27 February 2008

Is Wan Azizah in hot soup.......

Rumours has it that BN is going all out to defeat the PKR President,Wan Azizah in her Permatang Pauh constituency, after she announced that she will vacate her seat,if she wins,to give way for Anwar Ibrahim to be elected to Parliament. Read here.

Thru messages recieved, the BN team with the help of SPR & the NRD has removed a large number of registered voters who are diehard PKR supporters from some villages in Permatang Pauh and dispersed them to other constituencies as far away as Kedah,Perlis & Perak. In their places busloads of 'pengundi hantus' will be brought in during polling day on the 8th March 2008. Make sure these buses are turned away so as to deny the "hantus" the chance of casting their votes illegally.

A sum of RM 8 million will be poured in Permatang Pauh for campaign purposes so as to boost the "peti undi" kicking Ustaz Firdoos a chance of victory. Pat Lah will there bringing treats and goodies for the rakyat of Permatang Pauh soon.

Its time for PKR to check and re-check the electoral roll so as to ensure nothing happens on polling day.

To Datin Sri Wan Azizah I pray that you will succeed and return with a bigger majority.


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