22 November 2007

Is Lingam using the law to subvert justice.....

VK Lingam was today quizzed by the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) over allegations of judicial misconduct made by his younger brother,VT Karasu. According to VK Lingam he was there to furnish evidence on his brother’s mental illness. He distributed copies of a medical report prepared by Dr Deva Dass,who claimed that, VT Karasu, had been highly “depressed with strong suicidal intentions, insomnia, crying spells and guilt”. If he was so mentally crazed as VK Lingam averred,how in the hell he managed to withstand a 7 hours grilling by ACA?

Can you really believe this guy....with the right doctor he can concoct some medical reports, and,with the right judge in his pocket,he can get his brother declared insane anytime he wants. Convincing ACA is kacang putih to him.Here is a classic case of a 'criminal' pulling out all stops to prove he is innocent.

Meanwhile,Pat Lah,though,has announced that a royal commission of inquiry will be formed, but in his usual Malaysia boleh style is still pondering on the terms of reference and the composition of the commission team. The National Human Rights Society(Hakam),had listed those whom it deems to be unfit to sit on the commission:

1. Any chief justice since Hamid Omar, including Hamid himself.
2. Retired judges who served under (former chief justices) Eusoff Chin, Mohamed Dzaiddin Abdullah and Ahmad Fairuz.
3. Any judge currently serving.
4. Any person closely connected with the current or previous (Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s) government, including the former attorney-generals.
5. Any person who might be perceived to have grievances against the government or the judicial administration in the period from 1988, including Salleh Abbas and any of the judiciary members penalised in the 1988 attack on the judiciary.

Btw, Pat Lah is currently in Singapore to attend the Asean Summit.

What bogs my mind is why have both the ACA and the Police not investigated VT Karuna’s serious allegations that were filed in 1998,2000 and in early 2007? Do you need the report to filed by Mohamad Mohd Taib or Khairy and their goons so that action can be initiated by the various investigative bodies? or VK Lingam with the help of some top judges,police and 'orang atas' had directed the ACA and Police to "tutup sebelah mata" over these reports. Well,these Velupillai brothers are now betul-betul sudah gila,guys!

Correct,correct,correct says Lingam, but we got to korek,korek,korek until truth prevails.....



Unknown said...

Bila dah binatang, nak buat apa lagi.

ali allah ditta said...



Anonymous said...

A petition with 100,000 signatures to be presented to her Royal Highness the Queen of England to appoint her Majesty's Queen Counsels to represent the poor, underclass, oppressed and suppressed Malaysian Indians WOULD NOT be presented at the British High Commission on 25 NOV 2007

Anonymous said...

judges dia pun boleh beli!
So what is so difficult in getting a medical report! Doctor tak ada masallah la!!!

Unknown said...

i'd be afraid of the `suicidal tendencies' allegation - by citing that, are there any premeditations here? no wonder the brother fears for his life.

ali allah ditta said...


the Hindraf top guns are detained & charged.There is a court order that forbid them from attending the Sunday rally. Roadblocks are all over the city.Sunday rally still on.


He also determines who should be appointed the CJ,even majlis raja-raja takes backseat..that is Lingam.


This guy is capable of doing anything & he will get away easily.Remember the brother made reports to ACA & police way back in 1998 but no action taken,if there's any only untuk cuci mata saja.


Anonymous said...

Was Geetha Menon also of `unsound mind`:

Sometime between 1994 and 1996 , a matter went before the Department of Industrial Relations for reconciliation.
The matter was brought by a lawyer said to be named Geetha Menon (GM), who had been dismissed from her position as legal assistant (LA) at VK Lingam and Co.

GM claimed that she was sacked for refusing to personally courier a quantity of cash to a then sitting judge.


Unknown said...

2 questions arise here regarding the medical report:
1. Did Dr Dass have the written permission of the patient to release his psychiatric history to a third party? If he had not done so, this is a serious ethical matter.
2. The alleged condition: depression, does not render the person incompetent, for example to testify in court. A depressed person is perfectly capable of logical thinking and at most times function normally with treatment. I would assume that the good doctor had given him anti-depressants.
If the report says he is suffering from untreated schizophrenia, that may render him incompetent. The report did not say so. A depressed person is not insane.

Anonymous said...

ACA should just arrest VK Lingam when he came in with the Medical Report.

1. How can VK get the medical report? This is confidential material between doctor & patient.

2. His brother should also report the doctor to Malaysian Medical Association fro breaching client's confidentiality.

ali allah ditta said...


Your right guys,but who got the guts to take on Lingam,with the judiciary,police,ACA & the
executives on his payroll? No wonder his was so daring enough to divulge his brother medical report so openly.

I'm not too sure whether the courts allow testimony from a depressed person? but if you are insane the courts will just send you to Tanjung Rambutan.And thats what Lingam intend to do.

I think he's the one who is suffering from schizophrenia psychosis here,rather than the brother.