11 April 2009

Theories surrounding Altantuya's murder will never end...........

The two co-accused in the brutal, cold-blooded murder of Mongolian woman Altantuya Shaariibuu in a Malaysian jungle in late 2006 have been found guilty. The Shah Alam court trial judge yesterday condemned former Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri, 32, and Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar, 36, to death by hanging. Bernama, always in its infinite wisdom, said: “While there are many conspiracy theories still going around, the verdict on Sirul Azhar and Azilah may put to an end many of these theories.”

They won’t.

Best known for being the Umno regime’s mouth organ, Bernama has done it again: It has editorialized for the regime. More specifically it has acted for its boss, newly minted Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, and for his close buddy and one-time ‘strategic adviser’, Abdul Razak Abdullah Baginda, 48. Abdul Razak was the executive director of Malaysian Strategic Research Centre (MSRC). MSRC came into existence only because of the largesse it got from Najib Razak and the Umno regime.

Abdul Razak faced court over charges of conspiring to murder Shaariibuu. His trial date was expedited not because Malaysia’s corrupt and bureaucratically top-heavy courts and judicial system have been suddenly reformed. It was because of Abdul Razak’s connections with the Umno elite, and in particular with Najib Razak. Period.

Abdul Razak was acquitted in quick time. So quick that it would have made Speedy Gonzalez terribly envious. Look how quickly Abdul Razak packed his bags and quietly slipped out of the country right after his acquittal to - of all places - Oxford University in England, where, apparently, he is undertaking a doctorate. Obviously he’s lying low. Or someone in the regime told him to lie low for a while. This may take him forever.

Theories surrounding Shaariibuu’s heinous murder will never end, especially now that Najib Razak has been made prime minister. Najib, curiously, was unchallenged by Umno’s general assembly delegates in a system of selecting its leaders and the country’s prime minister and his deputy.

It’s a system that is feudal, opaque, corrupt and undemocratic. Umno is the breeding ground of money politics. In turn it also institutionalizes corruption at all levels of Malaysian society. So why shouldn’t it also toxicate the legal system in Malaysia, particular in the dispensation of ‘justice’?

There are far too many unanswered questions. The prosecutors in Abdul Razak’s trial did not ask all the questions they could or should have asked. Key witnesses were not called to testify, including Najib Razak and his wife. Even Abdul Razak was never put on the stand. The prosecution was never allowed to challenge his testimony or test his alibi.

Najib, for his part, has denied till blue in his face that he was never involved in Shaariibuu’s murder. He continued to deny it right up to the recent Umno summit. Then he became dead silent on the matter.

Cat got his tongue?

Najib’s name is mud. His repeated denials are worn out. Malaysians do not trust him. He cannot win their trust unless he proves beyond all doubt that he was never involved in Shaariibuu’s murder. The police - bless their corrupt souls - must investigate and investigate thoroughly and not in the way they tend to investigate politicians and their well-connected cronies and nepotists.

Malaysian police cannot brush this grisly murder under the carpet. It cannot lie. It can not cover up. It can not concoct more falsehoods. Otherwise Malaysians have a right to demand the sacking of the Inspector General of Police for his incompetence and partisanship, for being too close to the regime or, more to the point, being part of the regime’s protection racket.

Malaysian police and Malaysian judges and magistrates cannot and must not protect the political elite - Malay, Chinese and Indian - and their anointed Tuns and Tan Sris and Datuks, all their cronies, and all their relatives and children. This includes DSP Musa Safri.

The case against Abdul Razak must be re-opened. Najib Razak must be investigated. If this happens Najib must stand down as prime minister immediately and Member of Parliament. No question.

The stench of murder reeks all the way to hell. Azilah Hadri and Sirul Azhar, now in the gallows, will do well to tell Malaysians what they know, all that they know, about who had given them instructions to kill Shaariibuu. It’s fanciful that they could have taken such an action on their volition. What on earth would have been their motive?

Azilah and Sirul may be allowed to appeal their sentences as a matter of course. If their appeals are upheld, it’ll sear the minds of suspicious Malaysians of inside-play. If they’re freed through a royal pardon, more suspicions will be cast. And their silence will be handsomely paid off.

Or they’ll be gagged ever so tightly that when they are hung they’ll barely emit a gasp. That’s the ultimate price of keeping them silent to protect the political elite in this hideously corrupt Umno regime.

So, who’s willing to hold their breath that the Malaysian police will re-open Abdul Razak Baginda’s case and re-investigate him and also investigate the new prime minister? - by Manjit Bhatia

source : malaysiakini

Perkara-perkara yang kita ingin tahu adalah.......

1. Azilah kenal Altantuya atau tidak?

2. Sirul kenal Altantuya atau tidak?

3. Kalau mereka tak kenal apa motif mereka membunuhnya?

4. Azilah dan Sirul bekerja dengan UTK. Siapakah bos mereka?

5. Macam mana mereka terlibat dengan kes ini dan siapa yang suruh? Siapa dalang di sebalik UTK dengan meletupkan Altantuya menggunakan bom C4? Macam mana bom C4 jatuh ke tangan pegawai UTK ini?

6. Mana senjata pembunuhan, seperti yang dinyatakan dalam kenyataan beramaran yang dibuatoleh Sirul? Sirul mengaku menembak Altantuya tetapi kenapa soal senjata pembunuhan tidak berbangkit dalam perbicaraan?

7. Rekod Imigresen berkaitan dengan kemasukan Altantuya ke Malaysia tiba-tiba terpadam. Tapi Altantuya tetap berada di Malaysia pada ketika itu. Sekarang orang yang dikatakan membunuh Altantuya sudah kena hukum gantung. Adakah ianya Altantuya atau siapa ya?

8.Siapa yang memadam rekod Imigresen tersebut? Atas arahan siapa? Kenapa tiada siasatan dibuat?

9. Hanya Azilah dan Sirul yang tahu apa sebenar berlaku. Apakah mereka lakukan kerana dengan niat nak bunuh? atau kerana atas arahan orang-orang tertentu?.

10. Kini Azilah dan Sirul menunggu masa untuk digantung. Apakah kesalahan yang mereka buat itu benar-benar dengan rela hati atau mereka bertindak sebagai "kambing korban" atau pak sanggup yang rela dikorbankan bagi melindugi orang-orang tertentu, allahu a'alam..........

Baca di sini, sini, sini dan sini.



Anonymous said...

I just couldn't imagine how on earth this guy could sleep, eat and do his job daily. He can't pretend things run OK without first clearing cloud surounding him which is getting bigger by day. I don't want to have a Prime Minister wherever I go tags on my neck that his Prime Minister is a murderer-try going overseas these days!

piyatidoria said...

mau tanya juga...macamana pegawaiJAS Sarawak yg dikatakan terjun membunuh diri satu ketika dulu...tiada logik dia membunuh diri. oleh itu, haruskan ini didiamkan juga.Siapa yg terlibat? Boleh tak siapa yg tau cerita ini tampil n bongkarkan nya. tiada pembelaan utk isteri dan anak kecilnya ketika ini.

Anonymous said...

1. Azilah kenal Altantuya atau tidak? TIDAK

2. Sirul kenal Altantuya atau tidak? TIDAK

3. Kalau mereka tak kenal apa motif mereka membunuhnya? DI ARAH BERBUAT DEMIKIAN

4. Azilah dan Sirul bekerja dengan UTK. Siapakah bos mereka? POLIS BT. AMAN

5. Macam mana mereka terlibat dengan kes ini dan siapa yang suruh? Siapa dalang di sebalik UTK dengan meletupkan Altantuya menggunakan bom C4? Macam mana bom C4 jatuh ke tangan pegawai UTK ini?

Mariabean said...

Dunno why, each time I saw Najib, I feel so geli...how could he go around making all the promises to the rakyat and that heinous crime to that poor girl...geli...

Starmandala said...

Maria, you feel geli because you are a decent human being with a soul that can feel compassion and empathy. Sad to say, many in power are not completely human anymore, having mortgaged their souls long ago to dark forces. Malays call these forces "hantu raya" or "jin" or "toyol" - but I prefer to call them "astral parasites."

You may wish to read how Alatntuya died here.

Anonymous said...

Our Crime Minister for the first time:-

1) Appear on international stage at Sepang F1 but terrible at the end due to heavy rains...MALU

2) Appear on an International soil in Pattaya but mtg cancel due to huge demo from Thaksin supporters...MALU LAGI...

Macam ada sial jer Najis nih...di tambah lak dgn Semah Gendut--The First Lady of Charity...uwekk..!! Tuihh..!! nak termuntah gua...

Hakim Asdar Hashim
Sek 1, Bangi, Selangor

Anonymous said...

Kisah our Crime Minister lagi.....

Perasan dak tak ada pun duta2 luar negara dan international companies bagi ucap tahniah kpdnya.

Awat malangnya CM kita ni.....sidang media kat Pattaya nampak microfon TV3 & TV1...ala malu saja.

Anonymous said...

Aku heran mana si Bala tu? Bala dan juga beberapa orang pegawai Azilah dan Sirul memang tahu apa yang berlaku dan siapa yang memberi arahan untuk bunuh Altantuya.

Tapi,aku heran pasal mereka ini tak dipanggil beri keterangan?

Aku juga heran kenapa pihak pendakwa dan pembela bermati2an tidak mau kaitkan nama Najib dalam kes ini?

Aku heran juga pasal apa Najib buat diam saja?