03 March 2018

Inspektor polis wanita dipaksa lakukan seks kulom2...

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Seorang inspektor polis wanita yang masih dalam tempoh percubaan membuat laporan terhadap pegawai atasannya mendakwa dipaksa melakukan seks oral.

Memetik sumber, The Star melaporkan wanita 28 tahun itu dijemput makan malam bersama suspek kira-kira jam 8 malam pada 25 Februari di sebuah restoran di Kangar, Perlis, tetapi tutup.

Suspek kemudian dilapor memandu ke tempat terpencil sebelum kejadian berlaku.

Sumber-sumber memaklumkan harian itu bahawa mangsa tidak melawan kerana bimbangkan keselamatannya.

Mangsa juga sebelum itu mengadu suspek meraba punggungnya di pejabat tahun lalu dan mengancam menyusahkan kerjanya jika dia menolak.

Pada hari yang sama dia diraba, kata mangsa, suspek turut membuat laporan mendakwa insiden itu tidak berlaku dan dakwaan itu bertujuan merosakkan nama baiknya.

Dalam laporan itu, pegawai kanan itu mendakwa wanita itu tidak gembira dikritik kerana tidak melakukan kerja dengan betul.

Lelaki itu juga mendakwa wanita itu dipengaruhi “pihak luar”.

Lelaki yang pangkatnya tidak disebut itu dilapor dipindahkan ke daerah lain dan diarah bercuti sehingga siasatan selesai. - mk

Australia beku akaun Pegawai Bukit Aman 
yang dikait dengan pengubahan wang haram...
Story kat SINI SINI dan SINI 

Investigating: Indonesian police officers are seen on board the luxury yacht 'Equanimity' on Wednesday
US254 Mil.(RM960 Mil.) 
Cash Found On Yacht!Our Money... 

There is a story doing the rounds that plenty cash was found on that yacht that was bought with money stolen from the Malaysian people. The amount is circa US254 million or RM960 million. First some news bits from ABC Australia - rearranged, truncated for effect:

Indon police received letter from FBI on Feb 21
requesting help to enforce court order to trace yacht 

FBI tipped off Indons yacht near Bali,not too hard to find it
Indon police traced yacht to Lombok then Bali 
impounded at Benoa port in Bali's south

Bali police questioned South African captain, crew on behalf of US
Police checking crew papers to see evidence of crime
checking ship's captain to know what they were doing in Indon  

FBI info showed yacht's AIS switched off, making harder to track 
Over 180 days Equanimity sailed from M'sia, S'pore, Bali, Papua 
several points where movements are unclear 
money used to buy yacht interests FBI
Yacht 'bought with embezzled state-owned funds' 
bought with $ US4.5 billion siphoned from 1MDB
by high-level officials and JoLo

Najib set up 1MDB 
millions US $ poured into his personal account
Najib close associate Low misappropriated US $ billion from 1MDB
to buy yacht, private jet, hotel, millions in jewellery
DOJ says $ US1.7b laundered through US financial institutions 
proceeds of money laundering bought not only boat, but more 
Miranda Kerr, Leonardo DiCaprio given assets bought with 1MDB funds 
Other assets bought with stolen 1MDB funds recovered

Low gave Miranda Kerr millions in jewellery
Leonardo DiCaprio handed back Oscar owned by Marlon Brando
Low's whereabouts unknown
Putting spotlight on Malaysia, again

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First of all, it looks like it is the Donald Trump Administration that is finally going to drain the swamp in this 1MDB scandal. Hail to Donald Trump. Donald Trump does not really give a shit about MO1.

Secondly the FBI is following the crooks and their ill gotten assets very closely. They have been tracking the Equanimity - which is not a very difficult thing to do.

The FBI issued a letter of request to the Indons on February 21. Jokowi has gladly cooperated. This means MO1 is not very big in Indonesia. Jokowi does not give a shit about MO1 either.

I will not be surprised if the yacht was carrying plenty of cash. Their credit cards are useless. Their bank accounts are useless. All those big name stores frequented by Hippo in those European countries now do not want to deal with her. So someone else has to pay for her purchases. There must be paymaster.

The end is nigh. This is going to be a very bad year for them. 'Those whom the gods want to destroy, they first make them go mad'.  - ostb

Cool pictures and a more detailed story at the UK's Daily Mail

What happened to 1MDB's money?

Polri Tangkap Kapal Mewah Rp 3,5 Triliun di Bali

Sekutu Trump minta minta RM295 juta utk tutup siasatan 1MDB
Story kat SINI dan SINI 

Searching for Jho Low’s Eqanimity. It’s quite hard actually.
Only in Chinese you can find it


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