07 July 2021

Biasalah Jebat, Menteri Pasola, what do U expect...

AstraZeneca vaccines given to Malaysia not recognise in EuropeIt's wrong to penalise Malaysians who do not even know the origins of the AZ vaccine. Please don't allow politics to come into this when we're desperate to survive here...

PM Muhyiddin’s boys are 
begging not to be booted...

As Prime Minister Muhyiddin continues his childish hide-and-seek game to cling to power, his boys are running around like a headless chicken – begging not to be booted. Having been hospitalized for diarrhoea since Wednesday (June 30), this Malaysian chief executive could break the Guinness World Records as the man who stays the longest in the hospital for bowel problems.

Interestingly, a statement released by the Prime Minister’s Office on Sunday (July 4) says the backdoor prime minister is in a stable condition for a gastrointestinal infection. It also claimed that a thorough health screening found no evidence that Mr Muhyiddin was experiencing a recurrence of pancreatic cancer, which he was diagnosed in 2018 (but was declared cancer-free in June 2020).

Regardless whether he was hiding about a return of pancreatic cancer, or was hiding behind diarrhoea to avoid meeting the Agong (King), his fragile Perikatan Nasional government could collapse anytime. From the white flag to black flag campaigns, the illegitimate premier who had betrayed his own (previous) Pakatan Harapan government is under tremendous pressure to resign.

Lajim Ukin, a Supreme Council member of Muhyiddin’s party Bersatu (PPBM) became the latest leader who begged everyone not to topple the current government, arguing that now is not the best time to change the regime due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. His silly argument included that there are only less than 2 years left before the next 15th General Election, which must be held in 2023.

The fear of losing power had also been expressed three days ago by Bersatu information chief Wan Saiful Wan Jan, who demanded a guarantee from Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim that he will not use the Parliament to form a new government. Wan Saiful’s idiotic remark has basically let the cat out of the bag – Muhyiddin locks the Parliament to stay in power, not to fight Coronavirus.

The desperation – whining and begging – shown by both leaders of Mahiaddin (glamour name: Muhyiddin) party was both breathtaking and pathetic. Lajim Ukin should ask himself why the current clueless and incompetent government should be given another 2 years after 15 months of mishandling Covid pandemic and mismanaging economy that saw hunger and famine in the country.

Wan Saiful should stop making a fool of himself. It was the King Sultan Abdullah, who issued up to three warnings or decrees, demanding the useless government of Mahiaddin to reconvene the Parliament to “debate Emergency laws and the National Recovery Plan”. And if the prime minister fails a vote of confidence in the Parliament, anyone, including Anwar, can form a new government.

In truth, the loosely glued Perikatan Nasional would have collapsed earlier this year, if not for the political manoeuvre to declare a State of Emergency in January 12 to suspend the Parliament. It means Mahiaddin regime, whose legitimacy has been in question since day one, was officially over in less than 10 months since he was sworn in as the 8th Prime Minister on March 1, 2020.

Yes, Perikatan Nasional had only ruled from March 1, 2020 to January 12, 2021. In effect, Mr Mahiaddin alias Muhyiddin is the shortest serving prime minister. He had lost his simple majority on January 12 after the withdrawal of support from UMNO lawmakers, Ahmad Jazlan Yaakub and Nazri Aziz, reducing his support to merely 109 MPs in the 222-seat Parliament.
Muhyiddin Yassin - Prime Minister Legitimacy In Question

The withdrawal of support came after two-thirds – 143 out of 191 UMNO divisions – decided to cut ties with Bersatu, Muhyiddin’s party, in the next 15th General Election. And it was primarily because of this very reason that the King on February 24 issued his first decree to reopen the Parliament, to which the terrified and power-hungry illegitimate regime had refused and ignored.

The King himself had made the biggest mistake when he agreed – either ignorantly or deliberately – to appoint Muhyiddin as the new prime minister after the collapse of Pakatan Harapan due to betrayal and treachery. Muhyiddin never had the 112 MPs to form a simple-majority government from the beginning. And former PM Mahathir Mohamad had proven that.

To prove that Muhyiddin did not have the number as claimed, Mahathir had published a full list of names of all the 114 MPs who supported him on the night before Muhyiddin’s official swearing ceremony. In contrast, neither Muhyiddin nor the Palace has ever disclosed the details of the 114 MPs allegedly supporting the premier – either before or after the swearing-in.

Muhyiddin, cowardly, just kept quiet. This has led to the belief that the new prime minister was indeed bogus and had scammed all his way to the Palace. If Mahathir had 114 MPs, it meant Muhyiddin had only 108 MPs because the Parliament has maximum 222 MPs. Unlike third Prime Minister Hussein Onn, the backdoor PM Muhyiddin has never moved a motion of confidence to prove his legitimacy.

The undemocratic coup caught the attention of the Guardian, a British daily newspaper that went as far as calling the political move a “Royal Coup” – suggesting that the Malaysian Monarchy was somehow involved in returning the extremely corrupt UMNO political party, which until the May 2018 General Election, had ruled for 61 years since independence in 1957.

It would take the nine royal households until June 16, 2021 to finally throw the prime minister under the bus. Even then, it was largely because of increasing uprisings over hunger and hardship to make ends meet. The Malay Rulers did not want to go down with “Malay First” poster boy Mahiaddin because the hatred against the clueless and incompetent regime has spread to the Malay Monarchy.

Of course, UMNO gangster Nazri Aziz has made a shameless U-turn recently, pledging to support Muhyiddin administration again. He admitted that he was the “mastermind” behind the latest political manoeuvre to obtain statutory declarations (SDs) from Barisan Nasional MPs in support of Hishammuddin Hussein, another UMNO coward who ran away after the 2018 election defeat.

Nazri also claimed that there were 25 out of 41 Barisan MPs who signed the SD, leaving Zahid with only 16 MPs. But even with 16 MPs leaving the Perikatan Nasional coalition, Muhyiddin will collapse. Unless dark horse Mahathir suddenly swings his support for his lieutenant-turned-nemesis Muhyiddin, along with 9 MPs from Warisan Sabah, it’s game over for the prime minister.

However, for Mahathir to reveal his last card would also expose that he has been the puppet master behind the backdoor government all along, cunningly hedging his bets in both sides of the political divide. But with hungry and angry people against the regime, not to mention the Malay Sultans are distancing themselves from the toxic Mahiaddin, it would be foolish to rescue a sinking ship.

Opposition Pakatan Harapan coalition currently has 88 seats in the Parliament, comprising PKR (People’s Justice Party – 35 MPs), DAP (Democratic Action Party – 42 MPs) and Amanah (National Trust Party – 11 MPs). If UMNO president Zahid Hamidi could bring 16 MPs to the new alliance, they would have 104 MPs, short of 8 to form a simple-majority government.

But with the Malay Rulers being indifferent towards Mahiaddin alias Muhyiddin, now is the best opportunity for PKR president and Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim to snatch back the power. At this stage, the King cannot and does not wish to be seen as bias and protective of Mahiaddin for obvious reason. Besides, there are only less than 2 years left before the next 15th General Election.

In the same breath, Warisan Chief Shafee Apdal may not agree with Mahathir to support the disgraced prime minister. Therefore, if Anwar could convince the former Sabah chief minister to join forces, the backdoor regime will definitely collapse before the coming Christmas. PM Muhyiddin can request for the Parliament to be dissolved, but it’s highly likely his request will be rejected by Agong due to Covid pandemic.

Make no mistake. UMNO MPs who are ready to jump ship actually share the same sentiments as the nine Sultans. They do not want to be tainted. They knew that the frustration and anger demonstrated by the voters on the ground are real, and not some opposition propaganda as alleged by clueless pro-government bloggers, propagandists and cyber troopers.

UMNO officials said more than two-thirds of the party’s 48-member policymaking Supreme Council has individually pledged their support to break away from the Perikatan Nasional coalition. Even if the power-hungry and corrupt UMNO MPs aligned with Mr Muhyiddin remain in government as independent elected representatives, the government will lose its already razor-thin majority in the Parliament.

Sure, Muhyiddin’s appointed backdoor Speaker Azhar Harun can reject any motion of no confidence in the Lower House to protect the prime minister. But there are many ways to skin a cat. The withdrawal of UMNO, even with just 16 MPs aligned to Zahid, from the coalition will force King Sultan Abdullah to pressure Mr. Mahiaddin to prove that he still has majority support to remain as premier.

In reality, the legitimacy of Mahiaddin can be tested either inside or outside the Parliament. The despicable Speaker Harun is the most powerful man in the Parliament. But he is powerless outside the August House. Armed with SDs, Anwar, or any other Members of Parliament for that matter, can seek an audience with the King to prove that he has the support to become the new prime minister. - FT

If God is testing mankind using Covid-19, 
why bother getting vaccines?...

I am shocked and dismayed beyond belief that PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang could be that ignorant. Since PAS is a component in the present beleaguered Perikatan Nasional Government, he should, given his so-called Islamic credentials, advise the Government that nothing much can be done about containing COVID-19.

For Hadi, nothing can be done about the pandemic as it is God’s way of testing and challenging human beings. I wonder why Hadi is not willing to share his views about the pandemic with the Government. If he had done so, we need not procure vaccines any longer. What are vaccines compared to God’s will!

Since it is God’s punishment, then what is the point of clamouring for more vaccines to be brought into the country. By Hadi’s logic, vaccinations are not going to prevent people from becoming infected. It is all in the hands of the Almighty God.

Anyway, Hadi’s general knowledge about progress made in containing the pandemic is extremely shallow. Either he does not know or simply refuses to believe of the success achieved by some countries in containing the pandemic.

Holier-than-thou PAS

Countries like the US, UK and Italy might have had high recorded cases of infections earlier, but lately through the ready availability of vaccines, infections have come down. Of course, our Perikatan Government, despite its religious credentials and having an Islamic party as a member, has not been spared by God.

The question is, why God has not been kind to Perikatan? Why would God inflict such a punishment by way of introducing COVID-19 on Malaysia? Hadi should answer this question and not skirt it by simply rambling on irrelevant matters.

The notion of political pandemic introduced by Hadi is merely to justify and whitewash the treachery committed Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu), Umno and PAS. If God is punishing Malaysia, then the reason is obvious. He is in fact, punishing the Perikatan for seizing power illegally from Pakatan Harapan.

Hadi mistakenly thinks and acts as though the Opposition is facing the wrath of God. So, the pandemic, at least in Hadi’s warped logic, is God’s way of punishing Malaysians for continuing to tolerate the Perikatan’s antiques. – Prof P Ramasamy


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