02 July 2021

Bendera putih putus bekalan,bendera hijau putus wayar...

Kekalkan PAS sebagai pemerintah di Kelantan sebagai 'laboratory evidence' atau 'muzium'  untuk mengingati kita  akan kebodohan puak lebai ini. Biarlah mereka berkumur dengan air tahi yang keluar daripada paip dan pili di negeri malang itu.    

Kita tidak melihat puak lebai ini memberi apa jenis sumbangan baik pun. Di mana saja mereka berada di situlah wujud kebodohan.   Itulah trademark mereka. - Syed Akbar Ali 

Law minister Takiyuddin Hassan said Prime Minister Muhyiddin has decided to convene parliament as soon as possible before August 1 . The cabinet will make the  final call next Wednesday on July 7.

Camna bini Menteri Kesihatan Adham Baba boleh naik pangkat 3 kali 
dlm masa yang terlalu singkat? Jenis kabel apa yang dipakainya??

PM Hides Behind Diarrhoea 
After King’s Third Warning...

Malaysian Prime Minister Mahiaddin was hospitalized after suffering a bout of diarrhoea. The condition must be life threatening for the Prime Minister Office to issue an official statement, telling the planet Earth about the premier’s bowel problem.
This is the first time a prime minister has used such a cheap gimmick to hide in the toilet. The problem with such a stunning story is this – nobody believes it. That’s because diarrhoea is a common excuse used by workers – even students – to skip work or class. Even if Mr Muhyiddin was hit by diarrhoea, he should not make a mountain out of a molehill.

Mahiaddin should sack his advisers, or whoever that hatched the silly stunt. Psychologically, the trick was to get sympathy. But instead of feelings of pity for his misfortune, everyone was having fun ridiculing, mocking and laughing at the backdoor prime minister’s childish excuse. People can’t remember a prime minister or a president of a country who had pulled such a dumb drama.

Exactly why can’t the prime minister, who has access to top medical care at his fingertip, fixes a minor issue like diarrhoea is beyond comprehension. He could try the 100-Plus isotonic sports drink served at room temperature. As suggested by some naughty netizens on the social media, he could also try the decades-old trustworthy “Chi-Kit Teck Aun” pills.

In short, no world leaders would be stupid enough to whine and cry publicly about passing loose or watery bowel movements. However, Mahaiddin alias Muhyiddin isn’t any ordinary chief executive of a country. He’s an illegitimate prime minister who is fast losing power. And the desperate man will do anything, including hiding in the toilet, if that’s what it takes to cling to power.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with the prime minister. Unless he has fallen prey to his most trusted lieutenant, gay Senior Minister Azmin Ali, his bowel is perfectly fine. The reason why he was shitting bricks has everything to do with the special meeting between the Agong (King) and Speakers of both Lower and Upper Houses – Azhar Azizan Harun and Rais Yatim.

King - Reconvene Parliament  as soon as possible

The prime minister’s office claimed Muhyiddin started having diarrhoea on Tuesday night (June 29) and was hospitalised the following morning for treatment and monitoring. Coincidentally, June 29 was the same day Speaker Azhar Azizan Harun and Speaker Rais Yatim met with King Sultan Abdullah after both were suddenly summoned on June 25 to the Palace.

The next day (Wednesday, June 30) after the royal audience, the chairs of both Houses, the Speaker of Dewan Rakyat (Lower House of Representative) Azhar Harun and the Speaker of Dewan Negara (Upper House of Representative) Rais Yatim made a joint statement. They said the King has decreed that parliamentary sittings should reconvene before Aug 1, 2021.

The joint statement was a humiliating U-turn from an earlier one made by the same despicable Speakers. On June 25, in a joint statement, both Azhar and Rais arrogantly announced that a proposed hybrid Parliament session can only happen in late August or the first week of September this year. The errand boys also said the decision had the approval of the prime minister.

The earlier joint statement was deliberately orchestrated and organized to send warnings to the Agong and all the 9 Malay Rulers, whom, after the June 16 special emergency meeting, had decreed that not only the current State of Emergency will not be extended after its expiry on August 1, but also that the Parliament should reconvene “as soon as possible”.
In fact, the illegitimate prime minister was so determined to challenge the King that on the same day (June 25) after the Speakers’ joint statement, Attorney General Idrus Harun, the brother of disgraced Speaker Azhar Harun, said the Agong cannot summon the Parliament to meet – unless under the Cabinet’s advice. But the coordinated attacks didn’t stop there.
Two days later (June 27), the backdoor government was so confident it could arm-twist the Agong that PAS Islamist party secretary-general and de-facto Law Minister Takiyuddin Hassan had once again announced the Parliament can only convene after the State of Emergency ends on August 1. It was yet another reminder and warning to the King to back off.
Speaker Rais Yatim and Speaker Azhar Harun

Therefore, the whole drama is quite simple. Speakers of both Houses were ordered by their political master – PM Muhyiddin – to issue a joint statement on June 25 to ignore the royal decree for the Parliament to reconvene. On the same day, the insulted King summoned both Speakers to the Palace on June 29, after which they, along with their deputies, got an earful from the monarch.

With tail between legs, the humiliated Speakers Azhar Harun and Rais Yatim went back to update PM Muhyiddin that the mission had failed. As they said – three strikes and you’re out. The Agong had given three warnings or decrees – first on February 24, second on June 16 and the third was slapped on the faces of the House Speakers and their deputies on June 29.
So, when both Speakers changed their tune in favour of the King’s decree for the federal legislature to meet before the current Emergency expires on August 1, Mr Mahiaddin was practically shitting in his pants. With hungry and angry people on his side, it appears the monarch was ready to confront the prime minister, even if it means it could trigger a Constitutional Crisis.

But what exactly had Agong said during the royal meeting that had spooked the prime minister until he needed to be hospitalized for diarrhoea? There have been debates whether the King can call for the Parliament to reconvene himself, or he must obey the prime minister’s advice. The A.G. had argued that the King remains powerless, although the Proclamation of Emergency had been declared.

However, A.G. Idrus Harun’s opinion could be both bias and wrong. He could not explain the fact that the King is vested by the Constitution to summon for the Parliament to meet within six (6) months between the last proceeding in the last session and the date appointed for its first proceeding in the next session, failing which the Parliament will automatically dissolve.

More importantly, when Sultan Abdullah issued his first decree on Feb 24 that the Parliament can meet during the Emergency period, all the three stooges – Dewan Rakyat Speaker Azhar Harun, Dewan Negara Speaker Rais Yatim and Attorney General Idrus Harun – were the same people who had advised the monarch.

King and the Malay Rulers

An Emergency is a double-edged sword. Agong, armed with the understanding that he has the powers to summon Parliament to meet under the Emergency Ordinance, may do exactly that. Supposing he calls for the reopening of the Parliament without the prime minister’s blessing, what could the regime do about it? Will the police block the arrival of the King for the opening of Parliament sitting?

Even if the power-hungry Muhyiddin dares to issue an order to drag the Agong out of the Parliament building, who will dare to execute it? Like it or not, when Sultan Abdullah orders the Parliament to reopen, it will also mean a war has been declared, which in turn a motion of no confidence will be the first order of business and voila, the prime minister loses his legitimacy in the Parliament.

Sure, the regime can cry, whine and bitch about the legality of the reopening of the Parliament and the dismissal of Mahiaddin. They can definitely sue the Malay Ruler at the Federal Court. However, it would be water under the bridge once the prime minister loses the vote of confidence in the Parliament, leading to the appointment of a new prime minister.

There’s no provision in the Federal Constitution for the reinstatement of a prime minister who had been wrongly sacked, something which Donald Trump and his supporters are trying to do too with the allegations that Joe Biden had stolen the U.S. presidency. That was why both arrogant Azhar Harun and Rais Yatim suddenly lost their balls after the royal audience.

If Muhyiddin continues to make dangerous moves to establish a dictatorship, the crisis could take a turn for the worse. While it’s true that Agong reigns, and does not rule, it’s worth to note that the King – the Federal Head of State – is also the Commander-in-Chief of the Malaysian Armed Forces, the highest-ranking office in the command structure of the Malaysian military.

Home Minister Hamzah Zainudin may control the police force. But if the Commander-in-Chief mobilizes the military, even his boy – Inspector-General of Police Acryl Sani – will be sharing the same toilet with Prime Minister Muhyiddin, shitting in their pants. The real reason Muhyiddin weaponized diarrhoea was to skip the regular Wednesday meeting with Agong.

Naturally, the royal audience between King Sultan Abdullah and the Speakers on Tuesday (June 29), which led to the joint statement on Wednesday (June 30), has left Mahiaddin in a precarious position to proceed with the regular discussions ahead of the weekly Cabinet meeting with Agong. Therefore, he clumsily cooked up the silly excuse about his bowel movement problem. - FT

When white flags fly...

Do you know whose idea was it that gave birth to the Bendera Putih initiative? I don't. And that is sad. But whoever the brains are behind the initiative, I salute you. It is a noble idea for an equally noble cause.

We know already #benderaputih is trending, meaning the Bendera Putih or white flag initiative has gained traction, already getting mass support from individuals, groups, businesses and politicians, particularly from the opposition, and still getting support.

Malaysians are suffering and the Bendera Putih movement is a call for Malaysians in need of food or essentials to carry out a simple act, that is to raise a white flag outside their homes as a sign to indicate they need help so that neighbors and others can give the necessary aid.

We know by now the message is straightforward: "To those who are struggling and have no food, raise the white flag at you home. Let the people around you help as much as they can. Please do not take actions that will break the hearts of your loved ones. No need to plead. No need to beg. No need to feel embarrassed. Just fly the flag."

The initiative surfaced amid reports of Malaysians being pushed to the brim or to breaking points by the indefinite closure of the economy because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many are driven to suicide.

Up went the white flags, and with it came the help as Malaysians regardless of race and religion responded overwhelmingly. The Bendera Putih movement is all about Malaysians getting Malaysians to help Malaysians. Therefore, no one should view it suspiciously, or feel uneasy, what more feel threatened, not even the government.

Come to think of it, federal minister Datuk Zuraida Kamaruddin took to her social media platform to proclaim that she is "with the Bendera Putih movement to identify the needy". And she echoed the movement message of "no need to plead. No need to be embarrassed. Just fly the flag".

I was told she had located some needy folks thanks to the white flags, and provided aid. Activists, including the well-known Fahmi Reza, are accusing the minister of "hijacking" the initiative created by the rakyat. Agree or not, that's their take on the matter which must be respected.

As it stands, Zuraida at least on record "is with" the initiative, rendering support. Which makes Nik Abduh Nik Aziz's take on the Bendera Putih movement baffling. All the more baffling as Nik Abduh is a leader of PAS, a party which is in a government which Zuraida is part of.

The PAS politician who fashioned himself as an ulama or Islamic scholar is perceived to have looked down or mocked the Bendera Putih movement. He urged people to pray to God to help overcome their hardships and challenges instead of raising a while flag.

"Raise your hands in prayer to Him. That is the flag of strength and optimism. Don't admit defeat when tested." Obviously, to him the white flag is a sign of surrender. True as in other instances. In war for example. But not this time. People are fighting a different kind of war!

To activist Iswardy Morni, the white flag is a symbol of the rakyat not "surrendering" in the usual sense but more of given up hope of getting help during these trying times, thus the need to take care among themselves.

Nik Abduh, on his part, wants people to ask God for help and not raise the white flag. And he was lambasted for that by Malaysians, including Muslims who told him Allah wants people to work hard and try to help themselves instead of merely praying for help.

Some reminded Nik Abduh on the "tin Milo" (empty Milo cans) used to collect money from people at PAS ceramahs, asking him "why didn't PAS just pray for money to drop from the sky?" There are a lot more said by the average Malaysians. And Nik Abduh continues to be slammed.

Nik Abduh is a member of PAS central committee. I wonder if the PAS leadership shares his views on the Bendera Putih movement. As said earlier, Bendera Putih is a people's initiative. An attack on it is seen as an attack on the people. Belittle it is to belittle the people. That is what Nik Abduh has done!

No politician worth his salt would want to incur the wrath of the people. Which is what Nik Abduh has effortlessly "earned". Thus far PAS leaders are keeping mum. It looks like the party or its top leaders seem to be distancing from Nik Abduh on the issue. Is he being isolated? Is he alone on the white flag matter? I do not know. But I do know that PAS leaders as well as the party itself have been implicated because of what Nik Abduh has said.

Take a look at what political analyst Azmi Hassan has to say. He was quoted by FMT as saying PAS leaders "should have the common decency" to say the right things about a campaign meant to help people in distress. Azmi and fellow analyst Awang Azman Pawi questioned the quality of leadership in PAS, particularly in its role as a member of Perikatan Nasional administration.

According to Azmi, it looks like PAS does not even have the "basic knowledge" to run the country. He went on to say that many people were skeptical of PAS' abilities when it became part of the government and the skeptics "had been proven right". As he sees it, PAS leaders "have been making too many blunders". 

All what Azmi has said, I would say will haunt PAS and for that Perikatan Nasional itself for a very long time as the pandemic continues to rage on. Meanwhile, the white flags are still being raised. - Mohsin Abdullah

Meanwhile,the Kedah Menteri Besar today said a news report claiming that he would neither recognise nor help those who raised the white flag was a “spin” by a news outlet.Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor said he had merely urged those in trouble to call special emergency hotlines set up in all districts in Kedah instead of putting up white flags.

He also described the white flag movement, a campaign that was launched on social media earlier this week, as a form of political propaganda that was aimed at tarnishing the good work of the federal government. He claimed that these white flags could have been planted by opposition parties for other reasons. - fmt


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