20 February 2019

Nik Amar dah berkokok...

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Saya tunggu Mohd Amar “memenatekan” isu pertemuan Hadi Awang dengan Dr Mahathir. Selalunya kalau Nik Amar bersuara ia boleh menghilangkan katuk. Nampaknya dia sudah bersuara. Katuk saya pun dah hilang.

Dia seperti juga orang Pas lain menafikan perjumpaan itu kononnya untuk mengharap belas ehsan bersabit isu siasatan RM90 juta.

Sebaliknya kata Nik Amar pertemuan itu untuk mengatakan sokongan kepada Dr Mahathir atas kepasitinya sebagai PM demi Melayu dan Islam dan juga untuk selamatkan Mahathir daripada diganggu pihak tertentu.

Wah, hebat Nik Amar dan cara dia bersilat pulut. Mudah cerita dengan kekuatan 18 orang ahli parlimen kononnya Pas dapat mempertahankan Dr Mahathir. Walaupun Nik Amar dan yang lain tidak menyebut, pihak berkenaan, dengan “simsilabim” difaham ia adalah dituding kepada DAP dan PKR.


Cuba dibawakan cerita kononnya Dr Mahathir akan diancam undi tidak percaya dalam parlimen. Inilah tesis yang dibuat oleh Pas untuk menjustifikasi pertemuan Hadi dengan Dr Mahathir tempoh hari yang kini menjadi polemik.

Bagi orang Pas tesis atau teori ini dipercayai oleh orang Pas. Orang Pas katalah apa pun mereka akan telan. Kalau ibarat buat rambutan akan ditelan dengan butir sekali, bahkan kulit berbulu pun dimakan asalkan ia dihulurkan oleh pemimpin mereka. Orang Pas jenis macam lembu makan baik merembat rumput tanpa kira racun atau tidak.

Sebenarnya teori itu tidak logik dan Pas lambat dalam bertindak. Kalau nak bantu Dr Mahathir demi Melayu dan Islam bukan selepas pilihan raya tetapi sebelum. Kenapa perlu baik dengan orang setelah dia hendak “berbewah?” Cara Pas tidak bermaruah.

Kalau Pas cerdik dan benar-benar niat untuk mempertahankan Mahathir dan Islam, kenapa tidak disokong semasa pilihan raya dahulu? Bukankah sudah dua tiga kali berunding dengan Mahathir. Atau ketika itu kerana masih yakin Najib Razak berkuasa? Dan kalau percayakan Najib dapat menjaga Islam dan Melayu kenapa dah tukar baju tak jadi sedondon lagi. Tidakkah itu satu kepura-puraan?

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Nik Amar dan Pas tidak payah berdolak dalik, mereka teori yang memabukkan itu. Kalau takut kerana siasatan RM90 juta katakan takut. Kalau jujur nak bantu Mahathir memperkuatkan bangsa dan Melayu, mengaku sahaja. Jangan berdolak dalik mencabangkan lidah.

Kita tahu Pas bencikan DAP dan Anwar Ibrahim. Tidak ada masalah itu hak dan pilihan Pas. Tetapi dengan cuma menjadikan Dr Mahathir sebagai titian ia tidak gentlemen. Politik cara begitu juga politik dangkal dan berpasir.

Sebenci-benci Dr Mahathir kepada Anwar saya percaya dia lebih tidak suka kepada cara Hadi berpolitik. Amanat Hadi dan tuduhan Pas kepada Umno sebagai parti kafir tetap akan diingat ke akhir hayat. Perkataan Umno kafir sudah masuk ke tulang hitam.

Dan kena ingat sebelum Mahathri jadi mualaf setelah meninggal Umno tubuh Bersatu, dia juga dikafirkan. - MSO

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Only PAS Plotting How To 
Best Suck Up To Dr.M...

Fun, hilarious and entertaining – that’s how online spectators feel as they watch PAS Islamic Party running around like a headless chicken, after the naughty 93-year-old Mahathir dropped the bombshell. PAS exploded in disarray as the prime minister claims that PAS had formally stated, along with a signed document, that it will not support UMNO in the Semenyih by-election.

From the different reactions gathered so far, it’s safe to presume that the delegation led by PAS President Abdul Hadi Awang in a meeting with PM Mahathir Mohamad recently had not expected the premier would do such a despicable thing – revealing the secrets of their meeting. There could be only one reason why Mahathir deliberately throws a cat among the pigeons.

The delegation of fake holy men from PAS cannot be trusted. That explains why Mahathir wanted the sweet promises made by the Islamic Party put in black and white. After all, how could the prime minister trust the double-headed snake Hadi after Nik Abduh Nik Aziz revealed that his boss had given his “blessings” for him to lie about taking RM90 million bribes from UMNO?

Mahathir was clearly toying with Hadi and his minions. Mahathir claimed that although the PAS delegation – President Hadi Awang, Secretary-general Takiyuddin Hassan and Terengganu Mentri Besar (Chief Minister) Ahmad Samsuri Mokhtar – had pledged to abandon UMNO, they decided not to make it public. Of course, the PAS trio was not impressed that the old man tricked them and revealed the signed agreement.

But what choice do they have now that every Tom, Dick and his hamster know that PAS had taken dirty money. At first, PAS has denied that it signed a letter agreeing not to support UMNO in the Semenyih by-election. Then they said the level of support to be given to UMNO will be different from the one it had accorded to the party in the recent Cameron Highlands parliamentary by-election.

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Like the serial liar (former prime minister) Najib Razak, the only way out for PAS was to create a diversion and distraction. Like a broken record, the disgraced Islamic Party has again accused DAP of receiving foreign funds, including from Israel, despite the fact that it was PAS’ Nik Abduh who was caught in the audio recording bragging about his connections with the CIA.

Exactly why the Jews would stupidly inject RM1.2 billion into a Chinese-based party DAP is beyond comprehension. That wild allegation, first made three years ago in 2016 when the ousted Najib regime was still in power, has seen zero evidence until today. It would make more sense to accuse the mainland Chinese Communist Party of funding DAP.

Now, in order not to offend and anger Mahathir, PAS has claimed there’s a plot to bring down the old prime minister by the component parties within the ruling Pakatan Harapan coalition. Takiyuddin said the “draft letter” that was signed during a recent meeting between the Prime Minister and PAS top leadership in Kuala Lumpur was a declaration of PAS’ support for Mahathir leadership.

Hence, if either DAP, PKR, Amanah or whoever dares to betray Mahathir, the Islamic Party will be there to defend him. Suddenly the story has changed, that the Superhero Hadi Awang somehow sensed something was wrong and there could be a betrayal to Mahathir (who happens to be PAS’ enemy) so the PAS president took the trouble to visit the premier to warn him.

Takiyuddin said the alleged betrayal could come from “two component parties” within Pakatan, presumably PKR and DAP, led by PM-in-waiting Anwar Ibrahim and Lim Kit Siang respectively. Perhaps Mr. Takiyuddin didn’t realise that in his desperate attempt to cover-up his party’s lies, he surely sounded like a bootlickers trying to suck up to Mahathir so that the RM90 million bribery is swept under the carpet.

Why should the opposition PAS care whether there would be a coup against Mahathir or otherwise? If indeed there is a plan to topple Mahathir through a vote of confidence, would not that be a great opportunity for PAS together with UMNO to grab power? PAS must be incredibly stupid to choose a strong leader like Mahathir instead of a weak leader like Anwar.

Anwar Ibrahim and Mahathir Mohamad

Mahathir has specifically declared that collaboration between opposition PAS and ruling PPBM (his party) is not on the cards, yet for some weird reason, the Islamic Party volunteers its support for the prime minister. PAS is worse than a brothel house. Why PAS leaders have resorted to bend over, insisting and begging Mahathir to screw them?

Nope, there will be no vote of confidence to be tabled to kick out PM Mahathir Mohamad. Although he has broken dozens of promises, the sad reality is nobody dares plotting against the master strategist and tactician. The old fox had taken seven ex-UMNO MPs and so far, not a single top leader from either PKR, DAP or Amanah dares to reprimand him.

DAP Supremo Lim Kit Siang has been as quiet as a mouse while PKR President Anwar Ibrahim pretended nothing had happened. Mr Lim cannot criticise Mahathir as it would be easily twisted by the opposition UMNO and PAS as a Chinese challenging a Malay leader. Anwar cannot criticise Mahathir as he would be seen as impatiently trying to overthrow him.

After being the opposition for decades, it’s highly unlikely DAP will go against Mahathir and risk losing the lucrative ministers portfolios. Besides, there’s no guarantee that they would still get the Finance Ministership under Anwar Ibrahim leadership. PKR, on the other hand, has seen its traitor Azmin Ali getting ready to jump over to Mahathir’s PPBM at the slightest chance.

Indeed Mahathir is a fearsome figure whom none of the component parties within the Pakatan dares to challenge. PKR and DAP could only express their displeasure, but there’s absolutely nothing they could do if Mahathir decides not to listen. Even Parti Warisan Sabah leader Mohd Shafie Apdal, with tail between legs, reluctantly accepts Mahathir’s PPBM plan to spread its wing into Sabah.

The best card to play is to wait patiently for Mahathir to hand over the premiership to Anwar. Neither PKR nor DAP, let alone Amanah or Warisan, wants to rock the boat. Nobody is interested of plotting against the prime minister, for now. But PAS has every reason to put Mahathir and PKR and DAP at loggerheads. To prevent imprisonment, the Islamic Party is plotting how to best become Mahathir’s poodle. - FT

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