04 October 2021

Bila otak lekat kat juboq...

 Kritik pasai persembahannya,ok,tapi biarlah kritikan membina.
Tapi kalu kritik dibuat secara rasis,otak tu skru dah longgaq...- dr.ts

Ingat duit saja dia gagau,
tapi perabot pun dia balun...

Ex-Umno MP accuses an Ostad of 
insulting non-Muslim faiths, lodges report...

Former Umno MP Tawfik Ismail has lodged a police report against a preacher for allegedly insulting non-Muslim faiths in a sermon that has gone viral. Tawfik (above) in his police report sighted by Malaysiakini accused the preacher of insulting and defaming Buddhists, Hindus, the Dayak community, as well as other non-Islamic faiths.

He cited excerpts from two separate videos believed to be part of the same sermon, shared by different accounts on Tik Tok and YouTube. 

In a one-minute video that has gone viral over social media, an ustaz known as Syakir Nasoha was seen saying that  Hindus and Buddhists are bent to destroy Muslims and Islam.

Among others, he said the preacher had accused Buddhists, Hindus and Dayak people abroad of “killing Muslims”, while warning Malaysian Muslims against alleged possible actions by the communities here.

Often described as an outspoken moderate, Tawfik cited 13 examples from the video where he said the preacher had incited unrest and hatred among Muslims towards people of other faiths.

“XXX (the preacher) is a threat to the peaceful coexistence of multiracial, multi-religious and multicultural society in Malaysia.

“This report is lodged in the larger interest of our beloved country for the police to investigate and take appropriate action against such an offender who flouts the law in Malaysia,” said Tawfik, the eldest son of Tun Ismail Abdul Rahman, the late former deputy prime minister

“I urge the police, other than investigating him for breach of law, to seek a court order to commit him to mental and psychiatric evaluation at a government facility as I truly believe he is a danger to society and those around him.

“I believe no person of sound mind would utter the words or threats that he has done,” added Tawfik, a member of G25.

When contacted, Tawfik confirmed lodging the report at Brickfields districts police station and will be having his statement recorded later today.

Aside from Tawfik, online portal The Vibes also reported that NGO Global Human Rights Federation has called for mass police reports to be lodged against the preacher over alleged sedition and statements that could incite unrest. - mk


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