17 August 2013

Guan Eng suruh Khairy balik ke Oxford untuk belajar apa dia erti 'bersalah'...

Keputusan DAP untuk mengadakan pemilihan baru, atas tekanan Pendaftar Pertubuhan (ROS), adalah "amat sukar dan menyakitkan" kerana parti itu merasakan ia tidak pernah melakukan sebarang kesalahan, kata Setiausaha Agungnya,  Lim Guan Eng.

lim guan eng interview 160813 01Sehubungan itu, Lim mengecam Ketua Pemuda Umno, Khairy Jamaluddin yang menganggap keputusan DAP mengadakan pemilihan baru sebagai tanda ia "bersalah".

"Adakah dia tahu makna bersalah? Suruh dia balik ke Oxford untuk tahu apa dia," kata Lim menyindir menteri beliau dan sukan itu.

Beliau menyifatkan keputusan ROS itu sebagai "sebagai satu tanda yang tidak menyenangkan" yang boleh meletakkan DAP dalam keadaan tidak menentu - satu risiko yang tidak mahu diambil oleh pemimpinnya kerana ia mengancam kewujudan dan survival parti itu.

"Ia menyakitkan kerana kami tidak melakukan sebarang kesalahan. Ini adalah sesuatu yang tersangat keras (bagi kami) untuk telan," kata Lim.

"Ini bukan kes yang melibatkan seorang saja, tetapi seluruh parti - risikonya terlalu besar!" keluh Lim.

"Bagi saya, saya lebih suka berjuang untuk keadilan, kebenaran dan kebebasan -. Itulah DNA saya," katanya sambil menegaskan bahawa itulah pendirian beliau termasuk terpaksa ke penjara.

"Dengan naluri dan gerak hati, sebahagian daripada kita mahu mengambil jalan (untuk mencabar keputusan ROS) tetapi ini melibatkan seluruh parti - berbaloikah untuk mengambil risiko itu?" soal beliau.

"Jadi kami membuat keputusan untuk mematuhi, tidak kira bagaimana sukar dan sakitnya."-malaysiakini

Fresh polls a painful and difficult decision, explains Lim...

DAP's decision to hold fresh elections, under pressure from the Registrar of Societies (ROS), was "very painful and difficult" as the party felt it had not done anything wrong, revealed secretary-general Lim Guan Eng.

Quick on the draw, Lim lambasted Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin for suggesting that it was "guilt" which drove the party to decide on fresh polls on Thursday.

"Does he know the meaning of guilt? Ask him to go back to Oxford to find out what it is," mocked Lim, referring to the sports and youth minister's alma mater.

lim guan eng interview 160813 01He described the ROS' decision as "ominous" which could place DAP in limbo - a risk its leaders do not want to take as the party's very existence and survival would be threatened.

"It is painful. It was something that we agonised over as we had not done anything wrong. This is something very hard (for us) to stomach and swallow," said Lim.

"This is not a case which involves one person, but the whole party - it is too big a risk!" Lim lamented.

"For me, I'd rather fight for justice, truth and freedom - that is my DNA. I have taken this stand at a personal cost, including going to prison," he recalled.

"By instinct and intuition, some of us want to take this route (to challenge the ROS' decision) but this involves the whole party - is it worth the risk?" he asked.

"So we made the decision to comply, no matter how painful and difficult it was.

"But we will not allow the DAP to be beaten or defeated. At the same time, we cannot be beaten by any delusion about the brutality of the ROS," he decried.

The Penang chief minister painstakingly explained the party's decision at a joint interview with several English language dailies including Malaysiakini, at his office in Komtar yesterday.

ROS has insisted that DAP repeat its party elections last December after several members lodged complaints over a technical glitch in the poll results, resulting in the erroneous announcement of a successful candidate.

ROS an Umno political tool

During the one-hour interview, Lim heaved heavy sighs several times, saying he was sharing the "grievances and laments of those who are unjustly punished although they told the truth".

On why the DAP delayed complying with ROS, Lim said the party had wanted to give the organisation "the benefit of doubt".

NONE"However, when Home Minister Ahmad Zahidi Ahmad (left) made the announcement at a Hari Raya celebration before ROS informed us in writing, it was clear that they are not playing their statutory role as an impartial, professional and independent body," he said.

"They have instead become a political tool of Umno. They refuse to accept letters of communication (from DAP), like who lodged the complaints and what the complaints are about," he added.

Lim said the party was quite confident that it could win in court against the ROS since it refused to provide the reasons for its decision in ordering DAP to hold fresh polls.

But the final straw came on Wednesday, he said, when ROS chief Abdul Rahmad Othman refused a visit from him in Putrajaya.

According to Lim, Abdul Rahman was a very different man on April 5 when the registrar travelled to Penang to meet him in a show of courtesy to him as chief minister.

"Then everything changed. It is clear from this that ROS is completely dictated  to by Umno. This is not about compliance with any law, it was just naked abuse of the law and naked abuse of political power," Lim said.

Decision not unanimous

On whether it was a unanimous decision by the CEC which met on Monday to comply with the ROS, Lim claimed there were various views but the majority agreed to holding re-election as "the consequences was too big to bear".

lim guan eng interview 160813 02Lim said the DAP did consider taking the ROS to court, however, the process would be "futile and lengthy" and there is always the possibility that the suit would be struck off or the party could be deregistered.

But can DAP sue ROS over its alleged "unlawful and unprofessional" act against the party after the re-election?

Lim said, "No, you cannot have your cake and eat it, because you have already complied (with their decision)".

He ties the crude action against the DAP, especially with Ahmad Zahid's involvement, to certain quarters getting "bonus points and credit for taking hardline stands" to garner support in the coming Umno elections.-malaysiakini

Apakah kesalahan yang dilakukan oleh anak kecil tidak berdosa ini yang menyebabkan dia dibunuh sebegitu kejam.

Ulamak UMNO ni tak faham yang kerajaan Mesir sebenarnya adalah kerajaan dibawah Dr Mursi..YANG MEMERONTAK ADALAH TENTERA... BUKAN RAKYAT...

Disaat ketua2 negara yg mengaku diri mereka beragama Islam membisu seribu bahasa terhadap penyembelihan saudara2 seagama di Mesir....pemimpin2 barat mengambil tindakan yg lebih drastik terhadap kerajaan haram Mesir.Tapi PM 1Malaysia masih dok gigit jari...


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