mind the hassle of getting up so early and crossing the bridge daily. Looks like Singapore beat Malaysia in term of education.

Malaysia is too obsessed about experimentation with the young ones. For those who have sent their children overseas, it was the right moves and for those have not done yet, please don't let your children become another experiment tools.

The young ones deserve the best, so our neighbour education system is far better than what we have here.

Anonymous said...

It has a valid point to make and I support it in principle. That principle certainly applies to all non-malays in Malaysia and it is about equal treatment.

I am apt to say that the original New Economic Policy or concerns of the malays, as enshrined in the constitution, has been twisted, perverted and abused by scallywags within the Umno wagon.

No wonder that prospective foreign investor stated, "Invest anywhere in Southeast Asia but not Malaysia!" When I wanted to start a business, the first thing they ask is about a malay partner.

Obviously, the sick value systems perpetrated by Mahathir is so widespread that daylight robbery and corruption is perfectly okay and are normal, everyday values.

End the NEP. Let us get back to being a normal country where every Malaysian is equal.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely,I agree 100%. The police could have just allowed them to proceed with the handing of the document to the embassy, that's it finito.

Anonymous said...

This fellow will remain a fool with his foot in his big mouth and his fat face smiling after giving 6000 taxi licence for consortium..look at his fat face with all the fat coming out from the sides..

The one who should be brought to court is the Mamakutty 22. He started this by saving this fat face..

Anonymous said...

Nazri should go back and take up English proficiecy course before appearing in another inteview with any news organisation,as he was a disgrace during the interview with al-jazeerah. What a clown//

Anonymous said...

Maybe Nazri & Semi Value can swap seats

Padang Rengas: Semi Value
Sungai Siput: Nazri

Then see how both of them fare in the elections.

laksapedas said...

We Malaysian are really stupid. Advocating streets demonstration are detremental to the mind of young Malaysian. Should they emulate the olders mind, we will have problem in future. Most probably the rise of a few cent of Maggie Mee will create a streets demo's. pls leaders either opposition and govt, stop this stupid. The best way to solve problem is everybody sits down and brainstorm!brainstorm!brainstorm..do the systematic way..orang politik bodoh.

Anonymous said...

i am one of the 2 million who didnt go and i am not with nazri

i am with Hindraf

Anonymous said...

Selain Mamak Cendol bernama Zam @ kitul yang memang otaknya sedikit mering, Nazri Aziz @ Samseng UMNO adalah seorang lagi menteri otak tiga suku yang terdapat dalam kabinet Imam Badawi dalam ugama Hadhari.

Sememangnya, menteri dalam kabinet Imam Badawi itu terdiri dari mereka yang suka buat lawak walaupun kadang-kadang lawak mereka memperlihatkan betapa mereka itu mempunyai otak yang kosong. Pendek kata mereka berwariskan keturunan burung kak tua yang selalu berlagak jadi ayam jantan. Pengecualian hanyalah Samy Velu kerana dia lebih mirip waris biawak.

Anonymous said...

"make use of the government machinery to go campaigning, while our gomen ministers use their official cars, government vehicles to move up and down the campaign trail".
In the Sarawak hinterland, our gomen uses helicopters. The assemblymen went from one area to another in minutes which can take hours by boat.

Anonymous said...

They umnoputeras will continued their sandirawa or stage play or even their wayang kulit forever.... perhaps they don't much brains just like bunch of monkeys....