05 June 2015

Dr.M dihalang polis, 'pahlawan' Najib tak kelihatan...

Rakaman lengkap ucapan ringkas Mahathir di PWTC 
sehingga beliau dihalang polis daripada terus berucap...

Polis hentikan ucapan Mahathir...

Najib ingkari Istana dan terskan 1MDB...

Dr Mahathir Mohamad may have received a hero's reception at the 1MDB dialogue after the controversial failure of chief guest Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to turn up - but not all present were happy about the former prime minister 'hijacking' the event.

Though the event was titled ‘Nothing to Hide: PM's dialogue with NGOs’, the main star there was Mahathir who used it to criticise Najib.

"This is an event focusing on the PM, and to hear someone else speak was a little disappointing," an attendee from NGO Generasi Muda Klang, Siti Hajar, said.

The event was subsequently cancelled on the order of Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar, who cited security concerns, despite more than 1,500 people already present at the venue, including Mahathir.

Since Najib did not show up, Mahathir took the stage and gave a speech.

However, he was stopped in the middle of his speech, by police, who escorted Mahathir off the stage.

"We respect him (Mahathir) as our former prime minister, but he should have respected this event," Siti Hajar said.

She said that while she was sad that Najib did not show up, she understood his absence as the police ordered this for safety reasons. - mk

Pihak penganjur Dialog PM bersama NGO memutuskan untuk menangguhkan majlis tersebut ekoran arahan pihak polis supaya ia dibatalkan atas sebab-sebab keselamatan.

Sebaliknya, program hari ini bertukar menjadi majlis bicara bersama Dr Mahathir yang bermula sekitar jam 10.30 pagi.

Ketika Dr Mahathir sedang berucap di pentas, beliau didatangi seorang anggota polis yang meminta beliau menghentikan ucapan. 

Ketika itu,  hadirin bersorak "nothing to hide" (tiada apa untuk disembunyikan).

Sehingga jam 10.45 pagi ini, Dr Mahathir belum meneruskan ucapannya.


Boleh percayakah...

Beliau kemudiannya mengadakan sidang media selama 15 minit sebelum diiringi oleh anggota polis keluar dari dewan.

Hadirin juga kemudian beredar meninggal dewan tersebut.- mk

Dr.M sedia debat dgn. Warrior Najib...

Saya tak bawa senjata,pasai apa takut...

Twitter goes berserk on PM-Dr M pantomime

Nak sembunyi memang tak muncul, titah TMJ...

Pejabat Perdana Menteri berkata Datuk Seri Najib Razak tidak hadir dalam sesi dialog dengan NGO di Kuala Lumpur hari ini atas alasan keselamatan.

Pengkritik beliau pula berkata Najib “bacul” untuk berdepan dengan Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Bagaimanapun, bagi Tengku Mahkota Johor Brigadier Jeneral Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim, lain pula telahannya.

“Bagaimana boleh diadakan suatu dialog bertajuk 'Nothing2Hide' dengan mengetengahkan seorang yang ingin menyembunyikan segala-galanya?

“Tentu sekali dia tidak akan muncul,” titah baginda.

Menulis dalam Facebook Johor Southern Tigers, baginda juga mengingatkan supaya pihak yang diberi amanah tidak menyalahkan rakyat kerana hilang kepercayaan.

“Kepada mereka yang telah diberikan amanah, jangan salahkan rakyat kerana hilang keyakinan dan kepercayaan terhadap anda, tetapi fikirkanlah mengapa rakyat telah hilang keyakinan dan kepercayaan terhadap anda,” titahya. 

 Tengku Ismail dipercayai kerabat pertama bersuara tentang perselisihan antara Najib dan Mahathir.

Kenyataan daripada pihak istana Johor itu sedikit sebanyak dilihat memberikan tamparan kepada Najib yang pentadbirannya diasak daripada segenap penjuru dalam isu 1MDB. - mk

Johor crown prince drubs PM over no-show...

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak has received a royal rebuke for not attending the dialogue session dubbed 'Nothing to Hide' this morning.

"How can you have a dialogue called 'Nothing2Hide' featuring a person who has everything to hide?

"Obviously he won't show up," said Crown Prince of Johor Tunku Ismail in a bi-lingual post on the Facebook page of the Johor football.

Tunku Ismail is the Johor Football Association president. 

Najib was scheduled to attend the dialogue at PWTC this morning, but withdrew at the eleventh hour, ostensibly because the police had cancelled the event due to security concerns.

Tunku Ismail added that Najib has lost the confidence of the public.

"For those who have been entrusted with the responsibility, do not blame the people for losing confidence and trust in you, but think of why they no longer have the confidence and trust in you."

This is likely the first time that any serving royalty had publicly criticised Najib.

Najib has come under fire from the Mahathir, primarily over the handling of the 1MDB debacle.

Mahathir had questioned how the Finance Ministry-owned company could have racked up RM42 billion in debt, within just five years of operations.

He had also took Najib to task for failing to shed detail the funds redeemed from 1MDB's account in the Cayman Islands. - mk

Mahathir: Kawan lama kini burukkan saya...

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad kecewa kerana seorang tokoh yang pernah mendapat pertolongannya kini mengambil upah untuk memburuk-burukkan beliau.

Tanpa menamakan individu tersebut, Mahathir berkata “bekas rakannya” itu turut memberi amaran agar berhenti menyerang Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak dan tidak lagi membangkitkan mengenai skandal 1Malaysia Development Bhd.

“Beliau memberi amaran, jika saya teruskan, saya akan meninggalkan nama buruk. Saya beritahu dia, apa yang orang fikir tentang legasi saya, jika ada sedikitpun, ia  tidak penting.

“Saya bimbang dengan apa yang berlaku dalam negara. Nama baik kita sedang dicalar,” kata Mahathir lagi dalam tulisannya di blog chedet.cc.

Walau tidak menamakan mana-mana individu, tulisan itu dipercayai merujuk kepada tokoh pengiklanan, Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing.

Lim dilantik menjadi penasihat khas kepada PM bulan lalu.

"Beliau diberi tugas untuk memburuk-burukkan saya, untuk menjahanamkan apa yang dipanggil nama baik saya.

"Saya fikir, beliau dan bos beliau percaya bila saya akan jadi tidak popular, kutukan saya ke atas segala cacamarba melibatkan 1MDB tidak akan dipedulikan orang," tulisnya lagi.

Beliau juga menjangka kempen yang lebih agresif akan dilancarkan untuk memburuk-burukkan beliau dan bagi menggilap imej Najib.

"Nyatalah jumlah wang yang besar dibelanjakan untuk kempen ini. Sahabat saya itu dilantik ke Pejabat Perdana Menteri dan berusaha keras untuk menyembunyikan kesalahan 1MDB," kata Mahathir.- mk

Mahathir laments over a friend turned foe...

1. A friend visited me in my office recently. I had helped him a lot when I was PM not with money or jobs, but by smoothening bureaucratic processes in the way of his projects. As a result he became a very successful educationist and was able to expand overseas. I regarded my help as essential as the bureaucrats can be unnecessarily dilatory or even obstructive. I do this for everyone and they are all very grateful. My friend was especially grateful.

2. Off and on he would drop in my office to discuss current issues. He worried about Najib’s Government policies and performance. He urged me to do something.

3. But when he dropped in this time he seemed somewhat changed.

4. He kept on urging me not to “attack” the PM. I explained why I am doing so. But he persisted in urging me to desist from my efforts at questioning the leadership regarding the current financial scandal.

5. He warned that if I continue I would lose my legacy. I told him what people think of my legacy, if there is any, is not important. I am concerned at what is happening in the country. Our good reputation is being eroded.

6. He repeated several times that I would lose my legacy. I really appreciated his concern. He is a friend and I felt he cared for me.

7. We parted as friends.

8. But now I understand better why he talked about my losing my legacy. He has been given the task of demonising me, of destroying what he calls my legacy. I think he and his boss believes that if I become unpopular then my condemnation of the shenanigans involving 1MDB would be ignored by people.

9. So we are seeing now a new and more aggressive campaign to demonise me and to show how much the PM is supported by the people. Clearly large sums of money are being spent on this campaign. My friend is now installed in the Prime Minister’s Office and is working hard to cover up the wrong-doings of 1MDB. The first pages of the mainstream media now carry explanations on how the borrowed funds were spent. They add up neatly to 42 billion Ringgit. Before criticisms were just ignored. A policy of elegant silence was followed. Now Najib has been advised to answer to explain. However, he lost an opportunity to explain when he did not turn up for for the “Nothing to Hide” forum.

10. But there really can be no explanation on the disappearance of the money supposedly brought back from Cayman Islands – six billion US Dollars. No explanation can be made on the denial by the Swiss bank that it received money from 1MDB. No explanation on Arul’s claim that he saw the cash and the PM explaining there was no cash. Now the cash has become units. What units? No explanation also on the inability to pay interest of 2 billion until Ananda donated or loaned 2 billion whatever. Nor is there any explanation as to why 1MDB needs investments of USD1 billion by IPIC to pay debts to Deutsche Bank when 42 billion investments have been made. Is there no returns on the investments? And many other questions remain unanswered.

11. My ex-friend will have to do better at demonising me if he is to earn titles etc. - chedet

Debate Dr M, make your warrior ancestors proud...

Over a span of 24 hours, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak has gone from "warrior" to being labelled a "coward" after he failed to turn up for a much anticipated dialogue dubbed 'Nothing to Hide' this morning.

Though the official reason for his absence is due to Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar advising him not to attend because of security concerns, critics however claim he was afraid of facing Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who was waiting for more than two hours.

And now, PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli has suggested an option for Najib to reclaim his honour. - a live debate with Mahathir on television.

Speaking to Malaysiakini, he noted how the organiser of the dialogue claimed that the prime minister was about to leave home.

"If he does not set the record straight through a live telecast debate, Najib maybe unfairly judged of cowardice for not turning up.

"A public debate can set the record right once and for all. It is good for Umno to prove that there's still some chivalry left in Umno, it is also good for the nation as leadership is made accountable to the nation through a public debate.

"If Najib refuses a public debate with Mahahir, he cannot blame the public if he is judged as being a coward in spite of his Bugis warrior-like ancestry," he said.

Security reasons cited

Rafizi said it is not uncommon nor was it the first time that security reasons were cited to avoid a public debate.

The Pandan lawmaker himself went through a similar episode in 2012 when a debate with Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin was called off because the police cited security reasons.

"Fortunately, the organiser (Sinar Harian) went ahead to organise a debate with smaller audience but telecast live to the nation.

"If a much smaller issue such as PTPTN (higher education loan fund) warranted a live telecast debate between much junior leaders, I am sure a debate on national leadership and the biggest national scandal such as 1MDB and PM's handling of 1MDB deserves a live telecast national debate between Mahathir and Najib," he added.

Yesterday, Najib told some 10,000 supporters in Sarawak that his detractors should not underestimate him and that the blood of warriors courses through his veins. - mk

Berdebatlah Najib demi maruah nenek moyang

Nothing To Hide @ Tiada Telor Untuk Disorokkan...


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