15 December 2017

Zuhdi tidak perlu sibuk dengan urusan PH...

PAS diingatkan agar tidak ‘berlagak baik’ dengan menyarankan Pakatan Harapan (HARAPAN) melantik Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim untuk menjadi Perdana Menteri jika gabungan pembangkang itu memenangi pilihan raya umum ke-14 (PRU-14).

Penolong Publisiti DAP Johor, Sheikh Omar Ali berkata, PAS sendiri pernah menggagalkan usaha untuk mengangkat Anwar sebagai calon Perdana Menteri dalam PRU-13 lalu dengan mencadangkan nama Tan Sri Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah.

Sheikh Omar mengulas kenyataan Ahli Jawatankuasa PAS Pusat, Mohd Zuhdi Marzuki( gambar,atas) yang mengulas cadangan beberapa pihak dalam HARAPAN supaya Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad kembali semula memimpin negara sebagai Perdana Menteri.

Zuhdi dilaporkan berkata bahawa beliau percaya Dr Mahathir akan membawa lebih banyak kerosakan kepada negara jika dilantik semula sebagai Perdana Menteri, justeru menyarankan HARAPAN melantik Anwar untuk mengisi jawatan itu.

“Kenyataan Zuhdi pada hemat saya tidak lebih sekadar suatu langkah untuk melemahkan usaha HARAPAN yang sedang berkerja untuk menolak kepimpinan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak,” kata Sheikh Omar dalam kenyataan, hari ini.

Menurut beliau, cadangan Zuhdi supaya HARAPAN mencalonkan Anwar sebagai Perdana Menteri menunjukkan kegagalan pemimpin parti Islam itu dalam memahami situasi yang dihadapi gabungan pembangkang itu ketika ini.

“Nasihat saya kepada Zuhdi, lebih baik beliau diam daripada sibuk terhadap urusan HARAPAN.

“Kenyataan dikeluarkan ternyata menunjukkan beliau gagal mengikuti keseluruhan justifikasi yang dikemukakan pimpinan HARAPAN berkaitan soal calon Perdana Menteri dalam keadaan Anwar yang masih berada dalam tahanan,” ujarnya.

Tambahnya, dalam ketiadaan suara tegas PAS mengkritik salah guna kuasa oleh Najib, kritikan Zuhdi terhadap HARAPAN itu bolehlah dilihat sebagai satu tindakan yang menyerlahkan peranan parti Islam itu dalam mengukuhkan kedudukan Barisan Nasional (BN). – Roketkini.com

Nampak sangat kebodohan si Zuhdi ni dengan statement nya. Walau pon saya tak stuju dengan Mahathir dahulu bukan nya kerana dasar ekonomi dia. Ekonomi zaman dia prentah memang bagus. Kita tak perlu risau nak cari kerja, malah kerja ygang mencari kita pada masa itu. Nampk sangat si Zuhdi ni nak mempertahankan boss dia lebai hadi dan kekasih hadi si Najis. Zuhdi ni sebenar nya orang umno yg di tanam dalam pas.- Mujaheed Abdullah

Kah3..dlm akai kepala bana Zuhdi nii..ada 2 ekor jee yg layak jadik peem..yg pertama..kekalkan najeb..dedak berterusan lagi..yg kedua hardi..nak tololkan rakyat smpi mati..kah3..- Mat Mat 

Inilah bukti PAS memang bersekongkol dengan Penyangak MO1. Jadi tak heranlah jika presiden PAS kata pertahankan kerajaan Penyangak MO1 ini sama seperti pertahankan "Kerajaan Islam". Rupa-rupanya memang benar PAS dapat tumpang rezeki hasil dari perbuatan Penyangak MO1 ni.- Nordin Kcd

Hello Mohd Zuhdi Marzuki don't be a "stupid person" to talk about Tun Mahathir's iron fist will grow if he becomes the PM. The future would be in fact brighter than the present moment. Don't talk about all the past rubbish Zuhdi. Leave party matters of PH to their leaders & mind your own business Zuhdi. If you want to compare notes with Tun Mahathir, it would be very much better than Najibs " bad governance" & "corruption" among Najibs  top leaders. If PH takes over Putrajaya, there would not be enough place in Kajang prison. - VGV

Zuhdi is the cause of PAS's internal destruction. Many say that he was planted by Umno to self destruct. Stupid Hadi and his set of comedians did not see it coming. - Hamzah Paiman

UMNO and DAP, the conjoined twins...

TO ME, UMNO and DAP are inseparable. This is particularly true as the election approaches, and Umno finds itself increasingly needing DAP, and vice versa.

Disagree? Just look at the just concluded Umno general assembly and everything will become self-explanatory.

For the first time a DAP leader's picture gets into the PWTC hall. Lim Kit Siang's face was right there in the middle of the wall, before him a parade of Pakatan Harapan's Malay leaders, from Dr Mahathir to Muhyiddin Yassin, Anwar Ibrahim, Wan Azizah and Mat Sabu.

The intent is straightforward: LKS is controlling the Malays in the opposition camp.

Wanita Wing's Shahrizat even upheld Uncle Lim as "Emperor Lim", calling his party the country's most dangerous enemy.

In the words of party president Najib, once the DAP-controlled opposition took control of the country, it would be the start of the country's nightmare: the self esteem of Malays will be trampled, civil servants sacked, Islam disgraced, bumi institutions marginalized, status of Malay Rulers compromised.

But, is DAP that horrifying? Is the party really that powerful and influential?

Such accusations will be dismissed as joke by 99.99% of Chinese Malaysians. Whether you are a DAP sympathizer or hater, these could never be used as excuses for Umno to attack DAP.

But, Umno's propaganda is never meant for the Chinese, but has been painstakingly designed to please the Malay society.

Even if many Malays are unhappy with Umno, they will never deny their own ethnicity, their religion or community rights.

So long as Umno is successful in authoring a conspiracy theory against the Rockets, it will have a way to rally the Malays behind it. The Malays can only choose between Umno and another DAP enemy, PAS.

As for PKR, Amanah and PPBM, as they have some kind of relationship with DAP, they will not get the support of majority of Malays.

To be honest, Umno's archrival is not DAP. Among the so many seats it has contested, hardly in any does it have to clash directly with DAP.

It only exploits DAP to crush the other Malay parties. Which is extremely unhealthy and potentially divisive. This, nevertheless, is exactly what DAP is also doing right away! 

FOR DECADES DAP has been instilling in its audiences, the Chinese Malaysians, the belief that Umno is the embodiment of oppression, corruption and racism. Anything with the slightest relationship with Umno, from individuals to institutions to all government policies, are rotten and corrupt and must be brought down at once.

Image result for mca is umno's dog

So, MCA is labeled Umno's dog (just because it is an ally of Umno), BR1M a sheer waste of the country's resources (even though many Chinese Malaysians are BR1M beneficiaries), GST a heinous monster (despite the fact it is fair taxation practiced in many other countries as well).

Mahathir used to be their Number One enemy because he was Umno president, but takes on the image of the nation's savior as he is now fighting Umno. The RM2.6 billion 1MDB scandal is the king of all scandals that must be crushed at all costs. As for the RM31.5 billion forex losses, did they actually happen in the first place?

DAP's strategy has been etched in the core of the Malaysian Chinese society and penetrating deep into the DNA of Chinese Malaysians, most of whom see themselves as subjects of persecution, including many who have benefited from government policies.

Not all Chinese Malaysians support DAP, but as long as they hate Umno, they will vote for the Rockets.

The party never clashes with Umno heads-on in elections, but it can easily win a score of parliamentary seats and take hold of Penang and half of Selangor by slamming Umno alone.

YES, I SAID it. Umno and DAP are inseparable. They need each other to survive, like conjoined twins.

They cannot survive without the other, but hate being tied down by the other such that they have lost the ability to dictate their own fates.

Image result for Chang and Eng Bunker

Umno cannot free itself from its obsession with racism while DAP continues to cook up issues to cater to the needs of the Chinese community. Either party lacks a clear direction to run this country nor a grand vision for its future.

But, as long as these two parties continue to exploit each other, their individual markets are assured. I'm really curious what will become of Umno one day if there is no more DAP, and vice versa.

In the case of Chang and Eng Bunker,(pix,above) the world's most celebrated conjoined twins from Siam (hence the term Siamese twins), when Chang fell sick at the age of 63, Eng was overwhelmed by fear, worrying that he would not live if Chang were to die.

Several days later, Chang died of cerebral blood clot and Eng three hours after him of unidentified cause.- Sin Chew Daily


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Bila ISRAEL merampas wilayah2 PALESTIN umat Islam khususnya orang Melayu dengan pantas bangun memberi tindak balas,kritik,berdemo tunjuk kemarahan mereka, tapi..bila harta NEGARA SENDIRI dirompak, dicuri digadai dan dijual masih ramai rakyat khususnya orang Melayu yang buat tak faham,kononya fitnah semata walaupun benda berlaku di depan mata...

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