19 November 2007

This is Lingam video clip ‘bukan’ Lingam Chilly Sauce Pat Lah ooi….

“In a dramatic turn of events, Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today said that a royal commission of inquiry on the controversial VK Lingam video clip will soon be established. Abdullah said the cabinet would iron out the details, such as the terms of reference and possible members of the commission, at its weekly meeting next Wednesday. "At this time, we need to determine what the scope of the commission will be. We also need to decide on its terms of reference." He added that the members of the royal commission would only be decided after the terms of reference have been finalized.” - Malaysiakini

During a dinner gathering with his family members,and few close friends, someone across the table asked Pat Lah how he is going to solve the Lingam video clip issue. Looking suprised, Pat Lah turned to Jeanne, who was sitting beside him and said, "Awat, sos Lingam kita dah habis kah ayang? kan abang suruh ayang beli kat kedai 10-11 kelmarin.” That’s how blur Pat Lah is with regard to the Lingam video clip issue.

The Lingam video clip shows lawyer Lingam discussing via the telephone with purportedly just retired chief justice Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim on the appointment of ‘friendly’ judges. The video, which was revealed by PKR, ignited a huge public outcry, prompting the government to set up a panel to probe into the authenticity of the controversial tape.

One wonders why must he hesitate that long to form a royal commission of inquiry on the controversial Lingam video clip? When everything indicates that the video clip is genuine. Probably the actors and the names mentioned in the video clip are his cronies too,that he inherited from Mahathir. He owes them a lot and obviously he going to stick with them thru thick and thin. Pat Lah even wanted to extend the CJ service for another 6 months, but failed to do so. Now rumours has it that the former CJ is going to be Pulau Pinang's new Governor.

The toothless panel inquiry quest was neither here nor there. While the BPR is more interested to bring to book the person or persons who took the video rather than to determine whether the video is authentic or not. PKR leaders, including Anwar were threatened with a fine and jail sentences under section 22 (1) (b) of the Anti Corruption Act 1997 if they failed to disclose who the whistleblowers were.

Though the panel reports were summitted to the gomen,it was not made public,because Pat Lah thought it should be studied by another three-man ministerial committee. Study what? Maybe to see whether it can be edited? The three-man ministerial committee are Nazri,Radzi Sheikh Ahmad and Rais Yatim,semuanya loyar.

Earlier, Anwar had released part 2 of the Lingam video clip, whereby Ahmad Fairuz’s name was clearly mentioned, just in time before the panel members could submit their independent reports to the gomen. This dealt another blow to the credibility of panel and the gomen.

With this new revelation Pat Lah had no other choice but to comply with the public demand on the establishment of a royal commission of inquiry. Even the news media reported that the panel had concluded the Lingam video clip was authentic and should be investigated further by a royal commission. Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang said "If this is true, then Pat Lah would have no option but to establish a Royal Commission of Inquiry or he would be facing his greatest crisis of confidence in his four years as prime minister,"

While Anwar quipped, "Let me look at (PM's) statement to see how serious they are because they can change their mind - let them come up with a royal commission (first). "I have to see the terms of reference - whether the members are credible or whether this is an attempt to whitewash the issues,"

Yes, the greatest crisis of confidence, Pat Lah. Sekarang,“bola sudah ada di kaki anda”. Pat Lah make sure you shoot right thru between the goalposts,but before doing so,please be awake and select the best refrees and linesmen available.

With another shocking development of more allegations of judicial corruption revealed about Lingam being privy to corruption of top judges,by his own brother,the plot is getting more interesting now.....macam cerita Tamil di Astro lakonan Rajanikant............

What is more intriguing,is why the police report on Lingam's cozy relationship with these top judges made by the brother way back in March hasnt being taken care off by the police? Is this another coverup or another case of "tutup mata sebelah"......

So lets wait ‘n’ see sama ada Pat Lah boleh score goal atau tidak….



Unknown said...

Members of the Royal Commission are as follow:
1. Rahim Noor
2. Khairy Jamaludin
3. Tun Dr. Mahathir
4. Augustine Paul
5. Umi Hafilda Ali

Anonymous said...

Include Mr Semi Value in the Royal Commission also,cant leave him out, for this is a Tamil blockbuster produced in Malaysia

Anonymous said...

Interesting to know.