23 November 2007

King Carlos "Por que no te callas" and McClaren getting the boot....

Holiday fluff news doesn't always have to suck. There's always this bit about King Juan Carlos of Spain telling Hugo Chavez, "Por que no te callas?" ("Why don't you shut up?") during a recent summit has now become a ringtone hit across Spain.

An estimated 500,000 people have downloaded the insult featuring the words "Why don't you shut up?", generating a reported 1.5m euros ($2m). King Juan Carlos asked Hugo Chavez to "shut up" at a summit in Chile a few weeks after Hugo Chavez called Spain's ex-PM Jose Maria Aznar a "fascist"....read & download tone here.

Over to Malaysia the famous Lingam clip video too has provided us, one amazing and memorable piece of ringtone that is worth to be download. However,in contrast to the King Juan Carlos's 'Callas' ringtone,do you guys think the Lingam piece of shit worth any penny?
....download tone here.

On another interesting note,Steve McClaren was sacked as England manager following their failure to qualify for the European Championship finals next year. At a news conference, the FA said they had made a unanimous decision to terminate the contract of McClaren and his assistant Terry Venables.McClaren's time in office was just 18 games,the shortest tenure of any coach in the post- came to a humiliating end with a 3-2 defeat to Croatia at Wembley Stadium that ended England's hopes of reaching next summer's tournament.England only needed a draw to seal a place in Euro 2008.

First of all, I'm not an England fan but I still think that its such a shame to see England trounced from the Euro 2008 competition. What come to this today, apart from the players that didn't perform well during the whole qualifying campaign, the manager and the FA are the ones also to be blamed. Injuries are a part of the game but probably Mclaren blew it on tactics and the use of his players.

To the FA of England and the British public defeat means "malu" and the manager either resigns or get fired. If only our FAM can learn some valuable lesson from the FA of England, our football team wouldnt had suffered a long series of defeats,compared to those glory days of Ghani Minhat,Jalil Che Din,Arthur Koh and the victorious squad. Malaysia,then,was a household name and one of the most feared team around. Our FAM committee members' motto is, "kalah lagi tunggu" and you will keep seeing the same old face year in year out at the helm of FAM because the big guns of FAM thinks they are doing a great job.....pooorah!!

When will FAM learn her lesson......



Unknown said...

Thanks bro, I am now using the infamous correct, correct, correct or korek, korek, korek as my ringtone. You are precious.

Anonymous said...

weih bang, nak contact camner? ade email add ke?

ali allah ditta said...

kata tak nak,

Welcome bro.! correct,correct,correct


email add.di atas tu U punya email,if so I will get in touch.


Unknown said...

Yang tu bukan aku punya email. Td ada satu anonymous commenter yang hantaq.

Aku punya