15 August 2018

Nazri Aziz nak koner baring kot...

Siapa tidak kenal dengan Nazri Aziz?

Ketika Najib Razak berkuasa dahulu dan sedang dimusuhi oleh Tun Mahathir Mohamad, beliaulah antara pemimpin UMNO yang paling kuat dan ke depan mempertahankan bekas Perdana Menteri itu.

Bagi Nazri, Najib adalah pemimpin terbaik, terbuka, senang diajak bicara, menjaga kawan-kawan dan kehebatannya dianggap melebihi semua Perdana Menteri yang ada sebelum ini.

Malah, lebih daripada itu, pelbagai serangan juga turut dilakukannya kepada Tun Mahathir seiring dengan pujiannya kepada Najib, termasuk menganggap Pengerusi Pakatan Harapan itu sudah nyanyuk, terlalu tua dan "baling gelas pun tak pecah".

Jika sesiapa rajin, boleh saja "google" untuk mengetahui deretan serangan, cemuhan dan kejian yang pernah dibuat oleh Nazri terhadap Tun Mahathir.

Tapi itu dulu... hari ini dengan belum pun 100 hari UMNO kehilangan kuasa dan belum juga 100 hari beliau hidup tanpa jawatan menteri dan Tun Mahathir kembali menjadi Perdana Menteri buat kali kedua, nada suara Nazri nyata sudah jauh berbeza.

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Beliau bukan saja sudah tidak segan-segan lagi menggesa Najib menjarakkan diri daripada UMNO berikutan kes mahkamah yang sedang dihadapinya dikatakan akan menjejaskan usaha pemulihan parti jika tidak berbuat demikian, malah bekas Menteri Pelancongan dan Kebudayaan itu juga dilaporkan terkejut dengan pendedahan mengenai skandal 1MDB, penemuan wang tunai serta barangan kemas yang dikaitkan dengan Rosmah Mansor yang berjuta-juta nilainya.

"Saya tidak tahu tentang Rosmah, saya juga tidak tahu tentang SRC International.

"Saya baru tahu tentang duit RM100 juta, takkan saya nak marah Perdana Menteri kalau dia nak siasat perkara itu.

"Jadi, kita kena benarkan Tun Mahathir buat penyiasatan dan kalau ada kes prima facie, dakwalah," kata Ahli Parlimen Padang Rengas itu lagi.

Dan akhirnya Nazri juga menyatakan sokongan terbukanya kepada kepimpinan Tun Mahathir sebagai Perdana Menteri.

"Saya tidak pernah ada rekod menentang Perdana Menteri. Saya ahli politik selama 28 tahun dalam kerajaan, tapi selepas 28 tahun kalau saya nak menentang kerajaan, susahlah.

"Saya tiada budaya menentang Perdana Menteri. Itu bukan budaya saya," tambah Nazri lagi.

Apa komen pembaca sekalian mengenai tindakan Nazri ini? - SH
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Looks like in all his 28 years in politics he has acted like a robot n a rubber stamp. He has this blind obedience to the umno president aka the pm without even having the slightest doubt nor question the truth shows you what a bunch of idiots we have. Remember he was barking loudly n putting down TDM in the most rude, crude n humiliating manner thinking they (UMNO) were invincible. Think it’s time Karma takes its course. - Anonymous 2327531438397239

Suddenly Nazri is suffering from selective amnesia, he couldn't remember anything about 1MDB nor any transgression by his old boss, Najib. But Nazri, one day you will be called up to answer to all those corruption that you have done, and your gangster son too. - rubystar_4037

Really Nazri??? You did not know about Rosmah's jewellery? You did not know about SRC International? You didn't know there was money and Jho Low? It was not disclosed? You must be the only person in the whole of Malaysia who did not know about these matters! Because none of these were state secrets. Everyone was aware. So just what rock were you hiding under Nazri, when you were blindly issuing statements of support and denial related to all these issues!! Really?? You expect people to believe such nonsense. Really!! Just how stupid are we supposed to believe you are!! - Oxymoronictendencies

Akaun masuk berapa kosong pon dia tak tahu. Mmg confirm semua mereka ni bangang dan toyol ikut Bijan membuta tuli tanpa usul periksa. Bijan kata mkn taik semua ikut sama. Yg x mkn kena pecat. Nasib baik Tuhan lebih tahu dan kuburkan mereka menjadi pembangkang.
Chris Lim

Story kat sini...
Utusan Meloya dah nak gulung tikaq. 
Hutang bank tak boleh bayaq...

Kekawan UMNO dan Utusan Malaysia, di sini ada berita yang sangat sedih. Utusan Malaysia mengumumkan bahawa pada 10hb Ogos 2018 syarikat akhbar itu telah “default” atau tidak dapat membayar hutang kepada bank.  

Berikut ini adalah kesimpulan berita: (Aug 10): 

- Utusan Melayu defaulted to Bank Muamalat, Maybank Islamic 
- Bank Muamalat revolving finance up to RM530,121 
- Maybank bankers acceptance worth RM654,750. 
- meantime restructuring all loan facilities  
- engage with suppliers for continuous support

- Utusan proposed private placement of 10% issued shares, to raise RM2.1m 
- indicative issue price is 19 sen 
- proceeds to repay bank borrowings  
- Utusan expects private placement by third quarter of 2018.

Hello kekawan Utusan dan UMNO sila lihat gambar berikut. Saya terima gambar ini pagi tadi.  

Gambar ini menunjukkan Ku Nan sedang WhatsApp sambil berduduk dalam sebuah gedung fashion lelaki. 

Saya diberi faham tempat ini adalah Harrods di London. Maksudnya Ku Nan sedang relax dan enjoy di London.

Utusan pula sudah nak gulung tikar.  Hutang bank berjumlah RM1.1 Juta pun tak boleh bayar.

Dulu masa UMNO berkuasa, Utusan cukup bersemangat macam babi gila untuk membela dan mempertahankan makhluk seperti Ku Nan, Najib, Zahid Hamidi dan lain-lain geng Ali Baba dan 40 P_ncuri. 

Siang malam wartawan dan penulis Utusan berkorban untuk mempertahankan boss-boss UMNO.

Tetapi lihatlah sekarang. Bila Utusan sudah nazak dan dekat nak bungkus, tiada siapa pun pemimpin UMNO datang untuk menyelamatkan Utusan. Tidak ada siapa pun. 

Hutang sikit pun Utusan tak boleh bayar. Kalaulah Ku Nan hulurkan sedikit daripada duit shopping dia saja saya rasa boleh memberi oksijen baru kepada Utusan.

Atau Zahid Hamidi beri sedikit duit daripada beratus juta Ringgit kepunyaan dia pun sudah cukup untuk selamatkan Utusan.  

Atau TIGA JUTA ahli UMNO memberi sumbangan RM1/= sahaja seorang. Satu Ringgit saja. Pun cukup untuk menyelamatkan Utusan. Tetapi apakah ini akan berlaku? Saya rasa tidak. 

Utusan akan dibiarkan bungkus dan gulung tikar.Kepada kekawan di Utusan, percayalah “They dont care for you”.

Daripada newspaper anda sudah jadi toilet paper.  Kertas tisu tandas. Tidak boleh di recycle. 

Sesudah digunapakai, hanya layak di flush down the toilet saja. - ostb

Image result for mahathir on equanimity
Jho Low’s Trojan Horse : 
Will ‘Equanimity’ Sink Dr.M...

THE Equanimity is now docked at Pulau Indah, Port Klang. This super luxury yacht has sailed from anonymity to centre stage in the continuing saga of 1MDB, courting controversy even before dropping anchor. It is now “under arrest”.

The appointment of a consultant from the former legal firm of Tommy Thomas, the sitting Attorney General, has raised eyebrows on purported “conflict of interest”, notwithstanding the said consultant’s impeccable credentials in Admiralty Law.

The AG has come out to clarify that the decision to appoint was his alone and based on probity considerations. It appears that trust and integrity are also worrisome issues in the legal fraternity.

It must be noted that the propensity to appoint past colleagues and preferred persons to positions of influence is a natural human reaction and already practised at the highest levels.

It is heartening to hear that the services of the said consultant are free while the other members of the legal team, who are themselves standard bearers on shipping litigation in this country, will be paid on commercial terms. This is good to hear as a contract is void if there is no monetary consideration. There may also arise ambiguity on who is in charge.

The magnanimity shown in offering free services is laudable. Also, the magnanimity shown by Indonesia in handing over the yacht and the United States (which had been thanked by Malaysia) for their roles in this episode should be noted.

One must take into cognizance the fact that a US District judge had, in May 2018, ordered Low Taek Jho (Jho Low) to hand over the 300ft vessel to the US so it could be sailed from Indonesia and sold. Apparently, lawyers who represent the companies that hold the title to the yacht have asked a federal judge in Los Angeles to order the Department of Justice to provide a “thorough clarification” on whether US agencies or officials knew in advance or were involved in transferring the Equanimity to Malaysia. This is a revelation. The games have begun.

It is the height of naivety not to believe that over time, either or both of these countries will look at reciprocity when contentious regional issues surface. Malaysia will be obliged and constrained in its options, and its alignment in world politics is a point to consider.

It brings to mind the infamous, arrogant and spectacular walkout at a dinner hosted by the then Malaysian Prime Minister by a US vice-president and his delegation in the late 1990s at the height of the Reformasi movement. It appears that the then “slap in the face” is now a “pat on the back”! The irony is that it involves the same Malaysian leader!

It appears that simplicity is not the order of the day for the Equanimity. In fact, it is a matter of some complexity as evidenced by the AG’s comment that the transactions involved in the case were intricate and the corporate deals carried out by Low and his advisers were layered to hide the true source of funds used to purchase the yacht, “drafting the legal papers required skill and expertise in shipping law and corporate law”.

In addition, the real test of “experience and expertise” would come into play if and when Low or any other party applies to set aside the warrant of arrest. The arguments would then be vigorously put forward by all sides when the court hears the matter on its merits, and it is critical that Malaysia has the best barristers. Litigation is dynamic and unpredictable events occur in court.

In the meantime, a ship manager has to be appointed and all charges borne till the entity is sold. Estimates of charges vary, with some as high as RM3mil per month!

Related image

Of concern is the financial veracity of the claims made by the current management of 1MDB on misappropriation or fraud, given that the key players, namely Low and other key persons at 1MDB responsible for financial management, are still at large. Not much has surfaced in a Malaysian court for the obligatory hearings from the parties affected. Currently, it appears to be conjecture and a fair amount of hearsay, depending on which side of the political divide one is on.

The layman could not be faulted for believing that all one needs is to obtain judgement in default and just sell the yacht to recover monies allegedly misappropriated at 1MDB.

It would be a shame if the proceeds of Tabung Harapan or government funds have to be diverted for the upkeep of this beauty as it now has no known sources of income. We are in for the long haul although one hopes for speedy resolution.

The Equanimity should not test the sensibilities of the rakyat, namely on probity and accountability, as they already have numerous issues to contend with, including abolition of tolls, political theatrics on GST trust fund reimbursements, colour of school shoes, possible higher prices with SST, minimum wages, stewardess’ uniforms and LGBT.

Responsibility for the Equanimity continues to unfold new developments which may spring more surprises. It should be resolved with objectivity. And, hopefully, taxpayers’ money will not be put to waste in resolving the issue. - Walter Sandosam

Mau tak pening LGE.
Kalau tak bagi laluan...dituduh takut.
Bila bagi laluan...hujah sesat...masuk neraka lak tu !!!
Hadoii Lebai...boleh rosak imej Islam kalu camni.

Ahli Parlimen PAS : " Saya minta Tuan Yang Dipertua tarik balik perkataan sesat "

Speaker  :  " Atas alasan? "

Ahli Parlimen PAS : " Sesat ni neraka "

To them - Sesat = Neraka. 

PAS gets so butt hurt over every little thing its ridiculous. Priorities all wrong.

Memang BADUT...

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