02 November 2007

Ketua Hakim Negara - Dato' Abdul Hamid bin Haji Mohamad...

Its official now that the recently promoted Court of Appeal president Abdul Hamid Mohamad was appointed as the acting Chief Justice with immediate effect.He replaces Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim who retired as the top judge yesterday when he turned 66,the mandatory retirement age for judges. Obviously Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim's request for an extension was turned down by by Malay Rulers.

Ketua Hakim Negara,Malaysia
The Right Honourable Dato' Abdul Hamid bin Haji Mohamad
D.P.C.M. (Perak), D.M.P.N. ( Penang), K.M.N., P.J.K. (Perlis)


Dato’ Abdul Hamid bin Haji Mohamad was born on 18 April 1942 in Permatang Tinggi Bakar Bata, Kepala Batas, Penang. He had his early education at the then Sekolah Melayu Paya Keladi, Kepala Batas, St. Mark’s Branch School Prai, St. Mark’s Secondary School Butterworth and St. Xavier’s Institution, all in Penang. He received his Bachelor of Laws from the University of Singapore in 1969. In the same year, he joined the Legal and Judicial Service and for 21 years served as Magistrate, President of the Sessions Court, Assistant Director of the Legal Aid Bureau, Deputy Registrar of High Court Malaya, State Legal Advisor of Kelantan and Perak, Senior Federal Counsel of the Department of Inland Revenue and Head of Prosecution at the Attorney General’s Chambers.

On 1 May 1990 he was appointed as a Judicial Commission of High Court Malaya. On 1 March 1992, he was appointed as a Judge of High Court Malaya. On 1 September 2000 he was appointed as a Judge of the Court of Appeal. On 1 August 2003 he was appointed as a Judge of the Federal Court. Besides being a Judge of the Federal Court, he was also appointed as a Judge of the Special Court established under Article 182(1) of the Federal Constitution for a period of two years from 1 April 2007. He is married to Datin Hamidah Choong Binti Abdullah and has four children.

Btw, Judge Abdul Hamid was the head of the three judge panel that overturned Anwar Ibrahim sodomy conviction on 2 September 2004. In his judgement,Judge Abdul Hamid said,"We allow the sentence and conviction to be set aside. We find the High Court misdirected itself. He (Anwar Ibrahim) should have been acquitted."

On another note,rumours were rife that the job of Ketua Hakim Negara might go to former UMNO legal advisor Zaki Tun Azmi. Zaki’s Tun Azmi ascension to the Federal Court is shrouded with mystery and became the first person to be appointed straight to the Federal Court, bypassing the convention of first serving in the High Court and the Court of Appeal. Isnt this luar biasa? read here.

Probably Zaki Tun Azmi got to wait another year for UMNO to fulfill their dream,or will they? ....but that's another story.....

To Judge Abdul Hamid bin Hj.Mohamad, congratulation.....


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