30 May 2022

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Orang Kelantan balik mengundi nanti,singgah dulu sini...

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Rafizi wins PKR deputy...

Rafizi Ramli has won the PKR deputy president race overcoming his rival Saifuddin Nasution Ismail, according to unofficial results released by the party's central election committee.

As of 8.30pm, the results for all states and federal territories, except Sarawak, have been announced.

Saifuddin (below) won in Perlis and Sabah while Rafizi won in the remaining states, including the prized Selangor. At the time of writing, Rafizi has garnered 67,895 votes to Saifuddin's 48,797 votes.

The lead of 19,098 votes is unassailable, considering the number of votes in Sarawak - the last state which has yet to be announced - won't be enough to cover the gap. The tally does not count "doubtful votes" which number 5,147 for Rafizi and 3,896 for Saifuddin.

Doubtful votes are votes that will require further verification from the PKR central election committee before they can be confirmed and added to the tally.

However, their numbers won't be enough to change the significant gap.

It was a reversal of fortune for Rafizi in Selangor, who lost the state in the 2018 party election but emerged victorious in the current election.

Selangor is a bellwether state with a huge vote bank of PKR members. The state is essential for a viable path to victory.

In Selangor, Rafizi won 25,449 votes to Saifuddin's 22,101. This was despite Saifuddin allying himself with Selangor Menteri Besar Amirudin Shari.

Another major vote bank for the PKR polls is Sabah, which Saifuddin won with 8,585 votes to Rafizi's 6,814. Saifuddin also picked up Perlis with 760 votes to Rafizi's 593.

However, Rafizi won in the remaining states. In Negeri Sembilan, Rafizi beat Saifuddin 5,522 votes to 2,559 and in Malacca, Rafizi edged out Saifuddin with 2,427 votes to 1,464. In Johor, Rafizi received 3,967 votes to Saifuddin's 1,117 votes.

Rafizi also won Kelantan and Kedah with 3,107 and 4,847 votes respectively as opposed to Saifuddin's 2,107 and 2,724 votes in the respective states.

In Pahang, 1,863 voted for Rafizi and 425 went for Saifuddin. In Perak, 6,213 voted for Rafizi and 2,201 for Saifuddin. In Terengganu, 1,259 went for Rafizi and 791 chose Saifuddin.

In the Federal Territories, including Putrajaya, Labuan and Kuala Lumpur, Rafizi received 2,908 votes to Saifuddin's 1,437. The contest in Penang was close, with Rafizi getting 2,926 votes to Saifuddin's 2,708 votes. - mk


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