31 August 2021


Tunku last Merdeka message 1988...

Realitynya Malaysians Loves Malaysia...

Kesian kat cucu2 kena kelentong dengan Tok Lebai...

A deputy minister was tested positive while PM Ismail Sabri 
himself is quarantined for 14 days for being a close contact.

At press time, the ringgit was 4.2375 against USD  

Ringgit to fall? What if our 
"advisors"were crooks?...

So the Ringgit is falling again.

It looks like for many years now we have accepted that the US Dollar will be above  RM4.00++  permanently. All the Advisors and Civil Servants will not even understand what I am trying to say. Here is DBS Research saying the Ringgit may reach RM4.40 against the Dollar.

When the Ringgit falls the prices of things especially imported goods, raw materials, manufacturing items etc will go up. This is called 'imported inflation'. 

Already the prices of foods have been going up. Malaysia is not self sufficient in food. Our bumiputra policy restricts deep sea fishing licenses. So non-Malay fishermen (aka Chinese) who are ready and capable of operating deep sea trawlers are restricted from deep sea fishing licenses. So there are not enough deep sea fishermen in our country.

So are all the ikan tenggiri in the South China Sea dying of old age? Not at all. Instead Thai trawlers catch ikan tenggiri and land their catch in Haadyai. Then they are loaded onto lorries and exported to Malaysia. 

It is actually our own ikan tenggiri. Ikan tenggiri is now between RM40 - RM60 per kilo. So terima kasih banyak2 kepada Tuan2 ketuanan Melayu dan Dasar Ekonomi Bebal.   

If you are also stupid like Erdogan then you will burn our Foreign Exchange Reserves and use it to 'support the Ringgit'.  It does not work. Erdogan burnt up US$128 billion worth of Turkey's Forex Reserves to support the Turkish lira which had crashed. The lira still crashed further.

It has happened a long time ago - tetapi all the Malays have forgotten. Or they may not even know what the hell I am harping about. - Syed Akbar Ali 

Ini adalah angka² kes pada hari Sabtu, Ahad dan Isnin selalunya akan turun pasai 
saringan berkurangan. Toksah nak perbodohkan rakyat dengan angka² kes turun tu...


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