14 February 2008

Does Pat Lah deserve another chance...........

Do you guys believe this sleepy fellow gonna hold snap elections barely three and half years with a more than two-thirds majority in hand. He dissolved Parliment yesterday and the EC will announce the dates for nomination and voting soon. Base on my calculation,nomination will be on Thursday,21 February 2008 and polling on Saturday,1 March 2008.

breaking news
- The nomination day would be on Sunday, Feb 24,2008 and polling day on Saturday,March 8,2008,as announced by the Election Commission today, giving a campaigning period of 13 days.

Was his intention to seek a new mandate an honest one or just to deny Anwar's eligibilty to stand because of the ban? After all he won the last election with a thumping majority..nak takut apa? Does he listen to groans & moans of the rakyat? ....NO, but he only seek advice from his son-in-law & the young farts on 4th floor of JPM.

He says the elections are certainly fair and free. However there is no access to the media for the opposition,coz, all controlled by the gomen.

While the EC chairperson says the electoral rolls are clean yet there are hundreds and thousands of phantom voters found; voters are being switched from one constituency to another; hundreds of voters above the age of 100 are eligible to vote and hundreds more are returning from the graves to cast their votes. The EC is just closing one eye on the issue. Btw,this chairperson who was supposed to pencen on 31 December 2007, got a year long extension,thru a bill passed by Parliament recently and I am still wondering whether the King has given his consent?. His(EC chairperson) existence is to ensure that Pat Lah's gomen will return to power with another thumping majority.

DAP strongman,Lim Kit Siang, in a press conference after Pat Lah's announcement,said,"I received information that the King was very reluctant to give his consent because he felt there was no need for rush to dissolve the Parliament," said Lim in a press conference.

Pat Lah told a press conference,"2004 was a special election and it was extraordinary. I pray that BN will get at least two-thirds of the votes in the upcoming election,"

In 2004, Pat Lah won big because of the great expectations from him, but in 2008 is based more on his performance for the last three & half years. You guys has seen how he performed.

Are you guys gonna give Pat Lah & his goons another chance.....? Pat Lah's Cemerlang, Gemilang, Terbilang’, are all Teberang!.

Pat Lah & his goons doesnt deserve my vote.............


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