05 February 2021

PAS,sebelum dan selepas...

Ustaz Ebit mangsa celaka orang politik...

Penerima rasuah tersepit,
tukang bawa salam terlepas...

Apa yang termusykil oleh saya dalam kes Isa Samad ialah kedudukan atau status Senator Zahid Mat Arif  (pix,atas) dalam kasus ini. Dia dikenal pasti malahan mengaku menjadi perantaran alias broker dalam kes rasuah itu. Wang yang didakwa rasuah itu diberi melaluinya kepada Isa Samad.

Logiknya, bukankah peranan Zahid itu sesuatu (tukang bawa salam) yang jijik dan kotor. Apakah dia tidak terkait dengan mana mana undang undang atau seksyen dalam akta SPRM?
Apakah kerana dia bersetuju untuk jadi saksi pendakwa maka dia tidak didakwa sama. Kalau begitu penahanan reman Zahid selama beberapa hari oleh SPRM hanya untuk mendapat maklumat dan mengambil persetujuannya untuk menjadi saksi pendakwa sahaja. Kenapa tidak didakwa bersama sebagai bersubahat?

Dari sisi ini dimanakah keadilan undang2. Jika boleh dianalogikan kalau dalam proses menerima dan membawa wang rasuah kepada Isa itu, seumpama sebuah kereta Zahid lah yang memandunya, Isa duduk disebelah. Apabila berlaku aksiden, apakah Mat Isa yang tercedera tetapi Zahid tidak. Begitukah. Mungkin dari sudut perundangan Islam ia berbeza. Mungkin para pengamal undang2 dapat mengulas dan memberi pencerahan. - mso

Justice Mohd Nazlan Sends Isa Samad 
To 6 Years Jail...

Well a very big thank you to Justice Mohd Nazlan on another job well done. Congratulations are also due to the Goverment that the wheels of justice are moving. Most people, including those who disagree with this government, are happy with Isa's conviction along with Najib's 72 year jail term as well. From what I understand of these criminal cases the Prosecution first must prove its case in Court. At that point in time the accused is still deemed 'innocent until proven guilty".

Once the Prosecution has finished pesenting their witnesses and their evidence, the Court must decide if the 'Defense should be called' ie whether the case should be thrown out or if indeed there is a case and the accused should defend himself. 

The moment 'defence is called' then it means the Court has already found the accused guilty (at least temporarily). Now it is no more 'innocent until proven guilty'. It becomes 'guilty until you prove that you are innocent'. Hence the statement by the Judge :  Isa had failed to rebut his charges .Despite being transferred recently to the Civil Court it looks like Justice Mohd Nazlan is still tidying up his cases in the Criminal Court. Congratulations are due to the wise Judge on another job well done. Isa received the bribe in 2014, his trial began in 2019 and he has been convicted in 2021. It takes seven years between happy happy time and Go To Jail. 

I hope this will serve as a lesson to all the other corrupt people. It may take years but eventually the law will catch up. You will go to jail. Going into the future I foresee that there will be a clamour to reinvestigate even old cases - from 10 years ago or 20 years ago. There is no Statute of Limitations on crime anymore. So for all those who have been corrupt even 20 years ago, one day there will be that knock on the door. Try to sleep on that tonite ok.

Najib has been sentenced to jail. Tengku Adnan has also been sentenced to jail. What does this mean? It means that the Prime Minister is not afraid of retaliation if for example there is a change in government in the future. Which is not impossible given the changed political scenario in the country. Najib, Isa and Ku Nan are all Umno stalwarts - the uneasy partner that is not too happy with its position in Government. 

Despite this, Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin is going ahead with all Court actions against these corrupt people. (May I apologise upfront if I come across that the PM is conducting a crusade or vendetta - which I am not implying at all - because the Courts and the AGC are independent of the government but n'theless the people are grateful to the Government under whose watch these people are being sent to jail.) 

It is interesting to see the Judge's reasoning. These are all really easy cases. There is nothing complicated about these cases. The Judge said Isa's defense was an: afterthought, inconsistent, baseless, mere denial.. Similar to the Najib defence - all baseless, an afterthought and if I may add, unbelievably stupid.   

Hello Tan Sri dan Dato Seri yang corrupted please listen carefully - these are corruption trials. Not murder cases. In murder cases once the victim is made to disappear then it becomes more difficult to prove the case. But it is different in corruption trials. Once you receive the money there is a documentary trail. Especially if the money was moved through the banks. The Policeman can get away with taking a RM50 bribe because it is cash. More difficult to prove. 

But there is no way that other idiot could have received RM2.6 billion in cash. Even a 40 foot container will not be enough to hold RM2.6 billion cash. Of course if you had managed the economy properly and the Ringgit had been RM2.50 to the USD then it may be possible. But they received the money in their bank accounts. Everything is recorded. End of story. 

So to all you Tan Sris and Dato Seris who are corrupt, if you have taken bribes, it is just a matter of time. No point going for umrah or Mecca ok.  It does not help at all - (believe me I have inside information). You are going to jail. One day there will be a knock on your door. 

The best thing you can do is go to the AG's office, confess your crimes and return what you have taken. That may save you from jail time. Najib's appeal is coming up soon - this month February 2021?? The long suffering people are confident that justice will be upheld. - Syed Akbar Ali 

Grandmother raising teen alone 
moved to tears by laptop donation...

A 64-year-old grandmother, who is raising her teenage grandchild on her own and is worried about the future of his education, was moved to tears after receiving a laptop donation. Maznah, who only wanted to be known by her first name, told Malaysiakini that she had cried every night because her grandchild could not attend classes as they could not afford to buy a laptop.This is as most classes moved online during the second movement control order (MCO) which came into force on Jan 13.

Rosly Yusof, an aide to Bukit Mertajam DAP MP Steven Sim, said Maznah had approached the lawmaker's office in tears to ask for help. "She did not ask for food but was instead worried about her grandchild who could not learn from home as they did not have a device. "Her grandchild is in Form 4 at a top school in Bukit Mertajam but the circumstances meant he couldn't learn like other children," he said.

In a video shared by the aide, Sim is seen visiting the grandmother and her 16-year-old grandchild to donate a laptop.The boy buried his face in his hands as he cried while his teary grandmother thanked Sim profusely.Maznah, when contacted, was emotional and shared her struggles in raising her grandchild.

Worrying at night

The grandmother said her only source of income is an RM300 zakat aid every month. "I am exhausted from crying every night because I pity my grandchild can't attend class. "We don't have anyone else. I raised him alone. Who else would care for my grandchild? I feel sad when he can't attend class. "We live in hardship. I'm old and my eyes are hurting. He wants to learn but I can't afford to buy (a device) for him. "I was deeply touched when we received help so soon," she said.

Maznah was seen wearing sunglasses during Sim's visit due to problems with her eyes. While on the phone, Maznah also asked her grandchild to share with Malaysiakini about his first day with the laptop. "After my class, I asked my teacher to send me every lesson that I had missed before this. They were understanding about my situation. "I'm very happy that I now have a laptop. I can attend classes now," he told Malaysiakini.

Before this, the SMK Machang Bubok student had to borrow a smartphone from neighbours but it was damaged. He then had to rely on his grandmother's smartphone. The student, who aspires to become a doctor, said he will make sure not to miss any classes.

Limited funds

Meanwhile, Sim said Maznah reached out to his office after learning about the "Asal Cek Mau Pi Sekolah" campaign which he launched on Jan 24 to provide various assistance to students who are struggling to attend online classes. The initiative also provides printing services for homework, data packages and online tuition classes for free. Sim said his office would conduct surveys to ensure those seeking help were truly qualified.

The DAP lawmaker said his office had to be strict because the federal government does not provide opposition MPs with allocation. "Our funds are limited. There's no allocation for (opposition) MPs so we have to be judicious. "Yesterday, my aide visited Maznah's home and we found that she (her grandchild) truly qualified for a free laptop," he said.

Sim said he was saddened by their situation but noted the grandchild's determination to study despite the difficulties. "The grandchild cried as soon as he saw the laptop. So did the grandmother. "I was touched by their reaction but that's how it has been. Two, three homes we visited, they cried when they saw the laptop," he said. Sim said he hoped that with the help, schoolchildren will not be left behind because of the Covid-19 pandemic. - mk


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