05 March 2015

AJK PAS Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad kena tumbuk...

 Ahli Jawatankuasa PAS Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad "menyambut" tumbukan oleh individu yang tidak dikenali dengan laungan takbir.

Menceritakan kembali kejadian Dzulkefly dipukul, isterinya Azlin Hezri berkata, pada jam 6.30 pagi, pemimpin PAS itu dihampiri dua lelaki yang menunggang motosikal.

Ketika meletakkan kereta di kawasan rumah, Azlin berkata, salah seorang lelaki tersebut membuka pintu kereta Dzulkefly dan menumbuk di bahagian kanan muka Dzulkefly.

Selepas ditumbuk, Dzulkefly kemudian melawan kembali sambil bertakbir sekuat hati beberapa kali, kata Azlin.

"Sebenarnya semasa dia balik daripada masjid dan meletakkan kereta di perkarangan rumah, belum sempat pintu pagar ditutup, ada dua orang lelaki.

"Seorang daripadanya memakai topi keledar terus menuju ke kereta Dr (Dzulkefly) dan buka pintu kereta dan terus tumbuk muka Dr sebelah kanan.

"Kemudian Dr turun (kereta) dan lawan balik, dia takbir kuat-kuat banyak kali sehingga orang tersebut tergamam dan lepas itu dia (individu tersebut) pukul Dr dengan besi.

"Alhamdulillah, tiada jahitan yang dikenakan terhadap Dr," kata Azlin ketika dihubungi Malaysiakini.

Bibir bengkak, dahi luka

Ditanya mengenai kenyataan  “kenapa kurang ajar sangat” yang ditujukan kepada pengarah Pusat Penyelidikan PAS itu, Azlin berkata, Dzulkefly tidak sempat untuk berkata apa-apa.

Menurut Azlin lagi, Dzulkefly yang hanya mengalami luka di dahi dan bengkak di bibir dan kini baru selesai memberi kenyataan kepada pihak polis yang datang ke rumah berhubung kejadian itu.

"Dia OK. Cuma bibir bengkak, luka di dahi. Dr memang jenis yang tidak akan berdiam diri. Dia memang akan melawan balik.

"Ini baru selesai Dr buat laporan polis. Polis datang ke rumah. Dr sekarang berehat di rumah dan selepas ini tidak pasti sama ada dia akan ke Putrajaya jaya untuk urusannya atau tidak," tambahnya lagi.

Pagi tadi, Dzulkefly diserang oleh individu tidak dikenali di rumahnya di Seksyen 7, Shah Alam selepas selesai solat subuh.

Berikutan kejadian serangan itu, PAS Selangor akan mengarahkan kawalan keselamatan ke atas pemimpin PAS negeri itu dipertingkatkan agar cubaan pihak yang ingin mencetuskan provokasi dapat dihalang.- mk
PAS leader Dzulkefly Ahmad assaulted...

PAS central committee member Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad was assaulted by an unidentified individual as he was returning from subuh prayers this morning.

PAS Youth chief Suhaizan Kaiat said in a Facebook posting that Dzulkefly, who is a qualified toxicologist, was punched and hit on the face and forehead.

"Before leaving, the assailant asked Dzulkefly why he was so rude (kenapa kurang ajar sangat?)," Suhaizan wrote.

"PAS Youth expresses regret over the incident and we do not rule out that such action is a provocation on PAS leaders. They maybe out to create a split. May Allah reply to their bad deeds," the PAS Youth chief added on his Facebook posting.

When contacted, Dzulkefly’s wife Azlin Hezri said the PAS leader was approached by two men who came on a motorcycle during the 6.30am incident.

One of the men, who was wearing his helmet, punched Dzulkefly on the right side of his face while the latter was parking his car.

“The man opened my husband’s car door and punched him.

“Dr (Dzulkefly) then fought back while shouting ‘Allahuakbar’ loudly many times until the man was stunned momentarily, before he hit my husband with an iron rod,” Azlin told Malaysiakini.

“He is now resting at home and is not sure whether he will be going to Putrajaya later today or not.”

Dzulkefly suffered a split lip and an injury on his forehead. However, his injuries required no stitches.

He has since lodged a report with the police, who came over to his house following the incident.

Selangor PAS to boost security for leaders

Meanwhile, Selangor PAS commissioner Iskandar Samad (left), who also denounced the attack, expressed hope that the police would speed up their investigations.

This is so that those responsible for the attack would be swiftly identified and charged, he said.

“Selangor PAS will ensure that security measures for state party leaders are heightened to deter those who wish to resort to provocative means,” Iskandar said, adding that Selangor PAS Youth will be tasked with the responsibility.

“In whatever circumstances, such violent action should not have occurred,” he said in a statement.

Selangor PAS secretary Mohd Khairuddin Osman also expressed hope that those responsible for the attack would be brought to justice.

“We know that it was a provocative stunt by certain people with certain motives and we are confident that they are not Selangor PAS members.”

Khairuddin also urged state party members to inform the police whenever there are provocative actions made against any members. - mk

Hadi urged to put a halt to violence in PAS...

The assault on PAS central committee member Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad early this morning has prompted one his comrades to urge party president Abdul Hadi Awang to put a stop to growing animosity within the party.

Vocal central committee member Mujahid Yusof Rawa this afternoon called on Hadi to "spontaneously, and in a swift manner," issue a statement to stop what Mujahid described as "violence, hatred and animosity" among party members ahead of the PAS general assembly in June.

"The president must make a strong statement that everyone should focus on unity of the party. This should be foremost. No violence should ever be condoned," Mujahid told Malaysiakini in a telephone interview.

"Whether the episode, where Dzulkefly was attacked after attending dawn prayers at a mosque in Kuala Selangor, was genuinely motivated by PAS members or manufactured by certain quarters outside the party, the president must respond swiftly," he added.

"The most important thing is the president must respond swiftly to forge party unity, to create a more democratic and matured environment and not one of hatred and hostility," he stressed.

Mujahid insisted that Hadi’s response was crucial to make sure the party would not deteriorate further and not to expose other leaders or members to similar danger.

"It seems to me, this war and tussle have become violent.

"If it were just a family quarrel within the party, things would not have gone to this stage," he added.

'Attacker possibly PAS member with hatred'

Mujahid does not rule out the possibility that the attacker was a PAS member who was instilled with hatred towards certain leaders as a result of the "labelling and attack" on certain individuals in the party.

This week has seen PAS central committee member Nik Abduh Nik Mat accusing some leaders of being lackeys (barua) of Pakatan Rakyat, and trying to cause friction between Hadi and those who supported his father, the late spiritual leader Nik Aziz Nik Mat.

Leaders in PAS seen as “progressive”, such as deputy president Mohamad Sabu and central committee member Dr Hatta Ramli, are facing investigations over allegations of trying to topple Hadi ahead of the party general assembly or muktamar.

Campaigns among the progressives such as Mujahid himself and the conservatives - the powerful Islamic scholars or ulama - have been heating up as the delegates prepare for the biennial leadership elections at this muktamar.

Hadi, who has held the presidency of PAS since 2002, may not face a direct challenge for his post this year as well, but there may be efforts to undermine his credibility by those who feel he is not a team player in Pakatan, in which PAS is allied with DAP and PKR.

Recently, Mujahid had also warned that there may be a hidden hand in the likes of the arch rival Umno, which has been accused of supporting certain quarters in PAS to create factions within the party.

Mujahid went on to say that the attack on his colleague Dzulkefly (right) was not an arbitrary act.

"There is a motivating factor that leads to such an incident. It did not just happen like that," he said.

"It's not a criminal case as there was no robbery, his wallet was not taken, as it was just intended to hurt him, perhaps to give him some kind of a ‘signal’.

"The culture of labelling people, instigating others and creating factions in the party will lead to hatred and animosity," he added.- mk

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