Former deputy solicitor-general II Mohd Yusof Zainal Abiden has urged those accusing prosecutors in the Sodomy II trial of taking bribes to examine his conduct during the proceedings, as well as his track record.

Mohd Yusof (above), the lead prosecutor in the trial, told Malaysiakini that he will not entertain such claims as the nature of the allegation is questionable in that it does not mention anyone in particular.

“I would only say that if people observed my conduct (while I was) conducting the prosecution in the case, it would be sufficient for them to know how I am. Look at my track record while (I was) with the Attorney-General's Chambers (AGC).

“I believe those who are making the allegation now were not in court to observe me. You had observed me in court, so would you believe it? I wonder who would make such the allegation. I did not even attack the government.”

Mohd Yusof was responding to former Penang PAS deputy chief Mazlan Ismail's claim to have received anonymous letters stating that sodomy accused Anwar Ibrahim had spent RM50 million on legal fees, paid to lead defence lawyer Karpal Singh, since 2008.

NONEMazlan also claimed that part of the money had been used to pay off judges and prosecutors.

Both Anwar and Karpal have denied the claim and have since lodged police reports.

During the trial, Mohd Yusof had given the defence a hard time by objecting to Anwar's various applications.

The Kuala Lumpur High Court eventually returned a ‘not guilty’ verdict.

‘Claim is incredulous’

Once the No 3 in the AGC, Mohd Yusof is currently in private practice, after making three attempts for early retirement. His application was only accepted after the conclusion of Sodomy II.

He is now part of Anwar's defence team for an unrelated charge.

He said the latest allegation against Anwar and Karpal is “incredulous”.

“If the allegation is true, someone bigger like the prime minister or the government would have revealed it,” he said.

Also groundless, Mohd Yusof noted, is the allegation that those who successfully prosecuted Anwar in the first sodomy trial 1998 had received RM2 million, via Israeli bank accounts.-malaysiakini