30 January 2022

Dah tau taik tu busuk pasai apa lobai masih ciumnya...

Baru hangpa tahu,UMNO tu sapa...

Takkan lobai nak menipu...

Treated like a beggar, Hadi now accuses 
UMNO of being ungrateful and immoral...

Once upon a time, former PM Mahathir Mohamad had warned Muhyiddin Yassin against working together with UMNO, predicting that the two parties would face problems in the future. Mahathir warned his trusted lieutenant – “You’re going to have trouble with UMNO because UMNO is the bigger party. You are the smaller party and you’ll depend on them. If they pull back, you are finished.”

However, the arrogant and power-crazy Muhyiddin rubbished the warning. Mahathir revealed – “But Muhyiddin said he could handle the problem. I am going to see how he handles it”. Mr Muhyiddin eventually betrayed his allies in the democratically-elected Pakatan Harapan government, and formed a backdoor government with UMNO and Islamic party PAS in March 2020.

The United Malays National Organization (UMNO), defeated in the 2018 General Election, was returned to power as one of governing partners in Muhyiddin’s fragile Perikatan Nasional government. But as predicted by Mahathir, Muhyiddin only survived for 17 months when a group of 15 UMNO rebels, led by former PM Najib Razak and UMNO president Zahid Hamidi, withdrew their support.

Once upon a time, Nik Abdul Aziz, former spiritual leader of Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS), warned against working together with UMNO, rejecting any form of unity talks with UMNO because UMNO cannot be trusted. His distrust for UMNO leaders began in the 1970s, when PAS was part of Barisan Nasional coalition. UMNO had betrayed PAS, making the Islamic party a junior partner before dumping it.

However, after his death, arrogant and corrupt PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang ignored all the warnings. All it took for then-PM Najib Razak to break-up the rising star opposition Pakatan Rakyat was RM90 million to bribe Mr Hadi. Using “Hudud Law” as an excuse, PAS announced its decision to sever ties with DAP, accusing the Democratic Action Party of being anti-Islam.

PAS won only 18 parliamentary seats in the 2018 election, but became one of the governing partners in Muhyiddin’s backdoor government. But as predicted by Nik Abdul Aziz, after having toppled Muhyiddin in August 2021, UMNO under Najib and Zahid has already made their moves to not only make PAS an irrelevant junior partner, but is preparing to dump the Islamic party.

Ex-PM Muhyiddin... 

Today, both Muhyiddin Yassin and Hadi Awang pay the price for sleeping with the devil. Traitor Muhyiddin, who thought he could control UMNO, had lost his “Iron Throne” in a matter of just 17 months, becoming the shortest serving prime minister in the history. Extremist Hadi, who thought he could piggyback on both UMNO and Bersatu, is about to lose his power very soon.

The best part is, Hadi did not even see it coming when Najib and Zahid strategically dissolved the Johor State Assembly, paving the way for state polls in a game plan to eventually pressure lame duck Prime Minister Ismail Sabri to call for a nationwide snap election. After winning two-thirds majority in the Melaka state election, UMNO is confident of doing the same in Johor.

Before the Johor legislative assembly was dissolved, the previously un-elected Barisan Nasional-led government held 28 seats (UMNO – 14 seats, MIC – 2 seats, Bersatu – 11 seats, PAS – 1 seat) while opposition Pakatan Harapan had 27 seats – DAP (14), PKR (7) and Amanah (6). UMNO Johor believes not only it can grab all of Bersatu and PAS’ seats, but also to capture a significant of the Opposition’s seats.

Mr Hadi was particularly upset and mad because not only he was not consulted before the Johor state assembly was dissolved, UMNO has no intention of sharing seats with PAS, let alone Bersatu. UMNO’s reluctance to forge any electoral pact or alliance with its allies in the state election means it does not have any respect for Hadi or PAS, supposedly its ally in the Muafakat Nasional alliance.

To the Islamic party’s horror, the “greedy” UMNO offered only four state assembly seats to it. Incredibly confidence, UMNO is ready to fly solo in the Johor state election. If UMNO can win big in Melaka, it can certainly win bigger in the friendlier terrain Johor. PAS president Hadi can either take UMNO’s offer or go fly kite with Bersatu president Muhyiddin. After all, beggars can’t be choosers.

Amusingly, Hadi has slammed UMNO for being ungrateful, complaining – “We save a lame duck. it broke its leg during the 14th General Election. Unfortunately, when it was healed, it wanted to swim on its own. It left us. This is immoral and not correct”. He was referring to UMNO being rejected by the people in 2018, and riding on PAS in winning multiple by-elections as the opposition.

 UMNO/PAS Alliance - Zahid Hamidi and Hadi Awang

In September 2019, a national cooperation between oppositions UMNO and PAS, glorified as Muafakat Nasional under the pretext of Malay-unity, was announced in their desperate attempt to grab power by hook or by crook – including stirring up racial and religion sentiments among the Malays that the Muslims and Malay Rulers have lost power to the “Chinese, Christians and Communists”.

Exactly why is “Goblok” Hadi whining, moaning and bitching now about being played and tricked by UMNO, when former spiritual leader Nik Aziz had already warned against working together with UMNO years ago? What is so immoral about UMNO dumping PAS when Hadi happily worked with Muhyiddin, Najib and Zahid in 2020, snatching power and forming an un-elected backdoor regime?

Heck, both Hadi and Zahid were even kissing and hugging each other when they announced the Muafakat Nasional. What has happened to the so-called Malay dignity and Muslim brotherhood? In truth, Hadi saved the lame duck UMNO primarily because he wanted to ride on UMNO to gain power, the same way PAS rides on Islam religion to hoodwink gullible supporters.

Hadi was also furious when UMNO treated his party like a beggar. He complained to reporters till foaming at the mouth that the Islamic party was not a “beggar” seeking scraps. He actually should be grateful that UMNO was willing to give him 4 seats in the upcoming Johor state election. During the 2018 election, PAS only won 1 out of 40 seats it contested.

Hilariously, the PAS president, in what appears to be a declaration of war, has openly hit the UMNO Court Cluster for triggering the Johor state election. He condemned the tactic as an attempt by some UMNO crooks to escape criminal charges. He said – “We know that the ones responsible for this strategy are the court cluster, those who lost the 14th general election, those who have no positions.”

The Court Cluster refers to a group of UMNO leaders including ex-PM Najib Razak and party president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi. But in July 2020, it was Mr Hadi who led several top PAS leaders to visit Najib at his home, the same day Najib was found guilty by the High Court of corruption in relation to RM42 million belonging to SRC International (a subsidiary of 1MDB).

UMNO-PAS berpecah...

In fact, Najib, the world’s biggest crook, was so touched by Hadi’s visit and support that he said true friends would stick together in good and bad times. Hadi had brought along PAS heavyweights like deputy president Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man, secretary-general Takiyuddin Hassan and Syura council member Khairuddin Aman Razali to Najib’s home as a sign of unwavering support.

It’s both entertaining and flabbergasting that only when Najib and Zahid are dumping PAS that Hadi calls the Court Cluster ungrateful, arrogant and whatnot. Actually, the corrupt PAS president should be extremely grateful to Najib, who gave him RM90 million bribes, enabling him to marry young wives and buy Mercedes Benz. Of course, after tasting money, Hadi cannot afford to lose power.

Without UMNO, PAS cannot be part of the federal government after the next 15th General Election because Najib and Zahid will kick Hadi’s party out of the equation. That’s the real reason Hadi is throwing a tantrum and playing the victim card. The snake oil salesman thought he was clever in riding both Bersatu and UMNO, only to be dumped by UMNO unexpected.

Instead of crying over spilt milk, PAS and Bersatu should withdraw their support for the current un-elected UMNO government. The trumpeted Malay-Muslim unity and government has been a scam from the beginning. And the biggest scammer is UMNO, who used PAS to win multiple by-elections and used Bersatu to return to power. Both PAS and Bersatu had been warned, but greed clouded their judgement.

Like it or not, PAS deserves it. There’s a reason why UMNO veteran Tengku Razaleigh called PAS a prostitute. The PAS Talibans will do anything for money. Hadi still hasn’t a clue that UMNO just needed PAS for a few seconds of pleasure, never for a lifetime marriage. It’s not personal, but using each other for the Iron Throne. If it would make Hadi feels better, it’s karma.

Not many moons ago, DAP and PKR also saved a lame duck called PAS. Unable to get out of Kelantan after decades of trying, DAP and PKR nursed and brought PAS to be part of Selangor state government. Unfortunately, when it was offered RM90 million, it bit the hand that feed it and wanted to swim on its own. It left Pakatan Harapan. Now, that is truly immoral, ungrateful, arrogant and incorrect. - FT

Why the QC should not defend Najib...

Why would a Queen's Counsel (QC), a member of Britain's legal professional elite, take up convicted felon Najib Abdul Razak's case? There can be only one reason. MONEY!.

Conversely, for many Malaysians, there is only one reason why the QC should not defend Najib. The answer is the moral viewpoint.The QC should not associate himself with the most corrupt prime minister in the world, who brought a nation to its knees. He will damage his reputation and risk becoming a political pariah.

Najib excels at intimidation. He hopes that the presence of the QC will intimidate the prosecution lawyers and judges. However, there is one small consolation if the QC were to take up Najib's case. The world will once again be reminded of the evil deeds of this kleptocrat, and these prompts will strengthen our resolve to throw Najib in prison.

Who can forget the highlights of his abuse of power to keep the 1MDB scandal hidden? The sacking of members of his cabinet and the attorney-general who dared to question him. The complicity of various financial institutions around the world. The threats. The cover-ups. The denials.

Most shameful is the role played by the United Kingdom. There was relatively little press coverage about Najib's 1MDB scandal and even less criticism of Najib during his tenure as PM. It was only after the US Department of Justice (DOJ), and the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) had written extensively about 1MDB and fully exposed Najib, did the British picked up the slack.

The Brits must have valued their favourable trading arrangement with Najib and his Battersea rejuvenation project, amongst other things. No one can stop the QC from accepting Najib's proposal if there is a legal issue to fight over and, in all probability, the Malaysian court will approve the QC's appointment.

The Malaysian judiciary has been very careful in the past to give Najib as much leeway as possible so that he cannot claim that his trial was not fair. Remember the various delay tactics, the alleged illnesses, and how he kept the judges waiting because he was late? We thought the judiciary was weak, but as we now realise, they had their reasons. Nevertheless, both the High Court and the Court of Appeal have tried and sentenced Najib after finding him guilty.

Real reason

The QC is an expert in constitutional law. No one disputes that. It is only in very rare cases when a QC will act for others as a matter of principle; meaning, there is no talk of money involved. The QC is at liberty to pick up Najib's case on the basis that there is a legal issue to be fought over. He may consider Najib's case an interesting challenge.

Whether he wins or not is another matter. He is aware that what he embarks on is not a re-trial of the facts because his focus will be on the issues of law.

Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, Najib's lawyer, may argue that the QC has the experience and expertise to deal with complex issues and legal questions pertaining to Najib's case; but Malaysians know that both Shafee and Najib are being disingenuous.

It is not true that Shafee does not know his legal 'stuff' because the important thing is that both he and Najib have run out of road.The real reason Najib appointed the QC to quash his conviction in the RM42 million SRC International (SRC) corruption case is simply to BUY time. Najib is desperate. He wants to delay his appeal and his imprisonment.

On Dec 7 last year, Najib failed in his bid to adduce fresh evidence in his appeal against the RM42 million SRC graft case. On Dec 8, he also failed to overturn the guilty verdict and sentencing in the SRC case. The desperate duo of Najib and Shafee were merely being creative with their request to appoint a QC.

Malaysians are sick to the teeth with Najib's delay tactics. They want justice to be seen and not postponed. They want Najib jailed. They want him to be made an example of to halt the endemic corruption amongst politicians and civil servants.

What of the Malaysian judiciary? They are probably equally frustrated by Najib's delay manoeuvres. After all, their integrity is also at stake. This matter has dragged on and on, and the rakyat will wonder if this delay is another ruse to free Najib. Najib has no end of plots and subplots taking place alongside his appeal and the QC's appointment.

If Umno triumphs in the Johor snap election, will they demand that GE15 be called early? Najib hopes to return to power with a win. He can then engineer a royal pardon and hey presto, Najib and his allegedly equally corrupt peers, like his former deputy, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, who is awaiting trial for corruption, can rejoice and wipe all their slates clean.

Najib put the nation through a rollercoaster of emotions ranging from apathy, to angst, to anger, to atrophy. Together with Shafee, they managed to delay his trials with illness, with being late and keeping the judge waiting. He wandered off mid-trial and failed to inform the court officials. Even Shafee's son's wedding, and dog, were used as excuses to further delay Najib's trial.

If prostitution is the world's oldest profession, then the legal profession comes a close second. Do lawyers care if the client is a Bugis prince or a political pariah? Absolutely not, because what matters to most lawyers is that the cheque does not bounce. So, will the QC take the path of morality or the money route? - Mariam Mokhtar


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