14 October 2016

Kelibat Jho Low kat Port Klang...

Kapal Mewah Milik Jutawan 1 MDB Jho Low Dilihat Berada Berhampiran Port Klang...

Kapal layar mewah yang dispekulasikan milik jutawan 1MDB Jho Low telah dilihat belayar ke Selat Melaka, demikian menurut laman web pengesanan kapal Marinetraffic.com. - Lapor Malaysiakini

Sehingga jam 1.30 hari ini, laman web itu menunjukkan kapal layar mewah itu - Equanimity - berada hanya lebih 16 kilometer di luar pantai Port Dickson, menuju barat laut dengan kelajuan 11.7 knot. 

Namun sekarang berada berdekatan dengan pelabuhan Kelang dan sedang menunggu arahan daripada seseorang.

Perhentiannya yang diketahui sebelum ini ialah di perairan Hong Kong kemudian melalui Singapura, di mana ia berlepas pada 6 Oktober, demikian menurut semakan Malaysiakini di laman web Marinetraffic.com. 

Menurut South China Morning Post (SCMP) pada bulan Ogos, Equanimity difahamkan menjalani kerja-kerja penyelenggaraan atau pembaikan semasa ia berada di Hong Kong.

Bagaimanapun, harian yang berpejabat di Hong Kong itu berkata pegawai pelabuhan telah enggan mengulas mengenai perkara ini, dengan memetik perjanjian kerahsiaan. 

Akhbar itu berkata terdapat spekulasi yang kapal layar mewah itu adalah untuk dijual, tetapi tidak ada orang yang bersedia untuk membincangkan perkara itu.

Sebelum ini Jho Low dikaitkan dengan anak Rosmah Mansor atau anak tiri Najib berhutang judi di Las Vegas dan akhirnya wang yang mereka curi daripada 1 MDB dibuat untuk membayar hutang. - sungairapat online

Mistake to think Agong wields power, says Johor Permaisuri...

Permaisuri of Johor Raja Zarith Sofiah Sultan Idris Shah said it is a mistake to think the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong can influence how the government is run.

This is ahead of the election of the next Agong as Tuanku Abdul Halim Mu'adzam Shah's term draws to an end.

"There is much speculation about which Sultan will become our next Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

"Many think, mistakenly, that the Agong wields power. This, alas, is not true.

"The Agong, like all constitutional monarchs, such as Queen Elizabeth II, carries out official duties as head of state but has no say in how the country is run," she said in a Facebook posting.

Raja Zarith, who is the consort of Johor ruler Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar, said like in the United Kingdom, power lies with the prime minister.


"In the United Kingdom, it is not the queen but her prime minister and the government who have executive power and make the decisions regarding the budget, laws, regulations, foreign policies and other matters and issues.

"It is the same in Malaysia," she said.

Former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, claiming that Najib Abdul Razak had blocked all democratic means to remove him amid the 1MDB scandal, had lobbied the current Agong to intervene.

However, Mahathir, after an audience with the Agong, said that the attempt had failed.

Najib had denied any wrongdoing or taking public funds for personal gain.

The appointment of the new Agong is being closely watched on whether the monarch would take a more vocal stance against the government.

The Conference of Rulers, which would end its three-day session tomorrow, is expected to decide on the next monarch.

According to the order of succession, Sultan of Kelantan Sultan Ismail Petra Sultan Yahya is to be the next Agong.

Following him is the Sultan of Pahang Sultan Ahmad Shah, who last year urged the people to support the prime minister’s leadership.

Urging the people not to criticise the prime minister without knowing the real reasons, the ruler said: “Najib is a hardworking leader and I am very proud of him. Let us all pray that he remains in the leadership position." - mk

Silap memikirkan Agong milik kuasa mutlak, kata Permaisuri Johor.

A sincere effort to provide a warm meal to starving students of the Labuan Matriculation College (KML) could be scuttled even before it enters its third day Wednesday as witless officials attempt to block the effort by a team of volunteers.

Probably embarrassed by the fact that a good portion of its students go hungry every day because they have not received their monthly allowance (for over two months now) these officials are against the distribution of the packed food.

But all this could have been avoided had not the Ministry of Education not suspended the meagre monthly allowance of RM250 that is provided to the students throughout a 10-month study or two semesters.

Students for the 2016/17 session intake only received the allowance for the month of June and July, and they have not received the allowance since then. Continue reading here...

This morning I received a comment and another sms with some info.  This is very sad. 

The gomen has no money to pay the monthly allowances of the Matriculation Students. This has been going on since JULY  - at least.  

There is a Media Statement issued by the Ministry of Education stating that the "no - money" issue will be resolved by October 18th, 2016. 

Here is that notice from the Ministry :

In Labuan, Matriculation students at one college have gone hungry - they are starving. Parents and local citizens have organised food parcels. 

The college administrators have refused to allow the parents and citizens to deliver the food packets.

That Labuan college refuses to allow parents and other people provide food to the hungry students because they are mostly from the church groups -  christians.

Well the Muslims are not appearing with any food packets, possibly because they are also short on food. 

Malu punya pasal, the college is not allowing the christian groups from helping. Also food got no halal sticker.  Better go hungry first.

On the way...

- Gomen hospitals are NOT doing many blood tests for patients anymore. No money.

- Neurosurgeons in one hospital are taking longer to do surgery because equipment have not been serviced. No money.

- The lifts at the 12 storey Wisma Persekutuan in Kuala Terengganu are not functioning. Some civil servants are NOT going to work, they cannot walk up 12 floors.  No money for repairs.

- Now matriculation students have not received allowances since July - they have no food to eat.

All the money has been stolen by the 1MDB crooks, and all the crooks in the gomen.

Here is the sad part - siapa miskin dulu?

How do you answer this question? 

Who are the students at that Matriculation College in Labuan?  

They will drive their cars until they run out of gas. Then they will get down and just stand there. Not knowing what to do next.- ostb

Betoikah ni...


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