Nazri had said this in response to criticisms of “nepotism and cronyism”, including among pro-Umno bloggers endorsed by the Umno Youth's Unit Media Baru (New Media Unit).

Md Mahathir bin Md Salleh Huddin, who was the only other "special officer" listed on the staff directory earlier last week is now also listed as "Special Officer to Padang Rengas Member of Parliament".

He is listed as in charge of matters related to bumiputera entrepreneurs.

More special officers

Two new names were added - Tai Zee How and Uma Mageswari. The duo are special officers for Chinese and Indian affairs respectively in Padang Rengas.

Tai, Md Mahathir and Nedim all have Tourism and Culture Ministry email addresses.

While some Unit Media Baru bloggers claim Nazri has "tarnished the party's name", Umno president Najib Abdul Razak said the minister is not in the wrong as long as Nedim is not on the government's payroll.

"If such an aide is hired by the minister and gets paid by the government, it is not allowed.

''But if the work is carried out on a voluntary basis and the aide is not a member of the minister’s office, we have no objection to this. (It’s okay if) he assists in the programmes and does not involve any payment to him by the government," Najib said.

Nedim was previously in the limelight, among others for alleged involvement in an assault case, but according to the home ministry, the matter has been resolved amicably by the parties involved.-malaysiakini